10/10/08 call to Dennis Miller show about 10/10/01 incident of armed Israeli operatives caught at Mexican Parliament--transcript

Before I forgot about this and we get too far away from the date, I wanted to post this transcript of a call I made to the Dennis Miller Show last year about the 10/10/01 incident of well-armed Israeli operatives getting caught at the Mexican Parliament. It was definitely not my best effort, but I just wanted to put it out there so others can see and critique and learn.

Here is the history commons entry about it:

And here is a blog entry which might be helpful in understanding this event with a comment from me about the "Strategy of Tension."
Nafeez Ahmed: Calibrating fear - The liquid bomb plot and the long war- http://www.911blogger.com/node/21484

…By the way I had a chocolate mousse there last night. We’re taking your phone calls, 866-99-DENNIS. Jeremy in Los Angeles-if that’s Ron Jeremy, busy yourself for a few seconds, we’ll be right with you [laughter] 866-99-DENNIS…

… Let’s go to Jeremy in Los Angeles, taking your phone calls, 866-99-DENNIS. Or I would take them if there were any to take, other than Jeremy, how are ya?

Jeremy: Good, how are you doing Dennis?

Dennis: Beautiful!

J: Good. So, this is not Ron Jeremy. I’m a little better looking than he is.

D: Alright my friend.

J: But I’ve been finishing up a little bit of personal atonement, as, it seems, we are globally dealing with some economic atonement. I’m a Jewish Mexican, proud Jewish Mexican American, and so I also thought it would be appropriate in terms of a collective atonement, as a Jewish man, to bring up a little known event that happened today, but seven years ago. And it might change your perspective on the War on Terror. And what happened was that two operatives, two Israeli operatives were caught in the Mexican Parliament having breached a security perimeter with Glock 9mm’s, C4 explosives and two Pakistani passports. And I think it’s intriguing that, uh, I’m sure you’ve never heard of that right?

D: What do you mean? I have a plaque commemorating it right above my microphone here.

J: Is that close to the-- is that right next to the pictures of the Trade Towers being blown up that Zan gave you?

D: [laughing] No, no, I never—I never put those up. As a matter of fact, that creeped me out. I haven’t heard from Zan lately. But that was a little weird for me.

So what are you saying? How is it going to change my perspective on terror? I didn’t follow all this.

J: Well this is the month after 9/11 and the day after that high-grade anthrax was sent supposedly by an Al Qaeda Jihadi to the two leading Democrats in the Senate, while we were under threat to pass the Patriot Act. And this is, you know, two Israeli operatives that were attempting to terrorize the Mexican Parliament with two Pakistani passports.

D: You know, I feel like I’m in the B-story on “Falcon and the Snowman” here. I don’t know what you’re saying. So how is it going to change my perspective?

J: Well, that there’s such a thing as “false-flag terrorism” that has been known to be done by British, by-- MI6 in England, the CIA in the United States, and then Mossad in Israel are all known to have track records of imitating Arabs and doing terrorist attacks. And so I think it might change your perspective on what’s actually going on with the War on Terror, that it might actually—alot of these high profile terrorist attacks might be done by Western intelligence agencies under cover of Arab disguise or blamed on Al-CIA-duh.

D: So, you’re saying it might-- it might change my perspective?

J: I’m hoping---

D: Let me mull for a second. Let me mull… Nah! It didn’t. Bye bye Jeremy.

Um, I couldn’t even follow.

Producer: Long way to go.

D: What is he saying?

Sal the sidekick: He’s saying that these are all, uh, like disinformation, like we would…

D: So the World Trades—I’m here, I’m looking. They’re not here. What is he telling me? They painted them transparent?

S: I think he’s saying stuff after the World Trade Center, like we would send two guys in…

D: Ughh, I don’t know. People want to over-think this stuff to the extent—all I know is it’s going on twenty six—This is so weird that I have to defend this position against so many people. Twenty six hundred days, almost, since something happened. I’m just saying I’m appreciative. Whatever they’re doing, and I know it can all change- I don’t live in a dream world- but up to this point, I’d have to say this is what I’m looking for in a Worl-War on Terror. And I hope the next guy gets it as right. But I have people calling up and telling me that there’s-- that it’s sort of Jihadi disinformation, and all this—All I know is nothing’s been blown up since. And knock on wood, I know that, but the fact is people who go out of their way to not view—this is what I mean about the contrarianism in this country. Now that is a long way to go and by the way Sal, does the Mexican Jewish community have hallah burritos? Is that possible or can you—

S: You mean Kosher burritos.

D: Well, isn’t hallah like a Jewish—

S: Oh hallah…Yeah. Oh, no, I don’t know.

D: Cuz I like a nice hallah and I like a nice burrito and I’m wondering if it’s possible to have the ha-brito. Anyway, it just seems like very contrarian to not concede that one of the upsides of the Bush administration is that they’ve kept us safe from domestic terror attacks. I don’t know. It doesn’t seem that much to give that up to them.

Announcer: This is the Dennis Miller show!