CBC's "Fifth Estate" program to air AE 9/11 Truth Nov 27

CBC TV’s “Fifth Estate” Program Airs AE911Truth Nov 27
— Richard Gage, AIA

On September 11 of this year, we were interviewed on September 11 in New York at the We Demand Transparency conference by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "Fifth Estate" program. This is the equivalent of "60 Minutes" in Canada. It is set to air on November 27.

The producers of the National Geographic Channel assured us that they would air the evidence we highlighted for them on their show 9/11: Science and Conspiracy. They even showed us these segments in their "rough cut," which we were quite satisfied with. However, the final show aired none of our evidence, and they claimed that we had none. We were determined not to let this happen a second time with the CBC.

We recorded an agreement with Oleh Rumak, executive producer, that we would grant an interview only under the condition that they would air the evidence of free-fall, molten metal, iron-rich microspheres, nano-thermite chips, lateral ejections, and pulverized concrete. Even though we trusted before, and were burned, we trusted again. So tune in on Nov 27, you in the Canadian 9/11 Truth community, and let the rest of us know what you think of the show. Does the Fifth Estate have integrity? Will the CBC honor its promise?

"We aren't interested in a

"We aren't interested in a lot of the distractions of the mass media. We're not into marketing and we're not into celebrity. We're interested in getting information, in exploring important issues and illuminating public policy, and about telling the stories in a strong narrative fashion."

I hope so.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

perhaps we should front load

Maybe if they hear our concerns and expectations before the show airs they will be more likely to comply with their agreement.
They need to see that there could by consequences to lying....of course no one else seems to have any consequences so it probably won't matter...
but out of respect for the AE911Truth and all the others who have not given up hope and kept going all these years, we should keep on them.

I do think a critical mass of public outcry and opinion will be reached. I remember thinking the same thing 2005....

CBC has done the only

CBC has done the only mainstream national reporting in Canada so far. Nowhere near enough of course, but let's not hammer on them too hard yet.... after all, they might not have the PM goon squad on to counter Gage's facts with verbal diarrhea

Let's not forget the old CBC Sunday show (now off the air) that gave us this gem..

more here..

and this one way back in 2003...

and this one in 2006..

I guess it's ok to report on it every 3 years...

I agree

that best way to convince newcomers is by sticking with the science. Outrage will propel the truly converted to delve further in their own research. As long as the scientific facts are revealed...no matter who or what groups are involved...the truth will be revealed. Having said that ,my own research has lead me to believe it is possible there are people/groups from several countries (without the knowledge or will of their people) involved in the events of 9/11/01..including the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan, and the UK....and they would be from a variety of religious and non religious backgrounds ….As a US citizen, if it can be proven, I would want the criminals from my own country exposed…Their religion should not make them any more or less suspect if the facts/science lead us to their door. For obvious reasons, in today's reactionary climate, it is easier for a Christian "truther" to be willing consider there are Christians (so-called) involved in the attacks than it would be for a Muslim to consider there might be Muslims (so-called) involved or for Jews to consider there could be Jews (so-called) involved the attack.

Though I believe science is the key to 911truth via www.ae911truth.org, I greatly appreciate Jon Gold's contribution to the 911 truth movement.....along with Religious Leaders for 911 Truth... http://rl911truth.org

clicker not working on this one....

can't make it vote!
Well, like I said before, we must continue studying who is controlling the media and what gets out to the public and then they should be held accountable for their lies.....I'm dreaming again....

The Fifth Estate

As a resident of Canada and a long time viewer of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news and programming, I can say that the journalists on the Fifth Estate program are normally top notch. They are highly credulous, intelligent people, who often spend multiple months researching a topic before even starting to record any film. The Fifth Estate has a long history of excellent content, which is normally purely original research. The AE911truth press release compares them to 60-Minutes, but I'd actually class The Fifth Estate a big higher.

Please note that last September 11th when the regular annual commemorations were in the news, I noted that across TV / Radio / Web media, the CBC did _NOT_ reference "al queda" as the culprit, nor spoke about heroism on flight 93 (both of would be unsubstantiated). As I recall, the news coverage on 9/11/2008 didn't assign any blame for the entire 9/11 events...and I was proactively listening for it. The CBC spoke in the language of (i paraphrase), "hijacked planes flew into the twin towers which later collapsed".
As I checked out American media, the news continued to be "al queda" heavy, reinforcing the official narrative.

Will be interesting to see if they bring Jonathan Kay from the National Post into the mix as a counter-view. The CBC headquarters are in Toronto, which is where J.Kay is based.

I wouldn't hold my breath.

I wouldn't hold my breath. I live in Loonie land as well. Look for the slant to skewer the argument or for more face time with a hand-picked "expert" to tell the infantile viewing public that everything that you say is wrong.

Always keep learning!

Sounds to me like Jon has become more educated and has changed his mind about CD in view of the fact that the AE site is devoted almost exclusively to promoting this hypothesis and Jon now openly supports their efforts.

That is wonderful!
People change, learn and get better. People also make mistakes. Unless they are not acknowledged, I don't see that as a crime. That is one thing that is wrong about the internet....nothing can ever be let be.... People are always throwing up things others said two years ago and accusing them on that basis.
Now is now. And then is then. I wish that other people who have made mistakes could be forgiven ....people who have been banned here....not naming names or anything....

