David Swanson: End US Wars of Aggression by defunding them

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Our US Congressional committees’ disclosure of evidence to justify invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan show all of the evidence was known to be false at the time it was spun to the American public. Even a cursory reading of the evidence reveals this fact beyond any reasonable doubt. Our duopoly Democratic and Republican political “leaders” lied to the world to engage in illegal Wars of Aggression. Again, this is fact undisputed from our own government’s documentation.

If you haven’t mastered this lesson on responsible citizenry, to tell the difference between fact and spin leading to war, millions of deaths and conservatively ten times the dead in such suffering they wish for death, and trillions of our dollars for long-term costs, please, again, read my best explanation here.

David Swanson has the answer for immediate ending of US troops’ engagement in illegal wars: stop paying for them. The best support for our troops is to bring them home. Don’t believe me, ask your relatives and friends in service.

David’s essay explains the simple mechanism, along with the difficulty of its realization. A key component for justice is education of the American public, both on the facts on these wars that hundreds of people are clearly writing, and the critical thinking skills to demand independently verifiable facts from political leaders for policy consideration as a regular tool of democracy.

Below is David explaining his new book: "Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union,” and his overview of the gap between the US Constitution and current practices of US government in complete violation of law and American values.

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