Amalgam Virgo: Document Reveals Details of Military Exercise Involving Suicide Pilot Three Months before 9/11

New details of a NORAD exercise called Amalgam Virgo 01-02 have been found in a document at the National Archives. The exercise involved a suicide pilot attacking a military installation in the US. It was run in early June 2001, just three months before 9/11.

The document was found in the 9/11 Commission’s files at the National Archives by History Commons contributor Erik Larson (a.k.a. Paxvector) and uploaded to the 9/11 Document Archive at Scribd. Some information about the exercise was revealed at the History Commons Groups blog in June, when we publicised a commission document summarising a group of military exercises designed to help the military deal with suicide hijackings. However, the newly-found three-page scenario provides more detail.

In the scenario, a Haitian AIDS sufferer named Reginald Montrose forms an alliance with Columbian drug lords. This link-up is inspired by funding the Columbians have provided to treat AIDS patients in Haiti. Montrose plans to crash a Cessna into the headquarters of the Southeast Air Defense Sector (SEADS) in Florida. Its destruction will draw attention to the Haitians’ plight and “allow the drug cartel to flood the US with flights of aircraft and to increase their market share in the US drug market.”

The exercise starts with a call from a local airport manager to SEADS saying that they have found a suicide note in a suspicious car, and one of their small aircraft is missing. Another call then comes in based on FBI information. Montrose’s sister has contacted the bureau and told it of a second suicide note. The target is believed to be a Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, where SEADS is located.

The text of both suicide notes is included in the scenario. The first even states that Montrose has taken out an insurance policy with Lloyds of London to cover the cost of the plane he intends to crash into SEADS, and has filled the gas tank of his rental car, which is to be returned to the Alamo facility at Tampa International airport.

SEADS launches fighters to intercept and identify the incoming Cessna, and to attempt to turn it away from the Florida coastline. However, Montrose is to remain on course, without turning. The scenario states, “This will develop into an ROE [Rules of Engagement] drill that will challenge the battlestaff as they work to keep the target aircraft from impacting SEADS.” It adds, “Target will remain on course... throughout scenario or until simulated shot down.... Scenario fruition is up to Blue Forces.”

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Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.


did they shoot the Cessna down?

We have a right to know

“Target will remain on course... throughout scenario or until simulated shot down.... Scenario fruition is up to Blue Forces.”

This particular document is an exercise scenario. I'm not an expert on how it works, but it seems likely, considering that the NORAD Exercises Hijack Summary quotes from this document, that this is the scenario used in an exercise that was actually conducted. If so, there should be at least one after-action report documenting what actually happened during the exercise. Even if it wasn't actually conducted, it's revealing about the kind of thinking done in the military's upper ranks.

It also seems likely, from emails in the 9/11 Document Archive, that this is one of the documents not received until the DOD was subpoenaed. Document Request 18, which apparently was submitted in conjunction with the subpoena, asks for (among other things): (pg 5)
2. The Announcement Message, Concept and Objectives Statement (C&O), Exercise Specifications (EXSPEC), Exercise Plan (EXPLAN), Master Scenario Events Listing (MSEL), and Control Staff Instructions (COSIN) for the following exercises:
Vigilant Guardian 99
Vigilant Guardian 01
Amalgam Virgo 01

3. All after action final reports related to the exercises listed in Item 2, including but not limited to any reports produced by contractors or internally by NORAD. If no "final" after action report exists for any of the exercises listed in Item 2, please certify that no "final" report exists and provide copies of any "interim," "draft," "preliminary," or other documents not deemed a "final" report.

4. All database "lessons learned" that exist for the exercises listed in Item 2.

5. All documents related to the Concept Development Conference (CDC) and the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for Amalgam Virgo O2, including the exercise planning schedule. This request includes, but is not limited to, drafts of the Concept and Objectives Statement (C&O), the Exercise Specifications (EXSPEC), the Exercise Plan (EXPLAN), the Master Scenario Events Listing
(MSEL), and the Control Staff Instructions (COSIN) as they existed prior to 9/11/01. For each of the documents responsive to this request, please provide information sufficient to determine the date the document was initially drafted, and, if applicable, the date the document was finalized.

