2nd meeting in the House of Commons, London

A few weeks ago I posted an entry about a meeting in the House of Commons in London. The second meeting will be monday 2nd November.

With great support from a fairtrade coffee business, a full page advert was placed in one of our national newspapers, the Independent, on Saturday 31st October.

There will be a public meeting afterwards because the private meeting is for MPs and aides only.

Go to www.reinvestigate911.org to see the advert and information about the meetings.

Nice looking advert

Way to go, people! At the very least, this is an excellent opportunity to educate.

Imagine this ad in the Washington Post

or New York Times.... or LA Times. Full page ads with a full run. It would have to mention AE911truth of course, and educate American citizens of the 1,000 architects and engineers citing evidence for explosive demolition and demanding a new investigation-- a milestone we WILL hit after this week's event in Richmond.

Yes, it would cost thousands of dollars, but would be well worth the investment. Running ads might just be the ticket for kickstarting the media coverage we are all looking for. Once that happens then look out!


Before he became associated with 'no planers,' millionaire Jimmy Walter financed the placing of full-page ads in major papers relating to 9/11. I believe this was back in the fall of 2004, and that they emphasized the mysteries surrounding building 7.

If funds can be mustered up for renewing such efforts then, by all means, this would be good to do.

I'd be good for $100!

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

Why doesn't Jimmy Walters give

AE911 $100K+??????

Jimmy has left the country

I think he moved to Austria.

He was swindled and conned, threatened and beaten.

Yes, he was. He was one of

Yes, he was. He was one of the early vocal U.S. advocates for truth. He apparently went bankrupt donating money to 9/11 truth causes.

He formally withdrew from the movement a few years ago. Here is his farewell letter.

Excerpts from the letter:

...No objective person can look at the absence of wreckage at the Pentagon and the WTC building 7 collapse and not know something is terribly wrong with the official story. Without doubt, the leadership and many members of the main stream media3, Democrats, Republicans, FBI, CIA, MI6, Mossad, the Israeli, British, Russian, European, and Asian governments know the truth or are involved in the September 11, 2001 attack. Not even Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Iran, or leftist media will devote time and resources to expose the lies.

...This site remains up for those who want to know. I have given up. I no longer answer email, give away DVD’s, or support the $1,000,000 challenge (which no NIST, FEMA, or other credible engineer or scientist has dared to accept). Good luck to all. It will not be a good night.


Jimmy Walter
I make a point of reading all the down voted comments because I find many of them to be the best comments. - Atomicbomb

Thanks guys.

I've been wondering for awhile whatever happened to him.

The reality of all major social movements is that "the earlier the activist, the harder the hits." He, and others, back then and even before, had some kind of courage.

Were his efforts worthless? Hardly.

The work of early "Truthers," whether still around, burned out, forced out, or retired from the movement are the big shoulders upon which we now stand.

I can't begin to imagine the "hits" he personally took in this struggle, both figuratively and literally, but late 2009 isn't 2004. So many things have changed.

I realize that his letter says that he no longer answers email, but I found a webform contact page for him here: http://www.jimmywalter.com/contact.htm

Without expecting any answers, I'd encourage massive webform contact offering our sincere thanks and appreciation, along with and invitation and our hope that he might consider coming back again to fight beside us.

If he no longer wants to be out front, perhaps he'd be willing to help out anonymously. Then, again, maybe he's been doing that all along - ever since he wrote the letter. After all, someone with deep pockets underwrites all of Richard Gage's time and travel and I know it isn't me.



ps: I just tried to email him from his webform but only got an error page after "Send." That idea won't work but we can still thank him in our hearts, so to speak.

His passage to France gave birth to best French web site on 911

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
Jimmy Walter came to France and even though he had a very cold welcome from the powers to be in France ( a complaint was put against him)
. http://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&client=firefox-a&channel=s&rls=org.moz...

his passage gave birth to the best French web site on 911
. http://www.reopen911.info/

Thank you very much for this entry and I am going to try and am going to try and get a copy of Saturday's Independent.

Yours John


bien pour ca- j'aurais jamais su

Good idea

He's a real hero.

I didn't think I could think any less of Penn and Teller until I saw their 911 hit piece. They tried to take the piss out of JW but to me it was obvious he was trying to inject some humour and they deliberately misread him.
I think I dislike Teller the most, since I saw him relish eating a live cockroach.

RL McGee

exactly!!!!!!!!!! This is a way to shame the main stream media into the attention 911 truth deserves! This could also be done on cheaper through small town newspapers.
Inform all Americans!

Jimmy Walter Jr.

Prior to his involvement in 9/11 truth, Mr. Walter was also involved in the effort to prevent the disastrous $1trillion Iraq war and subsequent, still ongoing, occupation. He placed full page ads in numerous US newspapers in February and March of 2003 headlined "POWELL LIED", referring to Colin Powell's speech to the U.N. in which he alleged that Iraq had mobile biological weapons labs (amongst other banned weapons). This speech was shown on live television throughout the world, a most effective propaganda piece to drum up nationwide and worldwide support for the war. As we all now know, the material Powell presented in his speech was 100% lies. However, if Jimmy Walter was privy to the fact that Powell lied within days of that speech, then the administration, the corporate media and the intelligence agencies must also have been aware that there no WMDs in Iraq. http://www.docstoc.com/docs/13229189/Article-by-Santa-Barbara-News-Press

Having first poohpooh'ed the notion that the Bush Administration was lying about 9/11 as well as the WMDs, he was introduced to the 9/11 issue in mid 2004 via Eric Hufschmid's book "Painful Deceptions" (Hufschmid lives a few miles from J.W.'s former home in Southern California, otherwise no comment). JW started the original reopen911.org website, calling for a real investigation. I heard that he invested some $5 million of his personal finances into the 9/11 issue). Jimmy Walter also donated generously to nonprofit peace and social justice and independent media groups.

As an afterthought:

The last time I saw JW speak in the US was at the Alex Jones/Infowars 9/11 conference in downtown L.A. in mid 2006, where (Mr. Walter) pitched the "no planes (!!?!?!)" theory, despite the fact that Dr. Steven Jones had already found evidence of thermite/thermate in WTC dust samples. Shortly afterwards, he left the US to live in Amsterdam, then Vienna.

It seems very peculiar that Walter, who is very knowledgeable in the sciences and humanities, as well as being a pragmatist, would go for the most absurd, least likely "explanation" of the Twin Towers' demise, and thus trash his enormous investment in the 9/11 truth movement. His position is like a parallel of David Icke... who comes out with so much well-researched material, then ruins it all with his "lizard alien" hypothesis... the perfect way of "alienating" oneself to the mainstream. If I were a conspiracy theorist, it would be tempting to venture that both Icke, Walter (and others) have been allowed their public platform on the condition that they discredit themselves by including a "giggle factor" in their ideas, thus corralling them within a niche market and effectively preventing the mainstream public from taking them seriously. By including a single ridiculous notion within a body of otherwise great work, the entire work is thus wrecked.

Oh, and deliberately lying to Congress to start a war is treason.


"I saw JW speak in the US was at the Alex Jones/Infowars 9/11 conference in downtown L.A. in mid 2006, where (Mr. Walter) pitched the "no planes (!!?!?!)" theory, despite the fact that Dr. Steven Jones had already found evidence of thermite/thermate in WTC dust samples."

Surely Jones had not yet found thermite in WTC dust samples in mid-2006?

The theory you sketch... I don't know. Sounds a little "complicated" to me. I've seen some intelligent people here entertain the no plane at WTC theory, and they are absolutely no agents and are not paid for doing that. I guess it's just a function of their relative open-mindedness. To clarify, I do not subscribe to the no plane theory.

