9/11 Truth Vers la Vérité

In this excellent video, there are several distinguished 9/11 Truth researchers and activists presented at Vers la Vérité such as:

Cynthia McKinney, former member of U.S. Congress
Annie Machon, former MI5 officer
Niels H. Harrit, researcher at University of Copenhagen
Deborah Blake, co-organizer Vers la Vérité
Guilieto Chiesa, European MP

Keep up the good work everyone !

Looks Great. I wish i'd been there.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

9-11-01 works for political purposes to those seeking office

As this issue is so cut and dry, and obvious, the massive barriers that keep getting in the way, the political operatives, this issue is going to become the scalpel that neatly differentiates the dirty politicians that are the cancer in this country. The masses that are catching on, of which we still need to continue our work though, the masses who are honest with themselves, and with others, accepting all that which is science, fact, and indisputable, this issue will define who the politicians are working for. It is becoming clearer and clearer. Still admiring the emperor's "new clothes" (war on terror) puts a VOID over their candidacy in terms of validity or not. They show their true colors when asked about this... either very useful for their candidacy, supporting a new investigation, or omitting them from the pool of candidate playing the same smoke and mirrors game of box cutters and BS.

This should be stressed over and over again. You want our vote? Show your intellectual honesty, respect for science, and regard for those that have died, both on 9-11-01, and the the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians dead, as well as the sadly decieved fine soldiers, all having been slaughtered with 9-11-01 the place politicians hung their hat, while gaining infinite power, and cash. This is the defining issue. It's just a matter of time before full acknowledgement of what has taken place in this country, nothing less than a coup of our democracy. This group have done this throughout other regions of the world, in violent forms, like South America to trigger a new type of economic system. Read: "The Shock Doctrine" by Naiomi Klein.

Cynthia McKinney is a solid, honorable human being. I don't believe her most recent loss of office was legitimate. She got deceptive operations acing her out of office. She's a beautiful spirit!

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Cynthia McKinney

The only response we can expect by the controlled American media in response to the points made by Cynthia McKinney is the twice un-elected giggling smirk of former murdering terrorist Bush.

We still will win the awareness of the public. Don't give up!

But the media is not required to see these realizations. Trueh, without the media, the facts are harder to fathom, that WE Truthers are solid, but how long can anyone keep seeing us, with the facts being presented over and over, before the realization hits them. Yes we still have lots of work to do. Our challenges are more than other movements, in that we have forces fighting us, like National Geographic (for God's sake), but even when we go one step back, inevitable, forward again, the word is going to win. Denial only holds for so long, but annoying as we will be, and expect to have foul words thrown at you some more, but keep on keepin' on!

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Belgians taking government to court due to dangers A/H1N1 jab!

It was a very nice gathering, and chance to meet and be inspired by kindred souls from all over Europe, the US and Canada! Thank-you Débora Blake and Annie Machon! Thank-you all who made the trip from far and wide with such valuable contributions, like Ian Woods, Publisher & Editor of the amazing www.globaloutlook.ca (get the issue no 13, it is a MUST!)

Here in Belgium, my 9/11 Truth work is put on hold for a moment, while I join forces with other citizens to urgently stop a squalene and thiomersal peppered H1N1 mass vaccination experiment on unsuspecting citizens, who have not been adequately informed about the risks involved.

We have taken the State to court for allowing a de facto phase III pharmaceutical trial to be done without requiring an informed consent form. The government responds that the squalene containing PANDEMRIX and FOCITRA have marketing authorization, as if they were well known medicines, but this is very far from the truth: we know hardly anything about the side effects and real world protective efficiency of these experimental vaccines, they are being tested NOW, as the market authorization clock during the “very dangerous 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic” (or so say our WHO “medical authorities”) is ticking.

It is thus a Non-authorized pharmaceutical product that has “unexpectedly” benefited from an “Emergency Use Authorization”, even though especially its long term side effects are not known. Such a product, especially if it contains squalene spiced up with thiomersal, and intended for intramuscular injection, can bring incalculable damage especially to persons with a (family) history of auto-immune disease. It would be hard to design a more inappropriate formulation of a vaccine destined for mass-inoculations of children, elderly, pregnant and chronically sick people all alike.

In the name of the protection of public health, we are thus demanding that all doctors, nurses and citizens who desire to participate in this vaccination campaign inform themselves about the possible dangers, so as to better weigh the benefits and risks.

The most concrete way to do that is to agree that this is a phase III pharmaceutical trial on humans, which requires an informed consent form to be signed before vaccinating. This is all the more indispensable since the vaccine manufacturers, and the doctors responsible for giving these experimental vaccines, have been cleared of all legal responsibility in case unfortunate side effects should appear in the future. Insurance policies have also included special clauses so as to NOT cover any damages due to the cow-boy attitude of this vaccination campaign.

Any-one interested in these informed consent forms for A/H1N1 vaccinations with squalene laden PANDREMIX will find them in 3 languages, including English, at www.asanat.org

In the French section of the asanat.org link you can read about our legal action, and also an interesting article I wrote just before going down to the Paris meeting : (see also the illustration!) http://www.asanat.org/Vaccination_A_H1N1_-_Reponses_aux_12_questions_d_u...

At the meeting, Freddy Mann interviewed me on the H1N1 flu for his popular German web-tv program “Alles Schall und Rauch” (+/- “Behind rumors and smoke-screens”:
It’s a quite funny interview in a cranky German about a serious subject, available here:

If you are also using legal action to stop a vaccination program where the risks are more prominent than the benefits, please write me at: drbeethbrux@msn.com

All the best,

Eric in Brussels