Bin Laden videotape not new, monitoring site says
(Updates to show tape is not new, adds background)

WASHINGTON, Nov 6 (Reuters) - A videotape of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden released on Friday is the Pashto-language version of a tape released several months ago, said IntelCenter, a U.S.-based terrorism monitoring firm.

The tape, titled "To Our People in Pakistan," was broadly released in Arabic and Urdu on July 12, IntelCenter said. Excerpts had been aired by the Al Jazeera television network on June 3, it added.

Earlier on Friday, IntelCenter had said al-Qaeda's as-Sahab Media had released a new video from bin Laden.

In his remarks broadcast by Al Jazeera in June, Saudi-born bin Laden said U.S. President Barack Obama had planted the seeds of "revenge and hatred" toward the United States in the Muslim world and warned Americans to prepare for the consequences.

In an audio message posted on an Islamist website in September, Osama warned Americans over their government's close ties with Israel.

Osama is believed to be hiding in the mountainous border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

More than 60 messages have been broadcast from bin Laden, his second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri and their allies since al Qaeda's Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. (Editing by Paul Simao)

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"Videotape" ...

It's important to note that this video, whether very recent or only somewhat recent, does not contain actual video of bin Laden. It is merely an audio interview with a still image of bin Laden.

We haven't "seen" him since The Solution in 2007.


Big Bin has been dead for years. Last I heard one of his sons said he died at the end of 2001. He was just a patsy anyhow. Had he liver they would have killed him just like they did with Oswald.

the movie 300

To my knowledge, after 2001, Osama bin Laden appears physically only twice in videotapes supposed to come from him. In 2004 and 2007. See :

Neal Krawetz has compared the videotapes of 2004 and 2007. See:

Quote: « Yet here is Bin Laden in the same clothing, same studio, same studio setup, and same desk THREE YEARS LATER. In fact, his stack of papers that he reads are moved between the exact same stacks. If you overlay the 2007 video with the 2004 video, his face has not changed in three years -- only his beard is darker and the contrast on the picture has been adjusted.

What are the chances of nothing changing (except his beard) in three years? Virtually zero. The clips appear to have been recorded three years ago.”

The website "" had compared the face of the person shown by the video recording of 2004 with a facial image of the real Osama bin Laden and believes that this is not the same person. See:

A video released in September 2007 which features Waleed al-Shehri's last will and testament. In the video, Osama bin Laden speaks for the first 15 minutes, with praises for al-Shehri. Bin Laden's statement is in the form of an audio message, with his picture shown, superimposed with 9/11 footage in the background. Waleed al-Shehri then speaks for approximately 30 minutes. Al Qaeda edited the video, so that Al-Shehri is seen speaking with an image of the World Trade Center on 9/11 as a backdrop. See:

But the website “” forgets to speak about the fly on the nose of Waleed Al-Shehri! See:

At the beginning of the 6-March-2008 video starring Mustafa Abu al-Yazid (head of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan) and the 19-March-2008 video of Osama Bin Laden is an animated sequence showing bloody spears. The animated sequence is actually a set of frames from the movie 300 (the Sparta vs World movie). Specifically, the spears come at the end of the first fight scene against the Persians. See:

Therefore those bloody spears of the “Movie 300”are supposed to represent the action of Al-Qaeda in these two videos.

About the “movie 300 », See :

1) The Movie 300: Neocon Racial Propaganda for War:

2) Iranians outraged over hit movie ‘300’- Associated Press, March 15, 2007:

Where are produced the videos of Al-Qaeda? It would be interesting to know it.

The " The Solution" video ...

" Justice for Barry Jennings "