Goldman Sachs CEO: "doing God's work." Enron CEO: "We are on the side of angels."

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Bank executives are cashing-in with bonuses from stock options at record rates (again), with the chair and CEO of Goldman Sachs literally claiming that they are doing God’s work (yes, really). Goldman Sachs makes money through “trading.” For analogy, I suggest reviewing the history of another record-setting company for profits that “traded”: Enron. In the two-minute trailer to the documentary, “The smartest guys in the room,” CEO Jeffrey Skilling also says, “We are the good guys. We are on the side of angels.”

For your consideration: trading that does not produce goods and services is a euphemism for gambling (look it up).

The American public is transferring record amounts of our money to subsidize the gambling losses of banksters. Please study the information in the above links. I doubt you can make a persuasive argument of being a competent citizen if you are under-informed on current policy involving multiple trillions of our taxes.

Who's doing Lucifer's work then?

Gods work indeed! If ever there was an anti-christ, it would have to be investment bankers with Goldman taking the head position as Lucifer.