Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll By DEXTER FILKINS, MARK MAZZETTI and JAMES RISEN New York Times

Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll

" A C.I.A. spokesman declined to comment for the story."

Published: October 27, 2009

This article is by Dexter Filkins, Mark Mazzetti and James Risen.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the Afghan president and a suspected player in the country’s booming illegal opium trade, gets regular payments from the Central Intelligence Agency, and has for much of the past eight years, according to current and former American officials.

The agency pays Mr. Karzai for a variety of services, including helping to recruit an Afghan paramilitary force that operates at the C.I.A.’s direction in and around the southern city of Kandahar, Mr. Karzai’s home.

The financial ties and close working relationship between the intelligence agency and Mr. Karzai raise significant questions about America’s war strategy, which is currently under review at the White House.

The ties to Mr. Karzai have created deep divisions within the Obama administration. The critics say the ties complicate America’s increasingly tense relationship with President Hamid Karzai, who has struggled to build sustained popularity among Afghans and has long been portrayed by the Taliban as an American puppet. The C.I.A.’s practices also suggest that the United States is not doing everything in its power to stamp out the lucrative Afghan drug trade, a major source of revenue for the Taliban.

More broadly, some American officials argue that the reliance on Ahmed Wali Karzai, the most powerful figure in a large swath of southern Afghanistan where the Taliban insurgency is strongest, undermines the American push to develop an effective central government that can maintain law and order and eventually allow the United States to withdraw.

“If we are going to conduct a population-centric strategy in Afghanistan, and we are perceived as backing thugs, then we are just undermining ourselves,” said Maj. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, the senior American military intelligence official in Afghanistan.

Ahmed Wali Karzai said in an interview that he cooperates with American civilian and military officials, but does not engage in the drug trade and does not receive payments from the C.I.A.

The relationship between Mr. Karzai and the C.I.A. is wide ranging, several American officials said. He helps the C.I.A. operate a paramilitary group, the Kandahar Strike Force, that is used for raids against suspected insurgents and terrorists. On at least one occasion, the strike force has been accused of mounting an unauthorized operation against an official of the Afghan government, the officials said.

Mr. Karzai is also paid for allowing the C.I.A. and American Special Operations troops to rent a large compound outside the city — the former home of Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Taliban’s founder. The same compound is also the base of the Kandahar Strike Force. “He’s our landlord,” a senior American official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Mr. Karzai also helps the C.I.A. communicate with and sometimes meet with Afghans loyal to the Taliban. Mr. Karzai’s role as a go-between between the Americans and the Taliban is regarded by supporters of working with Mr. Karzai as valuable now, as the Obama administration is placing a greater focus on encouraging Taliban leaders to change sides.

A C.I.A. spokesman declined to comment for the story.

“No intelligence organization worth the name would ever entertain these kind of allegations,” said Paul Gimigliano, the spokesman.

Some American officials said that the allegations of Mr. Karzai’s role in the drug trade were not conclusive.

“There’s no proof of Ahmed Wali Karzai’s involvement in drug trafficking, certainly nothing that would stand up in court,” said one American official familiar with the intelligence. “And you can’t ignore what the Afghan government has done for American counterterrorism efforts.”

At the start of the Afghan war, just after the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States, American officials paid warlords with questionable backgrounds to help topple the Taliban and maintain order with relatively few American troops committed to fight in the country. But as the Taliban has become resurgent and the war has intensified, Americans have increasingly viewed a strong and credible central government as crucial to turning back the Taliban’s advances.

Now, with more American lives on the line, the relationship with Mr. Karzai is sparking anger and frustration among American military officers and other officials in the Obama administration. They say that Mr. Karzai’s suspected role in the drug trade, as well as what they describe as the mafia-like way that he lords over southern Afghanistan, makes him a malevolent force.

These military and political officials say the evidence, though largely circumstantial, suggests strongly that Mr. Karzai has enriched himself by helping the illegal trade in poppy and opium to flourish. The assessment of these military and senior officials in the Obama administration dovetails with that of senior officials in the Bush administration.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars in drug money are flowing through the southern region, and nothing happens in southern Afghanistan without the regional leadership knowing about it,” a senior American military officer in Kabul said. Like most of the officials in this story, he spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the secrecy of the information.

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Seeing is believing..........a 10:00 min vid

"Justice will only exist where those not affected by Injustice are filled with the same amount of Indignation as those offended"

" What You Didn't Know About The War", a great short clip from Dr. Dahlia Wasfia a Boston Massachusetts resident via Iraqi and Jewish parents that shows the criminality of this war and a great shot of the colorful "Poppy fields in Afghanistan..............this is what the Neo-Cons received partially for their investment in the 9/11 False Flag attacks!

Although the readers of this site knows that CIA involvement in the drug trade is well documented for decades, the clips in this vid are worth viewing and is one of the BEST narrated "YouTube" clips I have seen to date, a link of her web site is as follows:

The "What You Didn't Know About The War " link is here ,please link this as much as possible:

THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE
9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE
9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE

Gets to the TRUTH of this story...

