Review: “Fall of the Republic,” an Alex Jones’ political & economic documentary

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By the end of high school, all young adults are instructed to understand and apply the scientific method to match data with hypotheses to explain the data. Most adults report they are able to do this under realistic conditions; that is, they have rational explanations for reality on a day-to-day basis, and especially for important issues. Daily, more adults are focusing their competent intellects upon our largest political and economic issues. Daily, more adults are constructing hypotheses of intentional destruction of our American rights, values, and economy as the only rational explanation of such gross malfeasance with US government and economic policies.

The facts clearly reveal Hitler-sized lies to orchestrate two Wars of Aggression, with rhetoric to expand illegal war into Iran by outrageous lies about a simple treaty (Non-Proliferation Treaty) and unbelievable contrivance of President Ahmadinejad’s speech of October 2005 which never threatened Israel (“wipe them off the map”) that you should take 5-minutes to verify by reading the speech for yourself. The facts clearly show the largest give-away in world history of the public money to a parasitic class of gambling-addicted financial and political “elites.”

For those who have embraced the facts, such a hypothesis is rational and clearly supported by the data. For those whose cognitive dissonance is too great to even take 5-minutes to confirm the damning facts of reading a simple speech, we offer compassion for you to find your moral courage. However, we stand firm with intellectual integrity that insists we move forward on the evidence rather than fantasy.

As we quickly approach the first anniversary of Mr. Obama’s election with no hope and no change, Alex Jones brings to Americans and the world his documentary, “Fall of the Republic” as a comprehensive hypothesis for expanding war and economic destruction. Mr. Jones is among the top counter-government research journalists, with an impressive catalogue of documentary work. In this work, Mr. Jones explains the economic crisis, unending wars, and restriction of Constitutional rights as a systematic attempt to destroy the American republic by an oligarchy of financial elites who have utterly captured the duopoly of US politics and its five corporations that comprise the so-called “mainstream” media.

The documentary is fact-filled with readily verifiable documentation presented to the viewer. Mr. Jones is joined in this analysis with political and economic experts:
Gerald Celante: leading trend forecaster.
Dr. Bob Bowman: former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the US Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations. Mr. Bowman has a Ph.D in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Cal Tech.
Dr. William K. Black: professor of economics and law, author. Mr. Black was one of the government’s lead investigators and writers for the Savings and Loan scandal.
Dr. Francis Boyle: Professor of law and author.
Governor Jesse Ventura: former governor of Minnesota and author.
John Perkins: economist and best-selling author.
Dr. Tim Ball: professor of climatology, author, lecturer.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: physician, researcher, best-selling author, lecturer.
Max Keiser: finance analyst and journalist.
Webster Tarpley: leading counter-government author and lecturer.
Alan Watt: author.
Wayne Madsen: a counter-government investigative reporter.
G. Edward Griffin: leading author on the Federal Reserve and counter-government information (and here)
George Humphrey: economist and author.
Numerous members of the US Congress and Senate

The point of the film is to make the facts clear of our eroded Constitutional rights, to expose the controlled demolition of our economy, and to make the historical connection that these steps are similar to those taken by any other nation that has devolved into oligarchical tyranny. Americans, collectively, have a choice: either have the intellectual integrity and moral courage to state the obvious facts, or watch as our republic continues its fall into dictatorial hands posing as a duopoly.

The emperor has no clothes. No amount of rhetoric, even though President Obama is more eloquent than President Bush, can hide the revealed facts that Americans are now collectively open enough to see. This writer, among many, argue for a policy response of Truth and Reconciliation to facilitate the end of this massive criminal behavior, to do so with a minimum fight, and reasonably exchange the full truth and humanity’s progress for no prosecution. The Scrooges who hijacked our nation shall be free to either participate in building a brighter future for all of us (a “Scrooge conversion”), or live the rest of their loveless lives as they choose with a comfortable stipend after we recover the public assets they’ve stolen.

The documentary is available on DVD and high-definition online viewing through membership to Prison Planet. It is below in its entirety.

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THANK YOU ! Thanks for the post, and thanks for the video! This is Alex Jones best!
Let's push the truth!
God bless America !!!!

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Everyone should watch.

This beats

"The Obama Deception" by a long way.

Yes, this documentary kicks ass.

I try to write these articles for a target audience of the "center" that we MUST reach to win this war. These people that Alex has commenting are impressive both for their credentials and for what they present in factual evidence. The "middle" look to credentials; it acts like a filter. We'll see how far this documentary goes!
We hold these truths to be self-evident...