Mukasey blames legal system for 9/11

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Michael Mukasey blames 9/11 on the "civilian justice system":

"Nevertheless, critics of Guantanamo seem to believe that if we put our vaunted civilian justice system on display in these cases, then we will reap benefits in the coin of world opinion, and perhaps even in that part of the world that wishes us ill. Of course, we did just that after the first World Trade Center bombing, after the plot to blow up airliners over the Pacific, and after the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

In return, we got the 9/11 attacks and the murder of nearly 3,000 innocents. True, this won us a great deal of goodwill abroad—people around the globe lined up for blocks outside our embassies to sign the condolence books. That is the kind of goodwill we can do without."

there's a lot of negative opinion

on the subject of trying the alleged hijackers in federal court.
why is that?

from the link i posted on my facebook profile, regarding this link:

this is the republicans' -- and likely the Powers That Be -- biggest fear: that the so-called "9/11 masterminds" get a shot at a fair trial, outside the kangaroo court military tribunals hosted at guantonamo bay.

what if a real defense attorney could enter even a fraction of the anomolous and contradictory facts of the case into a federal court? how fast might the official narrative unravel away from the watchful eye of the hijackers' government minders? what's the real backstory, as told from outside the vacuum of the torturer's gulag? does it include state sponsorship... and if so, which? what dots are left to be connected?

daniel hopsicker's investigation into these men and their movements prior to 9/11 is an intriguing story of international spies, intelligence "failures", and drug smuggling ... and it's a story that deserves real attention:...

Fascist sympathies

These kinds of arguments boil down to this: the rule of law, rules of evidence, due process, checks on executive power--all the things which people in the west were long told is what made their societies special and worth sacrificing for--these, America, are actually what are making you vulnerable and will get you and your loved ones killed. They are bad things. They must be rejected. 'Freedom is slavery.'

So few sociopaths, they have to reuse them

The same FBI agent that assisted in the making of the bomb for the 1993 WTC escapade was Special Agent John Anticev (Yeah, the bomb was an FBI device). Well, instead of following the "terrorists" to the WTC, the FBI didn't! They allowed it to go off! Here is where the story gets interesting. Guess who was sent to Africa to investigate the 1998 bombings of our embassies there? If you said John Anticev, take $60,0000 out of the petty cash jar. Want to try for $120,000? Guess who the judge was in the 1993 WTC bombings? If you said Michael Mukasey you're right, and just as jaded as me.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Information prize

And this comment could itself qualify for a prize: for most devastating information communicated in as few words as possible.

It appears to be a closed loop

I am glad a number of others are seeing and bringing up this seeming closed loop of investigators and judges.

Mukasey was the U.S. District Court judge that all 911 related cases were funneled to for the first several years after 911, after which he was replaced by Judge Hellerstein. Why is one judge doing all of this deciding?

Mukasey Most Likely A Perp

He was in the nexis of those who no doubt had prior knowledge or were actually involved.