Cynthia McKinney and Niels Harrit about 911, an exclusive interview

Friday, the French webTv La Télé Libre will broadcast a video report made in Paris during the special 911 truth event "Vers la vérité", including an exclusive interview of the ex-representative of the US Congress Cynthia McKinney and the scientist Niels Harrit.


It is more and more logical to doubt the official version of 11-September

More and more people around the world are wondering about the gray areas around the attack on Manhattan and the Pentagon. Some of them were recently given an appointment in Paris, during a special weekend devoted to the presentation of the geopolitical upheavals caused as a result of these events. Private citizens or public figures, all claiming loudly in the streets as for the microphones of the few journalists who deign to question them, the right to challenge the government story recounted by American authorities. Left to suffer in return stigma, scorn or sarcasm new inquisitors.
Exclusively, La Télé Libre went to meet these unusual troublemakers, to understand and make understand what drives them. And if everyone interprets freely September 11, everyone can agree on one essential point : this day shrouded in mystery still determines our collective choices, and not the best. Our future is also built in the light of what we know about these attacks. But perhaps, more importantly, of what we do not know.

A story of Hicham Hamza
Interviews with John Paul Lepers
Images: Hicham Hamza and Matthieu Martin
Cut-editor: Olivier Joube

Niels has it right

"Qui sont des fous?" That sums up the whole issue - how could the perpetrators of 9/11 think they can ultimately not be found out? They're also ignorant of history which dispells tyrants after a certain amount of time. For me the correct word isn't crazy but stupid.

I am so a happy

911 Blogger is actually going back to its roots and realizing that there was a controlled demolition and getting over this MIHOP and LIHOP nonesense. I might visit the site more.

I just love

I just love Cynthia. My God wouldn't it be wonderful if all of our government had more people like her! I would be proud to be an American again just like when JFK was president. By the way I just watched an old movie from the cold war years called "The Day After". It stared Jason Rhubarbs. It was about an atomic war between Russia and the United States. It's posted on Google Videos if you care to watch it.

Thanks to JFK we avoided this from happening during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The madmen who now run this planet and our country would love to see something like this happen. 9/11 truth can prevent this from ever happening so we must keep on trying. The fate of this planet hangs in the balance.

She got my vote for President.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

The Day After

I remember that. Except the actor is named Robards, not Rhubarbs (unless you meant it as a joke, in which case, sorry for not getting it).

Yes, that aired back in the fall of '83. This was at the very time when the US and Nato were completing deployment of a new generation of missiles, ostensibily in response to Soviet SS20 deployments in the late '70s. And there was a lot of anxiety.

Of course, what you were allowed to show in a dramatization on network television was not nearly as bad as the actual effects of a nuclear exchange. But some viewers thought it was powerful even so.


about the spelling rm. I am not good at it. You are also right about a nuclear exchange. The devastation is beyond words. As they say, the living would envy the dead. It's still my worst nightmare. Back then I knew very little about politics. I figured after the cold war we would scrap all our nukes. Boy was I wrong. I didn't know about the NWO or the Illuminati as they like to be called.