Ian Henshall has said I can post his email with regards to the meeting in the House of Commons. I am creating a new entry so nobody misses this.

The message is as follows:

Reinvestigate 911 has gained more momentum following Monday's meeting in the House of Commons. The meeting was attended by one Peer, one senior MP and several aides to various MPs, some senior. About eight more MPs from all parties had asked to attend but due to last minute events and diary clashes were not present. (This is normal, the system keeps MPs overburdened with meetings and short of help.)

MPs and aides contacted after the meeting have said they found the presentation impressive. Several one-on-one follow-up meetings are being arranged.

There were presentations from UK 9/11 victim Scott Forbes, nanotechnology expert Niels Harrit and 911 The New Evidence author Ian Henshall.

We now have a small base of solid support within the Palace of Westminster. Plans for a further meeting in the next few months are being developed. Other action points under discussion include asking the Iraq Inquiry to scrutinise the official 9/11 story, pressing publicly and through informal contacts for fair treatment in the media, and setting up a Parliamentary Group which could eventually hold hearings.

Since the Parliamentary campaign launched in July, Reinvestigate 911 has been contacted for information or requests to come to meetings by people who have in the past held posts of Foreign Secretary, Defence Minister, and select committee chair. Several more have been members of cabinets and shadow cabinets. Clearly these people are unimpressed by the assumption of the US/UK corporate media that the official 9/11 story is the whole truth.

A business sponsor, Coffee Plant, paid for the ad in the hope of triggering a response that will fund the next wave of activity. This seems to be working. So far about a third of the costs of the ad have come back in donations and book sales.

Ian Henshall

This is very encouraging news, and I'm glad I was able to attend on monday at the public meeting.

Good Job scuba

This has in some form worldwide support. I wonder if you noticed the indictments of the 22 CIA agents in Italy. Bout time.


Thanks for posting this update!

It would be interesting to know

what evidence/arguments were presented to the Peer/MP/Aides- any printed materials that can be linked/posted/referenced?

I assume Harrit provided them with copies of Active Thermitic; what about Henshall and Forbes?

When can we get an internet reporting on the subject ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
the mass media are not reporting this. Is it possible that WeAreChange London can video interview
the mps on the subject ?



Chatham House Rules

If I remember rightly from discussing this with Ian the MP briefings are private. I doubt any MPs would turn up at all if they felt their attendance and views were going to be broadcast on the internet.

It's about a slow build up of support, making contact and building trust with MPs open to the issue with an eye on the long term.

As far as I know the material covered in the private MP briefing is the same as in the public briefing already posted on here.

A Simple Question Actually Answers All Your Questions

The only question anyone needs to ask is why would Al-Qaeda have mounted an airborne operation doomed to failure, since NORAD's first responsibility was "surveillance and control of the airspace of the United States." Well, Al-Qaeda wouldn't have mounted such an operation that was bound to fail. Only IF Al-Qaeda knew that NORAD's routine would be sabotaged would they have mounted an airborne operation.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

A profound question

A profound question with only one plausible answer: they somehow knew NORAD would stand down.