It's a tragedy that you're here!

Although each encounter was interesting and memorable, this was notable. A fellow, who's name I never got came by to exclaim, "It was a tragedy!, 9/11 was a tragedy!". And he didn't find any disagreement. He mumbled some things like planes can bring down buildings... that's just the way it is...". He went on about having respect for the those who lost family members and exclaimed, "It's a tragedy that you're here!". Meaning, of course, that we were stirring up the rubble that had long solidified from its weeks long molten state and was probably better off left alone. I pointed out that many family members were part of the movement and desired further investigation. Unconvinced he turned to me and repeated himself. I agreed with him, emotionally. I knew exactly what he meant. I said, "I agree with you but to me it's a tragedy and a disgrace that we HAVE to be here. To us, the events of 9/11 is an unfinished story that demands answers particularly for those affected that day." I encouraged him to read the questions on the board but he moved on in a cloak that prohibited any objectivity.

Another elderly gentleman, an architect from Williamsburg came by to express how stunned he was that the towers fell in the manner they did. But he said, anything can happen in those circumstances, considering the impacts, that no one can predict or possibly explain. I agreed with his general conjecture, to a point. I said there's a lot we would like to explain and some that we can't. I could tell that he had had some doubts but had convinced himself by means of the 'chaos' theory, that all was well. That is, certain things, like impacts of this nature, can foment unpredictable results. I was trying to point out the many characteristics similar to controlled demolition (our talking points). He looked behind me and said, "now that's controlled demolition." He was referring to the video of wtc7 collapsing alongside an actual demolition that we had running in back. I said, we think so, that's world-trade 7. He was taken aback. He said, "they took that one down", I replied, "no planes hit that one." As it dawned on him what he was looking at, why we paired it with the demolition demo and yet another inconsistency that seemed to have been withheld from him in this incredulous tale, his jaw dropped. He turned without saying another word and walked away. Was he unprepared to face the truth?

Is it unkind to reveal this kind of truth to people? At times it seems so. But for me it was rewarding to see the reactions of those passing by, most of which was positive. Thanks goes to the efforts and the time put in by Jon Cole and the others helping AE911Truth organize these booths and events where it's needed.

But I wonder, how long can these jaw-dropping, obvious truths remain unspoken, unmentioned and unaccounted for in this country of ours? It doesn't take long, maybe 10 minutes for someone knowledgeable to look over the facts gathered and either to walk away with their blinders firmly fastened or to be genuinely disturbed. There's a tragedy and a travesty somehere in there too.

Participating with AE911Truth at the AIA Richmond Convention.

"Weren't those buildings

"Weren't those buildings designed to implode?" - an actual AIA registered architect at the Washington DC AIA conference.

Yes, it is a tragedy that this movement needs to exist at all.

I make a point of reading all the down voted comments because I find many of them to be the best comments. - Atomicbomb


I've heard it suggested that maybe the buildings were prewired with explosives in case of emergency(!), or in case they needed to brought down at some point..

That's nonsense

never ever was one building "prewired" with explosives anywhere in the world. The risk! I wonder who said such outer limit stuff.


I was thrown somewhat at the time.

But check those downvotes.. maybe some are worried this will become NIST's new theory. Or maybe even that it's convincing!

My favorite quote:

"I wouldn't believe it even if it was true."

Thanks to Jon Cole

and all those who made this event happen. Richard cannot be everywhere at once. Jon, Ralph Allen, Matt Sullivan, Dave Schlesinger, Matt Skarlatos, and the others who helped out are making a difference. They are multiplying the effect of AE911Truth.