A Hypothetical Theory of What I Suspect Happened On 9/11

Keep in mind I "SUSPECT" that this is what happened. I don't absolutely believe it, just suspect it.

Radical Muslim loyalists were distraught about US Imperial policies in the East, so they planned a hijacking. It was to be a regular hijacking, with the usual demands in exchange for the lives of the passengers. I suspect that "some" of the 19 hijackers listed were involved.

The US/Israeli intelligence complex caught wind of the plot...Then Along Came A Spider

Some people saw this as a chance to beef up their budget and they made a conscious choice to not only pave the way for it to happen, but, to change the outcome of the hijacking.

There were remote control devices installed in the planes and transponders and thermite based demolition charges placed at the WTC 1, 2, and 7. The reason why they destroyed building 7 was because that was the base information center for this to happen, thus, it and the evidence needed to be destroyed.

I suspect the hijackers had no idea they were on a suicide mission. The first two planes were guided to their destinations by remote control.

I suspect that the Pentagon was a military plane that released a Global Hawk which flew into the Pentagon. Someone on the inside had to turn off air defense for this to happen.

It looks as if somehow the pilot(s) of flight 93 were able to regain control of the plane...This was a problem because it would have left witnesses that would contradict the "official" story, thus, it had to be shot down. This would explain the debris field being 6 miles. I suspect flight 93 was heading for Congress.

I suspect there were 2-3 hijackers on each plane, that's why some are still alive. The "official" story needed more hijackers to seem plausible, so the extras were added to the original list.

That's why Bin Laden's first statement was that he did not take part...He had realized that their original hijacking plan had been hijacked by US/Israeli intelligence and decided to back out of taking the blame for the job.

That's why the 9/11 truth movement was divided between MIHOP and LIHOP, so we would argue about that, instead of looking at the possibility that it was a combination of both LIHOP and MIHOP...

This is what I "suspect" happened.

A few disputes with your speculation

First off, practicing Muslims aren't into hookers and blow. Also, I lean towards a a faction of the global elite masterminding the plot rather than any actual state-entities, though obviously accomplishing it though operatives in the intelligence communities of our government, along with likely some from Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and perhaps elsewhere. Other than those qualms, I generally agree with your line of thought here.

Most Big Lies

come with an element of truth to make them seem more plausible

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Well speculated

Especially about the combination stuff.

I'm still puzzled about WTC 7. Did they intend it to be destroyed in tandem with WTC 1, or did what happened happen the way it was intended?

Keep in mind that NY SEC office was destroyed

when WTC7 came down. I have to speculate that the financial players liked this.

Most likely

WTC7 was supposed to come down in the morning, right after the north tower probably. If it came down while view of the building was buried by the dust cloud, it could have more conceivably been considered to have been thanks to the north tower falling on it. As we know, Barry Jennings and Michael Hess experienced explosions in the morning inside WTC7. For whatever reason, the explosives did not go off when planned. We can think of that as a godsend. There were also extra explosive devices inside the Murrah building in OKC which failed to go off.

CNN, at 11:07 am:

interview with Allan Dodds Frank:

“[J]ust two or three minutes ago there was yet another collapse or explosion. I’m now out of sight, a Good Samaritan has taken me in on Duane Street. But at a quarter to 11, there was another collapse or explosion following the 10:30 collapse of the second tower. And a firefighter who rushed by us estimated that 50 stories went down. The street filled with smoke. It was like a forest fire roaring down a canyon.”

Now that's clairvoyance, isn't it?
The later real scenario, nearly the right height, but just 6 hours too early.

Can someone ask Allan Dodd Frank what he experienced, if the real WTC destruction only was six hours later?
Can someone ask him, who this firefighter was, what he looks like, who told him that "50 stories went down" just after the Northtower collapse at 10.28 am?