A Lesson in Perseverance

If you asked me when I was a high school senior in 1988, with Nancy Regan moaning on TV, if I would ever read such an article in the NY Times, I'd say it'd be impossible. Actually, I would have probably said "What are you, on dope?"

Push to Legalize Marijuana Gains Ground in California

Twenty years ago the legalized pot movement was about as "grass-roots" as you could get. It was subject to major ridicule. Sustained as much name-calling, lunatic-comparing, and media derision as any other fringe movement. Police are against it, lawmakers are against it, teachers, ministers, and parents are against it. The supporters were jailed, fined, and considered the dregs of society. It has been considered so morally defunct that jobs, families, and futures have be destroyed by belonging to this cause. Fully equating oneself with it was (and still technically is) illegal.

But it is succeeding, and with that, 911 Truth should find a blast of hope.

They had no discernibly chosen leader (Tommy Chong?). The rank and file weren't at first organized. There was hotly debated science supporting them which some (including the Federal Gov) still refuse to accept. And "believers" had to hide, or face jail.

Notice how the article states that they now have 300,000 signatures for a bill to be included in the Nov 2010 ballot. (Yes, 2010! They began last month- 14 months in advance!) Actually, there's a total of 3 related bills now in the works. They are determined. They have faced huge obstacles.

And regardless of your stance on marijuana, we should look to these one-time outcasts as a model.

People in our movement have proven themselves as being in on the long haul. With that in mind, I believe another ballot initiative such as NYCCAN would still someday work. How about a NY State ballot? Or Shanksville? Or Pennsylvania or even DC?

The power of the people lies in the power to vote, and this is the only way we will ever expect to see action and accountability for 911. They are playing a waiting game, and they have all the time in the world. Even if a tell-all whistle-blower steps forward (our best hope outside of a vote), their complete control over media, investigation, and policy will silence any noble act. They have too much at stake. Actually, they have EVERYTHING at stake.

Our efforts need to be concentrated. Focused. Like many others, I too have said this before: we need to remember the central goal. Our tree has too many branches and practically no trunk. A consensus should be reached. Internal bickering about religion, motives, causes and theories must stop. It alienates and is non-inclusive. At this point it shuns more than attracts.

To quote the enemy, you are either with us or against us. And if someone is "with" us, then that is all the opinion they need. Period.

The single goal, to have 911 re-investigated, must be first and foremost. Once that is initiated, it is the investigators who will have to decided what the truth really is. Frankly, in this light, it makes arguing over theories regarding planes, no planes, CT, bombs, lasers, or even dancing lizard people completely irrelevant.

Protests work, lectures work, letters to senators work, and videos work... but to what end? Someday 99% of Americans may no longer believe the official theory, but without being able to vote on it, nothing will change. Without that opportunity, it doesn't matter what people think.

I condone NYCCAN's efforts and thank all who contributed their time. You have proven yourselves honorable. But the ultimate lesson to be learned from California is to have a single goal, continue trying, and to NEVER give up.

Even those who don't smoke marijuana

should be in agreement that the prohibitionist laws against it are among the stupidest laws ever put on the American law books.

It was "marijuana truth" that made me question everything and lead to my being an activist on other subjects.

OFFICIAL STORY (ideology):

Whereas alcohol is somewhat dangerous, it's within the limits of safety to the point that you should be trusted to use it responsibly if you've lived to 21 years of age. Marijuana, however, is SO dangerous, SO life-destroying, that even if you're 50, you can't be trusted to use it responsibly.

These laws prohibiting marijuana are there for our protection. Those breaking these laws are being horrible influences on their fellow citizens and deserve to be punished. And finally, legalization "sends the wrong message to our children."

(More arrests, more jail sentences, more urine tests to see what we do ON OUR OWN FUCKING TIME... Fur die Kinder! For our Children!)

ALTERNATIVE STORY (i.e. the truth)

There has been a conspiracy against marijuana since 1937, when Harry Anslinger, chief of the Bureau of Narcotics (predecessor to DEA), testified to Congress that "big lipped niggers, sandy assed niggers, lazy spics and perverted Greeks are smoking marijuana and going out and raping white women." This fear mongering pressured Congress into passing the first anti pot legislation. Anslinger was a tool of the Hearst, DuPont, and many other corporations at the time who realized that marijuana had many medicinal benefits and that HEMP was a plant that could compete with and severely put a dent in (if not obliterate) many industries. Hemp can be used for anything from plastic to rope to paper to cereal. Think of the pharmaceutical companies which stand to lose if recreational marijuana were legal. Viagra sales would tank!!! This corporate conspiracy against the cannabis plant continues to this day, with a stupid bullshit moralistic "official story" as cover.

Marijuana Truth:

TOBACCO ........................ 400,000

ALCOHOL ........................ 100,000

ALL LEGAL DRUGS ................ 20,000

ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS .............. 15,000

CAFFEINE ....................... 2,000

ASPIRIN ........................ 500

MARIJUANA ...................... 0


Source: United States government... National Institute on Drug Abuse, Bureau of Mortality Statistics

While "marijuana truth" is now much more mainstream than 9/11 truth is (so far), there are still those ignorant soccer moms who believe the "for our children" propaganda from our anti-drug agencies... gotta love it: government there to protect us!

The power lies in the power to tax.

Money. It's that simple.

Same with clean/green. Switching has been possible for decades. What's new is the bottoming out of world oil reserves. Yup, only after every penny has been squeezed out of us for gas, does everything move to green/clean.

And linking clean/green to catastrophic climate change? Brilliant!

The Carbon Tax. They win on both sides and make people feel good about themselves in the process.

Listen, the minute someone can find a way to make BIG, BIG money on 911 Truth AND tax us for it, we're there.

War on (some) drugs alive and well

Okay, in California some progress is being made that might eventually result in the decriminalization or legalization of the weed.

I don't really want to be negative, but I just don't see any signs of the War on Drugs ending any time soon. At least, not here in Australia, where I live.

Here, if you're a public figure, there's one sure way to ensure you will excite hysterical reactions and get yourself thoroughly vilified in the media and that's to advocate the legalization of pot. There's just so little rationality in the debate it sickens me. In fact, you just don't see any debate at all really - public figures who support it are too marginalized to feel comfortable speaking out.

Meanwhile, alcohol and tobacco kill thousands of people every year while corporations line their pockets and government taxes increase. Ridiculous warnings on cigarette packets serve the purpose of calming the health fascists and bolstering the lie of a caring government while having zero effect on public health generally.

And the increasing body of research suggesting cannabis has powerful anti-cancer effects gets suppressed in all the media, while big pharma develops expensive new toxic soups to supposedly fight this disease.

The government puts on a high and mighty tone, pretending to care about the health of its citizens, when all it really cares about is levying more taxes so that hospitals - the engine of big pharma and the medical device industries, can keep functioning. Hospitals and doctors like nothing better than a continuous supply of new patients. Hospitals are great for votes. (I work at the hospital where Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccine, was developed by Professor Ian Frazer. He is considered a hero there, and to speak out against Gardasil is a highly politically incorrect no-no.)

This is the topsy turvy world we live in. But you're right about the correspondences between the two movements, and about never giving up. Thanks for the blog

Love Alison