Here are the people responsible for Alternet's censorship of 9/11 truth

The article in today's Alternet presents the main people who bring you Alternet, an otherwise good source of progressive news.
But, as they brag about the thousands of articles they will bring you, they don't mention that not one will be about solid, irrefutable evidence that the official story of 9/11 is a lie, full of contradictions and inconsistencies.

Here they are, from the article:

Here are our people:

Adele Stan, our D.C. Bureau Chief, probes behind the scenes of the major radical, right- wing gatherings
Tara Lohan covers the environment, breaks new ground on our country's food and water crises
Liliana Segura writes about the evil impact of tasers, innocent people on death row, while working feverishly to protect our rights
Joshua Holland synthesizes the complex economic issues, and covers immigration
Tana Ganeva tracks the dangerous right-wing blowhards like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, and also covers sex and relationships
Jan Frel works for media reform, while making sure AlterNet has the most cutting-edge drug reform coverage on the Web.
This is the team that will publish more than 4,400 stories, 3,700 blogs, and 1,080 videos this year, keeping on top of the news.

For the whole article go to:

Note: Of the above people, the worst for 9/11 is Joshua Holland, who has not only avoided any real discussion of the facts of the day, but has written several scathing articles mocking and insulting the 9/11 truth movement.

I have been banned from commenting on their articles because I consistently brought up 9/11 and the facts about it, and questioned why it was being ignored. Feel free to comment if you can.


"Tara Lohan covers the environment, breaks new ground on our country's food and water crises."

Her focus seems like a great fit with the focus of Jon's post "The Environmental Impact Of 9/11." (Jon Gold).

Not that she'd bite but, hey...