US lies about Iran's nuclear program and "threat" to Israel, escalates aggression for war

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US political “leaders” from both parties are lying to you about Iran’s “nuclear program” and what Iranian President Ahmadinejad said concerning Israel. Yes, the word "lie" is accurate; I will prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.

The good news is that both cases are paper-thin propaganda that anyone can see through and America is on the verge of ending criminal Wars of Aggression. Please learn these facts to communicate them powerfully.

Iran’s nuclear program: My detailed version with full documentation is here. Here are the basics in two paragraphs: The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) helps any nation develop nuclear energy in exchange for regulation by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the nation’s rejection of nuclear weapons. The purpose of the treaty is international peace and energy development. The US cooperated for Iran to have nuclear energy with the US-installed dictator, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. CIA Operation Ajax in 1953 destroyed Iran’s democracy and replaced it with a US-friendly dictator when their government negotiated for more than their allotted 15% of oil profits. When Iran overthrew the dictator in 1979 (who was as bad as Saddam), the US reneged on its nuclear energy equipment contract without refunding billions of dollars Iran paid the US.

Iran asserts their NPT rights for nuclear energy and allows full inspections by IAEA, in full compliance with NPT. The US lies about Iran’s NPT rights, lies by omission in calling it a “nuclear program” to conflate energy with weapons, and is in violation of NPT by withholding assistance for Iran’s nuclear energy achievement. The US is in violation of the purpose of NPT for international peace in Orwellian psychopathic attempt to use NPT for international war.

What President Ahmadinejad said about Israel: Detailed version with documentation is here; and here’s a one-paragraph summary. In October 2005, President Ahmadinejad spoke of regime change in Israel in context of historical regime changes in other countries: Iran under the Shah, the USSR, and Saddam’s Iraq. The reason for regime change in Israel is because of their vicious treatment of Palestinians. Unless you want to argue that Mr. Ahmadinejad was speaking of the physical destruction of Iran, his own country, then the threat to Israel disappears. But take 5 minutes to click the above link and read one of the translations of his speech for yourself. If you have Iranian friends, consult with them for authentication of the translation or consult with any professor of the Persian language.

US escalates aggression for war: The New York Times reported that US officials are moving to seize ~$500 million of Iranian assets under lies we’ve considered in this article. The #2 House Republican just spoke publicly to advance these lies and aggressively moved his audience toward military attack against Iran. President Obama just announced another year of economic sanctions against Iran because of “relations that were not normal.” These are acts of aggression to steal Iranian assets, threaten war, and punish Iranian civilians in trade limitations.

What we should do about this: First, and most importantly, embrace the verifiable facts. Allow this example to forever pierce the veil between government propaganda and you. If it’s any help, if we were discussing other periods of history and other nations, you would instantly compare facts with spin to discern propaganda. And if it’s any help, the Founding Fathers wrote passionately for your vigilance for just the type of government propaganda that you’ve read in this article. They predicted you would need this strength. They also provided philosophical foundation for your consideration, expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

For policy, I’m among many who recommend Truth and Reconciliation (T&R) as the response most likely to be effective. T&R splits previously misguided patriots seeking a “Scrooge conversion” to help expose and end all criminality from the heartless psychopaths who want continued crushing domination of humanity. Those who reject T&R face full prosecution under the law.

Take heart: The good news is that a critical mass of Americans is building who realize that security is a function of cooperation, justice, dignity and freedom rather than manipulative and violent control. More good news is that critical mass is also close for Americans being fully open to embrace difficult truths, such as we’ve considered in this article. The best news is that we’re very close to Americans choosing for a world that’s engineered to work for everyone rather than our history of vicious antagonism.

For a compelling example of media complicity in lying propaganda for war with Iran, please watch the 4-minute video below from Representative Press.

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