The Ministry of Propaganda involved in more censorship

Carl Friar of East Anglia Truth did an interview with BBC Suffolk.

Search for "Suffolk" and "9/11" on the BBC site, the link is the fourth one down the list:

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One of the others managed to get the full text before it got pulled:

Searching for 'truth' about 9/11

The plane hits the south tower of the World Trade Center, 11 September 2001

Flight 175 crashed into the south tower at 0903 EDT

The Ipswich Truth Campaign is still asking questions about the 2001 attacks on New York's World Trade Center (WTC).

The group claims elements within 'the establishment' dismiss them as crackpots to stop people taking notice.

They say the mainstream media has failed to ask the right questions about September 11.

"I would encourage people not to see us as 'conspiracy theorists' because that is merely a buzzword," said Carl Friar from Ipswich Truth.

Alternatives to the official theory that terrorists were solely responsible for the attacks have mushroomed on the internet.

The most famous example is the Loose Change film made in the US which was the subject of the BBC documentary The Conspiracy Files , which is a good portal to the official theories, alternative theories, questions and counter-claims that are out there.

Ipswich Truth is a group which meets to discuss these matters at venues including PJ McGinty's pub in the town centre.

9/11 cover up?

There are various alternative theories into the 2001 events at the WTC and Pentagon and the flight which crashed in Pennsylvania.

Some theorists claim the events were allowed to happen, or even given assistance, by the US security forces who knew something was going to happen.

In this version, it gave a pretext for the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. They would claim the ultimate motive is securing oil and gas supplies.

For some (not all theorists sing from the same hymn sheet), the WTC collapses, including the third tower WTC7, were aided by demolition and the failure by the US Air Force to intercept any of the passenger planes was intentional.

Jonathan Adams and Carl Friar
Jonathan Adams is a film maker while Carl Friar is an NHS paramedic

"It was really off the back of so much information coming my way that suggested to me that the overall facts behind the 9/11 atrocities were not complete and that the mainstream media were not delivering all the information," said Carl Friar.

"I have no political affiliations," said his Ipswich Truth colleague Jonathan Adams. "This is a cross-spectrum dis-organisation just keen to get at the truth.

"The term 'conspiracy theorist' is put about to elicit what's called a 'slide response'.

"By heavily promoting it in a negative fashion what happens is that as soon as people hear that term they're programmed to ignore whatever is said next.

"If you want to hang a tag on what we're doing, we're part of the evolution, not the revolution. We need to think of a new way of looking at things and part of that is looking at inconvenient truths.

"You look at the companies that have done well out of the misery and slaughter in Afghanistan and Iraq - companies that have been paid well out of the spoils of war.

"The big money-making areas in the UK now are IT, security, weapons and pharmaceuticals and if you follow the money to the top it's the same corporations.
'Ground Zero' - World Trade Center, New York City
The World Trade Center clear-up operation, February 2002

"It does sound sinister and there are people who would rather not buy into it. We don't want to think that our governments, that are supposedly there to protect and serve you, are capable of stuff like this.

"That's not to say there aren't good people in the NHS, the armed forces, the police etc. We're not suggesting that they're all part of some huge conspiracy."

Carl added: "People will often choose not to engage with the information because their world will be torn apart."

Theory vs evidence

However, counter-critics would say these are all just wrong conclusions drawn from theory rather than hard evidence.

"What about these people who may call you crackpots?" asked Carl. "Well, they will say that because they haven't gone there and they're full of fear about it.

"There's nothing to fear but fear itself."

"We all have huge amounts of power - our heart, our intellect, our minds," added Jonathan.

"In my view this is one of the tricks that's played on us by 'them that are they' - the idea that we don't have any power when in actual fact the opposite is the truth."

Ipswich Truth is part of a wider East Anglia Truth network.