Montreal 9/11 Truth is committed to educating the public about the truth of the attacks on the United States on September, 11 01

Montreal 9/11 Truthers Assaulted and Menaced with Death Threats by Associates of Jaggi Singh

Part two on the Bush protest saga. Jaggi Singh, anarchist media darling calls 9/11 truthers crazy and anti-semitic at the protest for George W. Bush's visit to Montreal. Associates of Jaggi Singh assault and threaten to kill the truthers. Montreal 9/11 Truth attempted to find out why Jaggi and his friends had so much hostility to 9/11 Truth.

Richard Bergeron, Montreal Mayoral Candidate, Falls Silent on 9/11 Truth

Part three on the Bush protest saga. Michael Pengue discusses his confrontation with Jaggi Singh that initiated the whole sequence of events with Montreal 9/11 Truth. Richard Bergeron, who is running for mayor of Montreal, knows the truth about 9/11, but now refuses to bring it up now that he is running for office and actually has a platform he could use to speak out on the issue.

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