6. All after action final reports related to Amalgam Virgo 02, including but not limited to any reports produced by contractors or internally by NORAD. If no "final" after action report exists for Amalgam Virgo 02, please certify that no "final" report exists and provide copies of any "interim," "draft," "preliminary," or other documents not deemed a "final" report.

7. All database "lessons learned" that exist for Amalgam Virgo 02.

8. All after action documents (to include all final reports and all database "lessons learned") related to military exercises — since January 1993 ~ in which an aircraft was hijacked and/or used as a weapon and which involved NORAD. If no "final" after action reports exist for these exercises, please certify that no "final" report exists and provide copies of any "interim," "draft," "preliminary," or other documents not deemed a "final" report.

The exercise this article summarizes is "Amalgam Virgo 01-02"- I don't know what difference that makes- apparently these exercises have numerous scenarios- the NORAD Exercises Hijack Summary lists several different ones for Vigilant Guardian the week of 9/11. These exercises are intended to be realistic for the personnel/agencies participating in them, to test how they would respond in real-world scenarios. Presumably, only the higher-ranking officers managing the exercises know exactly what will take place, and the lower level personnel are tasked with figuring out what's going on and the best way to respond.

It's clear the US military was prepared to shoot down planes. In this case, the airport reports a suicide note and a stolen plane, then the FBI reports intent to become a martyr, and that "We have reason to believe he is going to crash his airplane into a facility on Tyndall AFB." The personnel participating may not have been informed SEADS was the target, and might have been left with minutes to decide if the situation warranted shooting down a Cessna. Obviously, a Cessna crashing in the desert killing only the pilot is less serious than a Cessna crashing into SEADS, disrupting the military's ability to control airspace, and opening up the US to a massive invasion of drug trafficking flights.

It's also clear the people who designed and managed this exercise were doing big picture thinking. And it's public information that the U.S. govt knew about Samuel Byck and his plan to hijack a plane from BWI and crash it into the White House in 1974, as well as many other plots and actual attempts. NORAD had been conducting hijack exercises since the 1970's, according to NORAD exercise planner Ken Merchant. The Clinton and Bush Administrations, and the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and DOD were all aware of the potential for planes to be used as weapons, and they knew about Bin Laden/Al Qaeda's ambition to use planes as weapons against the U.S. And they knew there were Al Qaeda operatives in the U.S., surveillance of buildings in NYC and preparations for hijacking in the months before 9/11, along with many other warning signs of an impending attack. And nothing was done to harden security, nothing was done to disrupt the plot before it took place, or while it was in progress. Instead, all the defenses conveniently failed to do what they were designed to do, enabling the 9/11 plot to succeed.

EDIT- This statement in the 9/11 Commission Report, “Exercise planners also assumed that the aircraft would originate from outside the United States, allowing time to identify the target and scramble interceptors. The threat of terrorists hijacking commercial airliners within the United States—and using them as guided missiles—was not recognized by NORAD before 9/11.” (17) might be literally true; the NORAD Exercise Hijack Summary doesn't include this EXACT TO THE LETTER scenario. However, considering that ALL the named elements were practiced, some in numerous different exercises, the statement is blatantly false in spirit- which begs the question, why is the Commission dissembling on this issue- as they did on every important issue?

What could all the documents and witnesses still being suppressed tell us? Is this all a coinkydink? Or was 9/11 a deep state-planned pretext for power consolidation and policy shifts; a predictably shock-n-awed public, Congress and media (those that aren't already owned by the corrupt Establishment), massive increases in funding for the military-corporate complex, geo-strategic wars and a domestic surveillance state.

9/11 Attacks War Game Scenario...

Slowly we are getting to understand War are a few points that I glean from this last entry...

1. This aircraft was not hijacked and the hijacking protocols were not being tested here...

2. There is mention made of the "blue team"...this corroborates my understandings that:

...the BLUE TEAM is tasked with developing and executing the tactics and responses in the DEFENSE of the country...

...the RED TEAM is tasked with evaluating weaknesses in the defensive structures of the country and developing attacks scenarios to take advantage of such weaknesses...

3. The reason that NORAD's "hot interceptors" are FULLY ARMED with the latest and the best because they are tasked to shoot non-compliant airvehicles down...

Regarding #3...

It is my long held understanding from my work as an air traffic controller with the FAA [which is part of the National Air Defense System], along with that of Gore Vidal's opinion, as seen in the Italian documentary ZERO...that, even without formal approvals from higher authorities, there is a final decision making responsibility AND authority that sits with the command pilot of the interceptors...and that is to make the best decision to save as many lives and preserve as much property as is possible.

This includes making a unilateral decision to shoot down a wayward airvehicle that is behaving in such a way as to kill citizens or create damage to properties. This sounds like a HUGE responsibility...and it is. However, just take a look at the consequences of a decision NOT to shoot down an airvehicle such as AA11, UA175 and AA77. Each of those airliners eventually did more total damage...BY FAR...than they would have done had they een shot down before crashing into the WTCs and the Pentagon.

Command pilots are trained to fly be able to shoot down make such difficult decisions WITHOUT higher approvals...IF...the situation calls for it.

And AA11, UA175 and AA77 were all such situations and should have been shot down had they een intercepted in time.

Further...all this talk about Cheney-Bush giving shoot-down authority to the interceptors is nothing more than disinfo and psy-ops...and in my personal view, was ALWAYS designed to make it look like Bush was actually behaving like a president when the opposite is the make it as confusing as possible, if not to avoid any responsibility regarding the shoot-down of UA93. [which is my view at this moment in time]


I ask anyone reading this thread...could YOU create a much more complex War Game Attack Scenario than this one presented? I'm sure you could...I know that I could!

Now, just imagine if you have had training at War Colleges, or are hired as a consultant and are paid very, very well to create IMAGINATIVE War Games Scenarios in order to competently "test" the nation's air defense capabilities...just imagine the complexities of War games that these professionals routinely "come up with"...

So, I'm just suggesting that Truthers simply take a look at War Game Scenarios and come to understand that within a single overiding War Game Scenario...there are many, many more smaller War Game Scenarios that are written in and executed with DEEP COMPARTMENTALIZATION...meaning complete secrecy from other elements with the OTHER War Game Scenarios.

The secretive and multiple War Game Scenarios are imbeded into the major War Game Scenario to test other defenses and to be able to oversee, modify if required, and eventually evaluate how all the various participants in the War Game Scenarios...aka...the defensive structures etc, actually responded to the simulated attacks.

Secretive War Game Scenarios are operated by secretive secretive places within the vast military infrastructures.

This is why I am very comfortable at stating that 9/11 was:

"The 9/11 Attacks War Game Scenario"...

...which of course would NOT be called by that would have a typical and uninformative name attached to it...or no name at all. But surely it would be identified to only a tiny few HI PERPS.

I do feel that the Cheney-Mineta story in the PEOC MAY be a clue leading to: "The 9/11 Attacks War Game Scenario"...or whatever it was called.

Quite frankly, regarding the Pentagon's...the FAA's....and NORAD's involvements..or lack thereof surrounding the events on 9/11...they are very simple indeed. Just another day at the beach for the US Military "War Gamers" they IMAGINE some the many, many ways to test this nation's defenses.

"The 9/11 Attacks War Game Scenarion is far more simple than anyone that I have ever talked to has dared to comprehend.

What is NOT unscrambling the events into The 9/11 Attacks War Game Scenario AFTER they have happened...and with the HI PERPS covering it all up...because:

Part of the entire plan was to obfuscate, dis-inform, mis-inform, psy-op, and use the Mockingbird Media to tell the story that the HI PERPS wanted told in the first place...just to keep us hound dogs away or on the wrong is historically usual!