Hi Vesa.... Dr. Jones was

Hi Vesa.... Dr. Jones was present at that very same 2006 conference and he had just released his first paper on the analysis of the WTC dust samples, prior to teaming up with Neils Harrit and others. I captured a short interview (about 5 minutes) with Dr. Jones in foyer area outside the conference room on videotape... (one of the questions I put to him was the chain of custody of the samples.. an issue about which he was obviously and especially concerned).


The "afterthought" in my post was idle speculation on my part... (imho, worth airing but with a healthy dose of skepticism). It just struck me as somewhat peculiar that Mr. Walter would have placed his support behind a theory which has a tiny minority of support within the 9/11 Truth movement itself, is not supported by "hard" forensic evidence and has been seized upon by high profile debunkers (with corporate media support) to associate the "no plane" position with 9/11 truth in general... (presumably to discredit?).

Understanding that Mr. Walter was most aware of the importance of strategy in combating the official story and winning public support in response to his valiant effort and extraordinary $5 million worth of funding, it seems surprising to this observer that he would have elected the "impossible" route up an already difficult mountain.

Shortly after that conference, Mr. Walter left the U.S. and abandoned his funding of 9/11 truth.

Worth a close look

The closer I look at the ad, the more I see things that I like.

Here's a link to the pdf:


good and bad

A number of good points are made in this ad. Unfortunately, among other details, it also says, "Supposedly, Flight 77 was controlled by Hani Hanjour who, instructors said, was incompetent on small planes, yet he apparently flew it for a mile at full speed at around sixteen feet above ground level to hit the only part of the Pentagon that was nearly empty. Of around 80 videos reviewed by the FBI, none showed the plane. The images did show a white contrail and a white flash, leading to speculation the object was a missile."

Was 77 really apparently flown "for a mile at full speed at around sixteen feet above ground level" to hit the Pentagon? Says what? Not according to the FDR, and afaik, that claim's never been made before by anyone else- PFT doesn't say that- and for a mile at 16', it would've been running into trees and buildings- what the hell???

And while the ad doesn't claim a missile hit the Pentagon, it still implies it may have- given the "white contrail and a white flash".

There is a lot of hard evidence the public hasn't been told the truth about 9/11 and there's been a cover up. There's hard evidence that disproves the OCT and that points to the involvement of state-level actors. A full investigation is needed mainly to determine the full extent of the plot, and exactly who knew what when and what they did. Including misinformation about the flight path (a mile at 16' above ground level), and entirely speculative and inconclusive 'evidence' like a "white contrail and a white flash" while noting it has led to "speculation the object was a missile", does not help legitimize the 9/11 Truth Movement in the eyes of the general public. And, in fact, it gives establishment media and pols an excuse (even a perceived obligation, to protect their reputation) to dismiss this group and their event as nonsense promoted by 'conspiracy theorists', instead of justifying their attention and full support for an investigation into 9/11.


Good catch.

If it were me, I'd get in touch with the group and offer my reflections / suggestions. Clearly, it's too late for this ad but correcting details now for any future ads they may sponsor would be worthwhile and probably appreciated by them.

Me? I didn't catch any of the small details.

I guess what I was doing when reading the ad was looking at the overall message. Although there are errors in detail, the good news is that what, I think, most readers - who may be be completely unfamiliar with any of this), will focus on the "big picture" this time around.

My suspicion is that they most of them won't even remember any of the details in the ad. My hope would be that they'd be jogged into researching these things on their own, where they will encounter the correct facts.

However, in the next ad, they may read more closely. But, by then, you'll have had a chance to help the group clear up their errors.


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Heads up

Has this advert been mentioned before? I would have attempted to obtain a copy. Good to know this is possible - that as long as you've got the cash some newspapers won't censor you, at least completely.

Monday November 2: Public Meeting in London, Private Meeting in

Monday November 2: Public Meeting in London, Private Meeting in House of Commons
Please contact your MP to press them to attend the meeting, see below. The list of speakers is the same for both meetings (with video and audio from several others).