So when we choose to crank DOWN upon each other about missiles, or planes, or drones, or over flights, or whatever...please...

Remember that we are INDEED...playing with "The Big Boys"...

[a not so silent message with LOVE and RESPECT to Victronix et al...]

But in the firmest, the most valiant, and the strongest opposition...we have ourselves and the desire for TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE on our side....

PLEASE keep perspective here...

The HI PERPS...the Bildebergers...the CFRs...the money exchangers...the ruling class...the Pentagon-Intel incest...have us out resourced...BUT...

...they do NOT have us outnumbered...

...NOR... they have the quality of hearts, minds and souls that we possess...

[Libertarians and Ron Paulers excepted of course]

This is a WORLD game...not an individual game...

Love, Peace and Progress...with:


Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA
Puget Sounds only "Port of Peace"

This confirms A LOT...

Ahmed Wali Karzai is perhaps Afghanistan's largest heroin-trafficker. It has long been known that the CIA has engaged in Narco-Trafficking. The opium trade in Afghanistan has seen record-breaking production and profits ever since America's Invasion in 2001.

When are people going to start waking the hell up?

We should ask James Risen

if he feel a little bit guilty for the Al quada myth and the fall of John O'Neill.

“F.B.I. is Investigating a Senior Counterterrorism Agent”, By DAVID JOHNSTON AND JAMES RISEN, New York Times, August 19, 2001,

Ex-UK ambassador on the drug trade and the Afghan government.

This is a snip from an article by the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray:

Our economic achievement in Afghanistan goes well beyond the simple production of raw opium. In fact Afghanistan no longer exports much raw opium at all. It has succeeded in what our international aid efforts urge every developing country to do. Afghanistan has gone into manufacturing and 'value-added' operations.

It now exports not opium, but heroin. Opium is converted into heroin on an industrial scale, not in kitchens but in factories. Millions of gallons of the chemicals needed for this process are shipped into Afghanistan by tanker. The tankers and bulk opium lorries on the way to the factories share the roads, improved by American aid, with Nato troops.

How can this have happened, and on this scale? The answer is simple. The four largest players in the heroin business are all senior members of the Afghan government ? the government that our soldiers are fighting and dying to protect.

When we attacked Afghanistan, America bombed from the air while the CIA paid, armed and equipped the dispirited warlord drug barons ? especially those grouped in the Northern Alliance ? to do the ground occupation. We bombed the Taliban and their allies into submission, while the warlords moved in to claim the spoils. Then we made them ministers.

President Karzai is a good man. He has never had an opponent killed, which may not sound like much but is highly unusual in this region and possibly unique in an Afghan leader. But nobody really believes he is running the country. He asked America to stop its recent bombing campaign in the south because it was leading to an increase in support for the Taliban. The United States simply ignored him. Above all, he has no control at all over the warlords among his ministers and governors, each of whom runs his own kingdom and whose primary concern is self-enrichment through heroin.

My knowledge of all this comes from my time as British Ambassador in neighbouring Uzbekistan from 2002 until 2004. I stood at the Friendship Bridge at Termez in 2003 and watched the Jeeps with blacked-out windows bringing the heroin through from Afghanistan, en route to Europe.

Read more:

Here in germany

I heard this story several times this day. In every instance it was said that the Taliban uses drugs for their terror financing. But could this be true?


However, with the 2001 US/Northern Alliance expulsion of the Taliban, opium cultivation has increased in the southern provinces liberated from the Taliban control,[62] and by 2005 production was 87% of the world's opium supply,[63] rising to 90% in 2006.

Opium production in Afghanistan has been on the rise since the downfall of the Taliban in 2001.


For me it looks like the CIA Karzai alikes were brought in to accomplish the goal of capture the drug money- like Vietnam via troops in Laos, Kambodscha. Conter the propaganda whereever you heard it! Doesn't mean that you are a terror Taliban supporter if you can cite the facts right.

The Taliban is using the Heroin money at a small

percentage compared to Russia Lords, Turk Lords & OTHERS.

& YES it is true, that they CRACKED down on Heroin production when they were in power.

the CIA & others cranked it up.

news cycle

this should be a game changer.. but with the news cycle and sheeple's vote, Obama is going to ramp up the war.. while using the Afghanistan vote to smokescreen the truth.

lots of funds are used by black u.s. operations.. which was why the initial alliance with the war lords to cut the deals.. money is the golden rule of lies to betray innocent people, and even our soldiers.. by propaganda and lies.. and 9/11 truth is at the base of it.. if we can excuse physical laws in this instance.. then we can use that to justify endless wars.. and domination of people by the payment-control of the elitists..

when the next financial bomb goes off.. maybe the sheeple will wake up.. will it then be too late to make much of a difference.. glad we are making our attempts.. FN will link to blogger on this major news article..


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