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA


I'm curious Robin, do you think the reports about 'Able Danger' might have been relevant to the kind of war-gaming you have described? A database of young Middle Eastern men with al Qaeda type credentials--might this have been part of a war games exercise for staged hijackings that were ultimately turned to very nefarious purposes? Or might instead 'Able Danger' amount to something like a tantalizing red herring, dangled in front of truth activists as if to say, 'here was the smoking gun that you would have found, but too late--we've already destroyed all those terabytes of data'?

Their scheming [is that a word?] has no boundaries...

The funny thing that I find about many Truthers sometimes is that we are exposing ruthless KILLERS who care not one single thing about the lives of human beings outside their own ruling class circles, yet, Truthers often forget this ruthlessness when thinking of how clever and determined that the HI PERPS actually might be. Because TRUTHERS would never conspire to do something like 9/11, then others wouldn't either...WRONG!!! They are killers!

My point in answering your question is that you suggest two excellent possibilities about "Able Danger". I suspect that it could have been those two and "all of the above" should other Truthers begin to connect some other dots out there anywhere around the world regarding any US hatched military or intel operation for any announced or unannounced reason. why I refuse to conclude anything at the Pentagon except that NOTHING should have happened at the Penatgon. That something DID happen at the Pentagon tells me that 9/11 was an inside job...especially if one looks at the evidence supporting an explosion at 09:30 or 09:32...which is several minutes before the alleged arrival of the alleged AA77?

The truth is that the HI PERPS could have constructed almost any scenario that they wanted to construct.

Although the entire approach to developing "The 9/11 War Game Attacks Scenario" is fundamentally simple and could very easily been secretly put into operation and overseen/operated by a small handful of operatives [Cheney for example], different layers of "War Gamers" could have been innocently tasked to do the RED TEAM-BLUE TEAM shuffle and have created almost ANY other layers or scenarios, or any number of events that could have been masked to be happening elsewhere in the world.

Almost everything in War Games is spoken of in "code" anyway and the computer world can orient anything it wants into any plane that it wants. Hell, this could have been set up as a "War Game" attack on Sydney Australia without "innocent " War Games operators actually thinking anything other than a normal War Game Scenario event happening in Sydney, Australia. Again, War Games are a partial "virtual universe".

Here is some REAL...VIRTUAL...REALITY...

While working for the FAA at ZBW [Boston ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center], I particpated in the USAF's practicing of executing low altitude bombing runs to hit Moscow and other USSR cities. To do this the USAF studied the topography of the mountain ranges, river valleys, flatlands, and bodies of water that existed for REAL in the northeast [probably elsewhere too]. After this study, the USAF created exacting routings that wove their way through the terrain in the northeast...and THAT woven routing was established to present to the B52 pilots the EXACT topography that they would have to deal with should they have to make low altitude bombing runs into the Soviet Union.

REALITY turned into VIRTUAL to prepare for REALITY.

Its interesting...Truthers "get" video games at arcades where you put in 50 cents and can shoot stuff out of the sky, or out of space...yet they fail to understand that this is NOTHING DIFFERENT than the development of, and execution of, WAR GAMES EXCERCISES!

Except of course the REAL interceptors and other REAL military aviation assets being involved. [PLEASE...civilian airliners ACTUALLY being involved in War Games is another story...and its very hard to explain].

My point is that War Games are basically VIRTUAL...except that they become REAL in some instances...and they do use some REAL assets. Its fascinating and Truthers actually know this...intuitively...but mostly in their back brains...because they do not consciously connect "arcades" and "War Games"...but there is a definite connection...and they will soon connect them even moreso.

And of course, my position in analyzing much of the radar data provided by the HI PERPS' own radar data development that this radar data is ALSO capable of being "virtualized"...or invented...or dis-invented...or scrubbed clean of targets that the HI PERPS simply do not want to have us "see".