SCOTT FORBES is a British victim of the 9/11 attacks. Scott had the trauma of seeing many colleagues die as the Twin Towers collapsed opposite his New York flat. He was off work after attending to a power down the weekend before the disaster. Workers were recabling the building. The media and the 9/11 Commission have refused to investigate what was going on. Scott is not making allegations, he just wants to know the truth.

NIELS HARRIT is an expert on nanotechnology. His suspicions were aroused when he saw the rapid symmetrical collapse of Building 7, which took place hours after the attacks took place. The media announced the collapse before it happened but it took Bush's scientists years to offer any sort of explanation. They have admitted the collapse was at free fall speed. Niels has analysed dust samples from the site and found some bizarre high energy particles which seem to be artifical.

IAN HENSHALL is the author of 911 The New Evidence. He is suspicious of the paper trail: warnings ignored, FBI investigations blocked prior to 9/11 and a series of "exercises" including a "hijack exercise" taking place on the day of the attacks.

MPs are increasingly taking an interest in the holes and inconsistencies of the official 9/11 story. PLEASE CALL YOUR MP as a constituent to draw their attention to the invitation they have received. Phone the House of Commons on 0207 219 3000 and ask to be put through or better still ask for a meeting. Alternatively fax them by going to www.writetothem.com Please remember that for people in the establishment the idea that the 9/11 official story is false is hard to accept, especially during a hurried conversation. All you may have time for is to explain that the 911 Commission is discredited and no solid evidence has been produced to cover many aspects of the official story. Beyond that, we advise you not to try to argue with them. We will send a free copy of 911 The New Evidence to any MP or assistant promising to read it. Please make sure to email us with their reaction, particularly if they are at all sympathetic.

School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square, WC1H 0XG
Room B111, Brunei Building, opposite main building
Entrance free, priority to supporters of Reinvestigate 911 who have made a donation
Russell Square tube in Central London.
Walk west along north side of Russell Square to Thornhaugh Street.

"Forbes- uncorroborated. Henshall- unreliable"

Scott has been in the public domain long enough for him to be challenged and exposed if there's anything to challenge and expose....

We can pick holes in Ian - you don't know I'm the biggest fault finder there is+ I'd get mediaevil on your San Andreasses but wait a minute and think it through in the cold light of day- Ian is faultable enough to be human, good enough to be credible and genuine enough to be one of the many who are now doing the good work.

...and you know what- it wouldn't hurt to give feedback direct to where it is needed- to those who can correct their errors if u find any.

I remember the first time I met the founder of www.ae911truth.org - I was in awe and he was there saying for me to let him know if there were any pointers I would like to give him about his material/ presentations.

Giving that feedback email to their face would take as long as writing a blog comment behind their back.

"behind their back"

Douglas, I'm curious- can you explain how posting a comment on the internets is "writing a blog comment behind their back."? Also, the article poster, scubadiver, is apparently at least somewhat familiar with this effort, if not directly associated- if they're interested in the problems i pointed out, they can pass that on. I'm primarily concerned with correcting the record that's being created on 911blogger, and participating in the community here (as well as other places). There's far too much going on in the 911 truth movement, and far too much bogus info being circulated, for me to correct all of it- and sincere activists everywhere are pointing out errors, to improve the credibility of the movement, and to help people who are trying to sort fact from fiction- i don't have to do it all myself.

"Scott has been in the public domain long enough for him to be challenged and exposed if there's anything to challenge and expose...."

I see you're not directly contradicting anything in the Forbes link to Hoffman's site; Forbes' account may be true, but it has not been corroborated, and Hoffman makes a case why it's unlikely. Who wants to claim it's a fact, when it may not have happened? And when a lot of solid evidence of misfeasance, malfeasance and criminal actions is available?

"We can pick holes in Ian - you don't know I'm the biggest fault finder there is+ I'd get mediaevil on your San Andreasses but wait a minute and think it through in the cold light of day- Ian is faultable enough to be human, good enough to be credible and genuine enough to be one of the many who are now doing the good work."

Again, you have not debunked anything in Hoffman's review of Henshall's book, which makes numerous bogus claims. I'm not going to rely on this guy, and why are you sticking up for someone who makes bogus claims, who should know better?

Feel free to point out my faults- i'll use the info to improve my presentation.


Congrats to all involved

This is great - If only we could get our act together and do similar in North America.
- good move informing the reader how to get involved.
- only suggestion - no prominent reference to ae911 Truth indicating over 900 building professionals are saying buildings don't suddenly collapse like that- although that is in the links..
- I know where I'd be buying my coffee from now on - hell - I'd even start watching Two and a Half Men...
well ok...while multitasking....

Like I replied above,

I hope you'll get in touch with the group and let them know. Missing ae911Trut IS a huge oversight.

missing link

link wasn't missing on the night!
niels included a video presentation by www.ae911truth.org 's Mr Chandler(i believe i got the name right)

Thanks scubadiver

Good to know things are rocking along in London Town. Maybe it will rub off on NYC.

PR... ads...

Isn't that where NYCCAN is headed (i.e., "The Turning Point")?

Also, didn't someone try to place a 911 Truth ad somewhere and it was refused? Maybe I'm thinking of something else,

Simon Hughes

is my MP- I sent a message asking him to send an aide to the house of commons meeting.
Thanks for the tip, scubadiver

I sent a message...

to 15 local MPs across Berkshire and North Hampshire (includes George Young, John Redwood and Theresa May).

With regards to the details of the advert, I agree that there are some issues and oversights. This comes back to having an integrated PR campaign about what information we do put forward.

This has inspired me to think about a full page advert in my local paper (and maybe try to get local fairtrade sponsorship support).

Best Evidence Goes Unmentioned

No mention of the NORAD lies! Thanks to the literature published on NORAD BEFORE 9/11, we have the government/media caught in a provable lie, and there is no mention of it. Unbelievable!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief DNotice.org
Washington, DC

Great news

I think this is fantastic news, and to the casual eye it actually *looks* like news - very clever. The Independent has a readership of around 700,000 so it has to have some impact.

stop sweating the small stuff

The ad was outstanding and brave and made a big impact on the psyche of the intended readership. If something wasn't quite substantiated the majority sure was. This is a war people and we need more troops period. The enemy is openly using propaganda everywhere. While we need to support and promote the most credible people at the top of movement, only MASS denial of the official story has any chance. We have explosive evidence, eye witness testimony, insider testimony, the laws of physics and so much more but it all adds up to "not much" in the eyes of our treasonous leaders doesn't it. We need to have an uprising against the official story. Some of the people will not have all their facts straight, so what. Only when enough people start to question the official story will the movement become main stream. Those of us who are afraid of getting all of our ducks in a row and if we don't the MSM will destroy us are mistaken. The evidence is on our side in abundance and any attention to the small stuff will either draw more attention to the big picture or will look like the cover-up it really is. We have been tip-toeing around for too long, we need to wake more people up yesterday. Sorry I know my esteemed brethren on this site will disagree on the details but we need the movement to catch fire ASAP and this ad is some of the best tactics I've seen. We may not have the money to place ads in the U.S. MSM, but the secondary and local papers in the country would be a start.

7.30pm B111 (until we needed a bigger room) Nov 2 SOAS

I was there.
It was 9/11 truth gold.
Standing room only- even in the bigger room.
Head count 45 with more arriving near start of meeting.
Estimate 55 eventually squashed into room and leaning through door.
I felt great that members of my government/ their aides had attended a meeting lead by the same people just prior to our one.
Was great to hear that personal well wishers from amongst members of parliament and house of lords have contacted the guys to encourage/ praise them.

Good News

Thanks for the feedback

French tv debate

Off-topic: is there any news yet about last week's 9/11 truth debate on French national television ("France 2")?

Lots of news on the French debate. Follow the links tothe videos

. http://www.911blogger.com/node/21703
. http://www.911blogger.com/node/21662?page=1

wish you a happy reading and viewing.

Yours John