What You Didn't Know About The War

G..D..n The Warmongers

9/11 Truth to End the Terror Wars.

One of the best videos I've

One of the best videos I've seen for a while!


Thanks for posting that. It had been awhile since I've watched anti-war films like Fahrenheit 9/11 and some of the others, which show such grim footage of our actions and their results. When you zoom out and look at the big picture it makes 9/11 truth even more obvious.

If that didn’t turn your stomach, this will.

Dick Cheney accepting the 20th “Keeper of the Flame Award” for the untold human suffering and killing he caused… er, I mean, for his unwavering courage in protecting America’s national security. (Remarks at Center for Security Policy dinner, Union Station, Washington, DC, October 21, 2009.)


"Last January 20th, our successors in office were given the highest honors that the voters of this country can give any two citizens. Along with that, George W. Bush and I handed the new president and vice president both a record of success in the war on terror, and the policies to continue that record and ultimately prevail. We had been the decision makers, but those seven years, four months, and nine days without another 9/11 or worse, were a combined achievement: a credit to all who serve in the defense of America, including some of the finest people I’ve ever met.

"What the present administration does with those policies is their call to make, and will become a measure of their own record. But I will tell you straight that I am not encouraged when intelligence officers who acted in the service of this country find themselves hounded with a zeal that should be reserved for America’s enemies. And it certainly is not a good sign when the Justice Department is set on a political mission to discredit, disbar, or otherwise persecute the very people who helped protect our nation in the years after 9/11."

Why is this man not serving a life sentence for war crimes?

Another war criminal: A more fitting reception

Montreal Protestors Throw Shoes At George Bush -
10/22/2009 Quebec, Canada

Together we stand divided we fall !

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
Together we stand divided we fall !

Together we stand divided we fall !

Yours John

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Continue to analyse what he is saying to understand how he works

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
thanks for this video which if full of useful information like the link between Donald and Dick.

Continue to analyse what he is saying to understand how he works.



Thanks video renforces the idea "911 truth can bring us peace"

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
thanks for this video because as the first comment said "911 truth can bring us peace. I am convinced that if our world citizens can understand the 911 evil without rage or want for revenge, we can come out top on this situation. Coming out on top means changing the way our society is run. For Exemple :
- no more marriage between the military industries and the poiitical executive :
For exemple Haliburton / Dick Cheney
Roche (Tamiflu ) / Donald Ramsfeld
Carlyle Group / George Bush / John Major / Tony Bliar / etc
Etc / Etc
- No more private armies
- Soldiers can refuse to do unlawfal acts
- Whistleblowers are protected and given the means to let the public know of the military crimes
( exemple David Shayler , etc
- All banque operations are made transparent by the internet
( bribe money, drug money, ... )
- All business transactions and interne accounting ( especially armes factories ) are made transperent by the internet
- The public television is given the financial means to inform the public and does not depend on private finances
- The United nations should have a financement independant of the rich countries. For exemple they could be finances by an internation tax on the energy ( petrol, gaz , ...)
- The United nations should be reorganised so that there is a real democracy.
- ...

Follow the exemple of Ghandi and good will privail over evil.



PS http://docs.google.com/gview?a=v&q=cache:DJoVIxbM968J:mouv4x8.club.fr/11...