Its also important to note that "after event" activities and mis-info, dis-info, and psy-ops that shape opinions and public perceptions via the Mockingbird Media would also be planned ahead...and that scenario could have been originally set up to happen in Montreal or any other large metropolitan area for example.

And its incredibly important to note that the HI PERPS couldn't CONTROL the WTC dust...and because of this [and of course the laws of physics which they tried to modify but failed to...], we have developed our strongest and most factual explanations of the WTC collapses...and that the OCT is bogus.

Another example of this process is that, to the best of their abilities, the HI PERPS have controlled all the raw "first footages" of actions and reactions of people and events on 9/11...and the best of those examples is the confiscation of the video evidence at the Pentagon...and the amazingly quick control of FAA tapes. All the military's tapes and data collected at NORAD and the like are OBVIOUSLY something that has been shaped for public consumption.

Its easy to project how some "War Gamer" could have been tasked with setting up a post-event scenario where all the video camera footage would be immediately secured after a "War Game Scenario" where, for example, some vehicles [air and/or ground] loaded with explosives blew up an embassy in Hong Kong......and then locations would be switched on 9/11/2001...or NOT switched with the operators thinking that it is still Hong Kong. The blueprints for these actions would already have been estabished and switching locations would NOT switch the processes. Its sorta hard to "get" what I'm saying...but this is the way it breaks down...

Finally, and getting to your question...the Pentagon's/Intel's toe bones are connected to their headbones regarding their involvement with events on planet earth. We can easily see and recall that Intel sets up a "dictaor-as-friend" in one decade only to be flipped into a "dictator-as-Hitler" needing an invasion of his country sometime in the following decade[s] Pentagon's and Intel's planning is very, very long term. They have War Colleges and huge internal planning departments to accomplish this on an ongoing and daily basis.

For a personal example: I remember being in on formal FAA conversations when working for the FAA during the uprise in hijackings back in the 1970s. We were asked for suggestions about how to prevent hijackings and one IMMEDIATE suggestion was to reinforce cockpit doors...[as El Al [Israel's airline] had already done]. This was such an easy fix that I was stunned that it was rejected...alegedley by the airlines themselves...because it would cost them ONE passenger per flight...[as though the flights were always full...which they were NOT!] Interesting AYE?

Back to this the OCT began to emerge on and after 9/11, those old discussions regarding reinforcing cockpit doors in the 70s immediately popped right into my head as I came to the same conclusion...AGAIN!

The point being...if the Pentagon-Intelligence Agencies needed something to happen in the following decades, then they needed to keep things set up and thusly, available to happen down the road. Don't misinterperet me here...I'm not saying that they have the exact plans established decades ahead...I'm saying that they simply do NOT tie their hands ahead of time...and they keep their opportunities for raising hell as open as can unpublically remain open for LOOOOONG periods of time. The cockpit door story is such an example.

Along the same line of thinking...please remember that Operation Northwoods was developed in the early, these scenarios are NOT new ground being plowed here...not at all...its what Intel DOES!

On 9/11, ANY number of scenarios could have been planned and executed with only a TINY number of people knowing it all...and with normal unaware soldiers doing their normal soldier-y things WITHOUT a single clue about what they were actually contributing towards!

Someday some whistleblowers will get ther arms around "The 9/11 Atacks War game Scenario" and will be able to see that what they were doing on 9/11....which looked like something else happeneing somewhere else on planet eatrh...were actually some of the steps that needed to happen for 9/11 to take place. Its very hard to explain...but its a "virtual world" out there in some interesting ways.

Finally, the HI PERPS certainly do want to keep us off-track anyway that they can...OR...keep us on-track to what they want us to discuss and expose...FOR THEIR PURPOSES...and its ALL thought of beforehand.

Its surely an interesting time to be alive...

Regardless of all the reality exposed's the big kahuna...

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE...together we will figure it all out...eventually...

And NOTHING should have happened at the Pentagon...and someday the DOTS to the USN at the Pentagon will begin to emerge and tell us something...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA