911/Related Songs

Here are some hand-picked 911/related music videos and MP3s, the better part of which are from the ‘freechannel.org’ page. I hope everyone’s YouTube hits goes up with this one!

Music, as well as comedy and drama, have the distinction over basic news and information that it has now been digested by humans, and it is being spit back out. It's got the human dimension.

Speaking as a middle-aged lover of various music over my years, below I’ve selected around 30 of what I would call good songs, some with videos, and which are 'revolutionary'. There’s always more on the ‘net to scour, I’m sure.


- Mark

911 Music Videos

“911’s a Lie”

(the Free Bees)

3 min 24 sec: Disco! And for just a moment in there, it
sounds like “the Wall”.

Yet Another "9/11 Was An Inside Job" Song

(Scootle Royale)

4 min 51 sec: Pop-rock. Lots of lyrics.

"911 Was an Inside Job!" Music Video

(Suspicious Patriot)

5 min 6 sec: Rock. (Music starts about 1 min in)

"9/11 Was An Inside Job" Official Music Video

(Brian Stuart Fox)

2 min 57 secs: Good jam. It lists 69,000 views.

911 was an inside job music video 2009 (The Davio)

5 min 25 secs: Good Heavy Metal - is a cover.
It has a minute of dialog at the end.

Inside Job

(music by Pearl Jam)

4 min 28 sec

Pearl Jam Inside Job July 18 2006 Vedder SF

6 min 52 sec


2 min 10 sec: Guitar/rock jam. “The Bush Finger”

MTV's Aimee Allen, Ron Paul Anthem Music Video

3 min 34 sec: Good rock video. Aimee has 86 music videos on you tube.

Hurt (September 11)

Johnny Cash song

911 video 3 min 39 sec

(original Cash video)

Funnyordie-dot-com videos:

Ron Howard’s Call to Action w/Andy Griffith, Henry Winkler (3 min 48 sec)

Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones speak out (part 1 of 3 - 54 sec)

A few MP3s from the 911Blogger music page:

Appono Astos - Fight the Corruption (techno)

Les Visible - Have I Got It Right - Talking 911 Blues

Michele Paris - Justice (folksy)

Music Videos from the
freechannel page:

Your Next Bold Move

Ani DiFranco:

(live) – 6 min 9 sec

No W Ministry

3 min 23 sec. Derogatory and apocalyptic – a complete disaster (perfect).

Rage Against the Machine Sleep Now in the Fire

(3 min 57 sec – 4.2 million views)

America First

Merle Haggard (2:51)

Land of Confusion


Metacafe Music Video: 4 min 53 sec

Other Freechannel videos:

Freedom River

Narrated by Orson Welles (6:38)

I Met The Walrus (5:15)

(Boy interviews John Lennon, w/animated video)

Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Vincent Bugliosi (6:44)

Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Bruce Fein (6:47)

Elizabeth Holtzman - 7-25-2008 (C-SPAN

Michael Veitch

Meet the Neocons (Neocon Gold) (3 min 40 sec)

I’m Voting Republican

(3 min 29 sec)

A True Investigation Is Needed (1 min)

Gotta Do One Or The Other

N. Texas 911 Truth (30 sec)

Liberty City Police Ad

(46 sec)

Some MP3s from the freechannel page:

Ballad of FBI Hero John ONeill D Ziems 4:26

If You Gotta Ask

Lisa Lisa (4:00)

I Hate Republicans

The Happytones

(4:01) Pop/Rock

Blow Smoke In Your Eyes

Dave Vonkleist (2:46)

Good Ol USA

Darrell Scott (4:04)

Republican Blues

Tim O’Brien (2:53)

Conservative-Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight White American Males Todd Snider (3:17)

The Right Side
"Mudflap” (3:05) One brave cracker

The Freedom to Fall

Franks Atom (5:10)

Drunk on Election Night

??? (3:34) explicit lyrics

radio indymedia:

Evil is Real 2005
??? (3:47)


Johnny Got His War (5:11)

More freechannel MP3s:

Before It’s Gone

Matt King (3:38)

Rise Sandfly (3:29)

Youth Against Fascism

Sonic Youth (3:36)

Take Back the Media

??? (2:11)

On The Face Of It

The Evens (2:29)

Please Tell Me It’s Over

Rich Wyman (4:22)

Maiden America

Banana Fish Zero (3:20)


Chris Geo dot com (6:06)

In The Morning

Damon and Naomi (4:24)

Veteran’s Day

Michael Veitch (5:17)

Much Love- C.I.A.

Much Love is a local Austin band. This video was created by Joey Keeton. Check out muchlovemusic.com for more music and tour info. Check out these websites for good info: wtc7.net, whatreallyhap...

Thanks for the link, Joe,

Thanks for the link, Joe, I'll have to add that to the list.
- Mark

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