Swine Flu to Bring Down Internet if Government Doesn’t Act ...

Anyone care to bet that the following wouldn't be used to target 9/11Blogger, among others?

Swine Flu to Bring Down Internet if Government Doesn’t Act ...
"Posted by Karen De Coster on October 31, 2009 04:32 PM

... 'Concerns exist that a more severe pandemic outbreak than 2009’s could cause large numbers of people staying home to increase their internet use and overwhelm internet providers’ network capacities,' according to the report, which was prepared by the US Government Accountability Office.

... In order to mitigate this 'threat,' the DHS should consider rationing bandwidth or blocking websites [emphasis mine - MJW], according to the GAO report. ... Just so you know that I am not mixing up satire with reality ... for your reading pleasure, here is the GAO report. It is 77 pages long, so no, these guys aren't kidding.


You know,

even the general idea of some of the stuff I read on this site really freaks me out.

Make your own copies ofimportant docs before become inaccessible

Herblay France

bonjour ,
I spend about three hours a day reading the press and listening to the news and I have come to the conclusion since years that the most realiable news is on the net and on sites like 911blogger.com
For example I have not seen a single word written or spoken on the Jane Burgemeister case
It was thanks to her that I and many others have largely investigated this area and I suspect she is part of the cause for the massive obligatory vacination not yet happening in France.

I have read the PNAC document and in it there are plans to control the internet. I am surprised it has not been done already. You can be sure that web sites like www.911blogger.com and www.reopen911.info are too independent to be just mouth pieces of the PNAC plan.
I suggest to you all to make copies of important documents on the internet. I suggest that 911blogger.com make exploitable copies of this site which can be put on DVD and sold ( given ) to the public. I am trying to do a PDF document copie which keeps the pictures ( even linked ) on the page. The pdf ceator ( creating from a URL ) does not know how to stock linked video and on the page is just a blank rectangle.

Yours John

Site backups

Wikipedia has the concept of downloading a site 'snapshot', coming in at 50G or so as I remember. I imagine 911Blogger would be much smaller.

Some work would have to be done to take any passwords etc. out of the backup made available, but this wouldn't be very hard.

Such a system would also allow people to view the data in different ways. If the code for the site was made available too, there could even be improvements made in that (though Blogger is very well presented).

This will soon become the

This will soon become the front line in the information war the MSM are currently losing.
See also McCain's bill against net neutrality here:


A Rockefeller

Was sounding off about the internet recently. What a transparent tool: