Full Press Conference of Attorney General Eric Holder discussing trials of 9/11 plotters.

Atty. Gen. Eric Holder announced that five detainees accused of planning the September 11 attacks are to be tried in civilian federal court in New York.

Full 25 minute Press Conference:

Mainstream Media Synopsis (8 min):

Trials are planned to be open to the public, except where classified information is concerned. All five suspects planned to be tried together. Seeking Death Penalty. In New York City. In Civilian Court. Jury Trial.

First time...

I heard someone from Government refer to 9/11 as a crime, and not as an act of war.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

Now it's different

KSM can have every crime in the past 20 years nailed on him, so it's okay, now, to call it a crime because they have a criminal to display.

Seymour Hirsch was predicting Obama will draw down the troops in Afghanistan, so the war talk may need to diminish if that's really going to happen.


..the trials will take place just "blocks away from where the twin towers once stood?" You mean blocks away from where dust containing nano-thermite was discovered?

It's all bullshit. It's a PR ploy to reinforce the "Muslim terrorist" myth and clear our fouled reputation as torturers in the court of world opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

The truth movement has to form working relationships

with everyone connected to this case..

BIG OPPORTUNITY for some mature activism

It's time to make an intelligent pr blitz

primarily focused, not on 9-11 itself, but on the need to have a fair trial, for a fair trial will certainly reveal the truth about 9-11. Who can argue with a fair trial, one in which ALL the evidence is presented? No need to mention 9-11 truth at all. Each and every detail of this trial ought to be put under the magnifying glass.

Is this one of the signs that, for all the nasties thrown at Obama, that perhaps he is not exactly as bad as Bush? There are these telltale signs, such as even mentioning the possibility that there will be a torture investigation, etc.

What exactly are the ways in which one can expect there will be an attempt to subvert a legitimate trial of the accused, and how much does this trial constitute, not so much a prosecution of an individual as an investigation into what actually happened? How much of any trial constitutes an investigation of an actual event as much as a trial of the accused?

This is an opportunity

to get into the details of just what occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. Which is finally what we all want. A push should be made to ensure ALL of the evidence is presented and severely scrutinized.

How the buildings came down

should also be looked at in these trials, as that is part of the crime.

Unfortunately, I do have to be realistic here and would not be surprised if these trials stay very far away from that area of evidence.

Possible transcript

'So tell us, KSM -- 2 planes, 3 skyscrapers...how'd you do it?'

'What--You mean I'm being tried for Building 7 too?!'

'Oh, come now!--Don't act surprised! Surely you heard about the insurance settlement.'



Big Big Big Bat Man type light over Gotham, with the letters...


..."We will continue to draw on Pentagon support..."

Back to the Pentagon witholding everything that indicts them...

Around and around we foolishly go with "What Hit The Pentagon"...when we should be making the point that NOTHING should have happened at the Pentagon.

Its best to keep a variety of investigative avenues open regarding the events at the Pentagon...and continuously make the point that evidence is being witheld...BY the Pentagon.

This keeps our position on solid ground...meaning...the: "stop the lying and covering up your involvements" approach that the HI PERPS have held...and that we OPPOSE!

This approach connects with the above mentioned headline: "We continue to draw on Penatgon support..."

To us Truthers [or maybe its just me], this means that the "cover-uppers" continue to depend upon:

...Penatgon lies...
...the witholding of evidence...
...the betrayals to their oaths of office in service of the USofA...
...the sophisticated psy-ops against the citizenry of the USofA...
...the well designed and enacted DIS-information campaign...
...and probably a ZILLION more points that I cannot remember at the moment...

Truthers, we really have our work cut out for us in NYC during theupcoming trial...

And Truthers...PLEASE...behave respectfully and professionally regarding the trials and our public appearnces.

There are NO DOUBTS...that cointelpro [who have already infiltrated]...will be very, very active in making us look as bad as is possible.

Its up to EVERY INDIVIDUAL TRUTHER...who attends/protests the trials in NYC...and who publically supports NYCAN...and who supports the 9/11TM...and who supports 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE...and who supports 9/11 Truth for Peace [aka...truthaction.com or org]...to:

...remain non-confrontational...
...yet questioning...
...be non beligerant...
...and NOT associated with Ron Paul or libertarianism...
...or ANY other candidate...
...OR...to any other religions...err...political parties or candidates...

This will be a VERY challenging event for us...and we will need to be at our best IF we are in attendance performing CI...Civil Informationing...during the length of the trial.

This is a GREAT opportunity to put our best foot forward and to INFORM-TEACH-BE OUR OWN MEDIA...reaching-teaching millions of people about the events of 9/11/2001...and the decadence behind it!

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

April Gallop

When does the "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK" will examine the complaint of April Gallop?


In his complaint April Gallop said: "

"And, shockingly, when the towers in New York had already been hit, and Flight 77 (or a substitute, see below) was out of radio contact and headed back towards the capital; and even when the plane approached, and then doubled back and headed toward the building in a long dive, no alarm was sounded."

Does Mr. Eric Holder could explain to April Gallop why there was no order of evacuation of the pentagon if it was not possible to shoot down the airplane?

Does Mr. Eric Holder Knows the testimony of Norman Mineta?

"During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President...the plane is 50 miles out...the plane is 30 miles out....and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president "do the orders still stand?" And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!?"



Does Mr. Eric Holder knows who is this young man and what were the orders of Dick Cheney?

'His' complaint?

April Gallop is a woman.

I know that April Gallop is

I know that April Gallop is a woman. Perhaps you notice a problem in my speech in English. It's normal, I'm French and I do not speak very good in English. Have you read this?

Affidavit of William W. Veale Re: investigation and study of 9/11, and evidentiary support for „conspiracy theories - June 28, 2009



"The officially-released radar data compiled by the USAF 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron does not reflect the E-4B flight, shown clearly on CNN videotape and broadcast repeatedly,


demonstrating the ability of governmental officials to fashion physical evidence as necessary. "

" I spoke with former Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta in person on May 22, 2009, in an effort to learn about his memory of the events of 9/11, and his testimony before the 9/11 Commission. He said he preferred to let the legal process run its course rather than be interviewed further then and there, but he did ask questions about this lawsuit, and we had a short colloquy about the purpose of my visit. Before the end, I asked if there was anything in what he was reported to have said about the events that he now thought he had gotten wrong, or was mistaken about; and he said “no.”

Despite my limited knowledge of the English language, I understand very well what mean these comments of William W. Veale.

I see

A simple mistake in translation, I'm sorry for supposing you were unaware of her gender.

And thank you for calling attention to this information. Believe me, I would have a much harder time making myself understood in French.