AE911Truth Crosses the International Date Line

Following a grueling 14+ hour plane trip to Australia as the start of the 2009 Australasia/Japan Tour, Richard Gage, AIA has crossed the International Date Line. This means that, based on San Francisco Bay Area time (America/Los_Angeles Time Zone and all of the U.S.), it will often be tomorrow in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The current time difference is +19 hours.

Mr. Gage left for Australia on Sunday, November 8, so that he would arrive in time to be with local activists on their 11th of the Month rally. See photos in the gallery and the Tour Blog at the left column of the tour page. Mr. Gage's first presentation will be on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. as part of The Hard Evidence Conference.

Stay tuned for more information as we receive it and are able to post it.

AE911Truth Campaign Against NY & NYC Authorities?

With AE911Truth's increased profile, a major effort lead by them ought to be aimed at New York City (District Attorney) and New York State (Attorney General) to compel them to investigate evidence presented in the recent Bentham nano-thermite paper. (certified USPS copies received by both in August)

These local authorities have the power to investigate evidence of criminality occurring in New York City (e.g.: the WTC complex on or before 9/11). A major local effort could generate results from these smaller, more managable local authorities with jurisdiction.

I'm afraid that international awareness efforts will not generate an investigation of very local 9/11 crimes.