Thermite reference in 1951 movie "The thing from another world"

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Here is an old Hollywood reference to thermite from back in the early ‘50s. This is a clip from the 1951 movie “The thing from another world” or more commonly known as “The Thing.” The story begins as an Air Force crew (with a lone newsman (Douglas Spencer) tagging along) is ordered to fly up to a remote base in the North Pole to investigate reports of a mysterious aircraft crash. Led by Captain Hendry (Kenneth Tobey), the crew is greeted by a chilling Artic air, which serves as an omen of "things" to come. After examining the information available, head scientist Dr. Carrington (Robert Carthwaite) surmise that this craft it is not of this world and with the help of the good Captain decide to lead an expedition out to the crash site. Upon arriving at the crash site, their assumptions prove to be correct. The saucer now lies under tons of ice. Captain Hendry orders his crew to plant thermite bombs around the circumference of the ship to help melt away the ice.

Where in the world

do you guys find this wild stuff? I'm constantly dazzled and amazed.

Oddly, I remember watching this movie "back in the day," when I was able to watch black and white movies all day and night, back-to-back on one tv station. Cowboy movies, war movies, The Three Stooges, Charlie Chan, Flash Gordon...

What I specifically remember about this one is the exchange between Mr. MIlitary and the reporter. HA!

This thing is a 911 Truth thermite-loaded classic.

THANKS for finding it, however you did!


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had only watched this film once and that was prior to 9/11. Great film.

Historically, on the same wavelength as "Operation Northwoods".

Nice find.

"Gunsmoke" - The Thing was played by Marshall Dillon

As a kid, I really enjoyed this era of TV westerns and Sci-Fi and shows about WW2.
I find it interesting that WW2 was actually a short war for the US.

Coincidentally... wife and I just watched "The Thing" (1982) for the 1st time and we were surprised to find a reference to thermite in it.

Dang! It ended too soon.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

Scary movie

Saw it numerous times, but somehow must have always missed the beginning, with the thermite references.