Free speech radio muzzles Cynthia McKinney

Voting for nine positions by Thursday for Pacifica Foundation's local station board, KPFK is more important than ever for free speech since Pacifica Radio National Board and interim Pacifica Foundation Executive Director, Grace Aaron's regime eliminated Cynthia McKinney from competition for the Executive Director job, emailing the rejection unsigned and is attempting to defund Amy Goodman's program. (Don DeBar, New Pacifica's" frontal attack on Democracy Now!, October 9, 2009)

GUILTY: Amy Goodman, of Censorship

It comes as no surprise to me that Amy may have been getting funds from the CIA via Ford Foundational money.
I have watched DemocracyNow for many years, and been a fan and a supporter, until one day I realized that NEVER was the real issues of 9/11 truth addressed. To have hundreds of in depth reports about WMD, wiretapping, illegal wars and occupations, torture, lies and deception by the Pentagon/Bush administration, and never ever bring up the obvious and blatant evidence that the official 9/11 story is a fairytale, is proof enough that censorship was going on.

But I could never get a hand on just how it was being done. Was it threats, or bribes, or blackmail?
Well, the same was going on at Alternet, with Joshua Holland, senior writer and editor, even writing insulting articles about 9/11 truthers. I fought back with comments every day for six months, begging Alternet to tell us why they avoided 9/11 evidence of fraud, with huge arguments against obvious planted responders, until I was finally suspended from being able to place comments. I never got a good answer why Alternet was censoring the news, but I DID find out that Alternet was supported with foundational money coming from the same kinds of sources as the Ford Foundation and others that could have ties with the CIA and other agencies.

I believe that had the alternative media followed the truth, 9/11 truth, and kept its readers informed about 9/11, the American people would have finally realized the lies we were told. Even the msm would have had to pick up the stories as they circulated into bigger and bigger venues.
But DemocracyNow and Alternet and and Counterpunch and MotherJones and the Nation mag, and Z mag and Common Dreams and others have been somehow bribed or threatened to keep this information from the American people...............from the progressives.

I don't know how these "progressive" media leaders live with themselves, knowing that the truth is kept from the American people, specifically by them, who have their jobs mostly because some Americans want the news that the msm keeps from us. To me it is treason. To me, they are part of a system that squelches all hope in the future for a safe and honest and humane world. To me, they are worse than those on the far right, who at least truly believe what they are saying, even if it is wrong.

Joshua Holland: GUILTY
Justin Raimondo: GUILTY

Cynthia McKinney: hero