David Ray Griffin: LIHOP/MIHOP are NOT divisive (maybe they were once, but certainly not anymore)

Fairly recently, Dr. David Ray Griffin was interviewed by Kevin Barrett on No Lies Radio, and was asked about the nature of the Lihop versus Mihop labels as they pertain to the seeking of truth.


At 36:41 into the show we have this exchange:

KB:...and since I got a question from Jon Gold, another uh, long time hard working 9/11 activist, about divisive wedge issues like you know LIHOP vs MIHOP and, you know, we talked about possible Israeli Involvement or not and things like that. What..what's your thought about uh, the issue of possible Israeli involvement uh in gen...in...as, uh, that particular issue and the question of these wedge issues and how do we deal with them in the movement?

DRG: Well, uh, two things to say about, uh first of all on that other, the, uh, the LIHOP vs MIHOP, is, is really no longer an, an issue, uh, because once you see that the towers were brought down by, uh, explosives - pre-planted explosives - uh, then [laughs] LIHOP - Letting 9/11, uh, Happen on Purpose - is not an option - you can't just Let steel-framed high rise buildings come down at free fall speed, uh [laughs] into their own foot print. It takes, uh, enormous preparation um. So, that at one time might have been a divisive issue, but it really isn't any more for, for people who are, uh, somewhat conversant with the evidence.