A complete fabrication.

My archive on Steven Jones. My statement after NIST's WTC7 report which supports CD advocates. My statement here which says, "I think they are right. That's why I have an archive about Steven Jones. I have spoken to 9/11 First Responders who talked about how many boots they went through because the pit was that hot. The "pulverization" of the dust is heavily documented. Especially in a lot of news concerning the environmental impact of 9/11. NIST's unwillingness to look at Steven Jones' findings doesn't sit well with me."

I have not "become more educated," and have not changed my "mind about CD." I still FIRMLY BELIEVE what I do. Way to change to the subject. I am not going to further comment in this thread. Fabricate what you will about me.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

Thanks for the links - pre-nanotermite history

Wow, it is weird to watch how strikingly ineffective and evasive Dr Jones was on Tucker Carlson, MsNbc, in 2005. He practically blew it. ... But yes, it is very difficult to say to the government, Cia, and all the secret agencies: you did it. we know it. there are proofs of that.

And Jon,
9/11 WTC attacks are controlled demolition, masterpiece. Pentagon was hit by some aerial vehicle. Pennsylvania airplane was shot down.

But when we stray from hard evidence of WTC nanothermite controlled demolition and theorize on Pentagon, it is also possible, that = NONE= of already the original scheduled flights departing from airports were NOT REAL, were fake, setup, to land later somewhere, to be replaced, or, to be rammed into towers.

Therefore, there might have been no real passengers, no real flights that day. If perfect planning, than why not this?

http://911investigate.blogspot.com - http://twitter.com/911news

not this again

talk to Ellen Mariani. Actually, there were real planes with real people on them.

How about more talk about the CBC piece... What if they do a National Geographic hit piece... maybe there is a way to counter punch by getting local news to cover the CBC failure? What options are there to counter?

When will it be damaging for a media outlet to push a popular science/national geographic hit piece out?

anything is possible...

I hope the CBC...

Is more honest in their coverage than the idea that Tucker Carlson didn't purposefully NOT show the collapse of WTC7 in order to make Steven Jones look like a fool. Steven Jones actually did a good job. It was Carlson that was an ass.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

well, I think it was Tucker Carlson who pushed DR Jones -

inviting him to "say it" .. briefly, - what is the theory? .... but Dr. Jones never said " evidence, physical laws, visual footage inspection show and prove conclusively that this is a controlled demolition."

No doubt about that. ...
So it was Tucker who said something to this end. ... but yes, he would not show the WTC 7 actually collapsing.

The war empire is shaking in its foundations. You cannot / it is an error / defend America against terrorism wrath of occupied countries by false flags inside operations, on the soil of USA, getting pretexts for conquest wars, to unite the nation. ...... That is a wrong policy.

Getting personal.

I don't understand the need to get personal. Fighting over our personal differences weakens our case while our focusing on our agreements in a positive light strengthens our case.
Let's try to focus on the positive and work together despite our different opinions.
Cuz let's face it, opinions are just that until proven; and shouting back and forth across the divide won't make anyone more right than the other.

a "small part"????

the deliberate and high tech demolition of the THREE sky scrappers that occurred on 911 may be a "small" part to you. However, for the folks that I have talked to and convinced to take a second look at this issue...(which over the years has been thousands)..the hard forensic evidence is MAJOR.

I doubt most people would give it a second look if it were just about the gov. lying to and hoodwinking families. They do that every second of the day and concerning almost every aspect of "public relations" so that is not news. Sorry.
That said, I found the documentary "Press for Truth" to be beyond compelling. It was simply incendiary and I have shown and/or given it to many. BUT

When military grade nanothermite products are discovered in the rubble and actual engineers show in simple and explicit language what must have happened...now that is what stops people in their tracks....That is why I first became a truther and that is why I remain one.


It was the Hard Dry Scientific evidence of the controlled demolition of the towers that got me on side. all the rest is circumstantial evidence. to me

WARNING re Comments: Off topic, racism and personal attacks

The subject of this thread is about AE911Truth.org on CBC- comments that are entirely off-topic, have racist overtones, include personal attacks and/or other rules violations are being removed.

Commenters should review the rules here:

9/11 was a crime, and crimes are committed by people, sometimes with the authorities and resources of organizations and states. 911Blogger has always covered, and will continue to cover evidence related to the 9/11 crimes, including evidence that implicates certain people, organizations and states. Blaming 'Zionists' or 'Jews' for 9/11 is no more appropriate that blaming 'Arabs' or 'Muslims', or 'Christians' or 'Caucasians'.



1. whether or not 5th estate will do a good show is anybody's guess. I'd say hope for the best, prepare for the worst. They had knowledgable people available in the CBC to help them prepare the show and they excluded them. Doesn't bode well. But I'm hoping for the best.
2. I've found this thread peculiar. I agree that personal attacks have no place here and are destructive. They are threatening the usefulness of this forum. However, I find it odd that some seem to feel criticizing Zionism is racist or in bad taste. Zionism is not Judaism. Zionism is a nationalist political movement, which one can criticize for all sorts of valid reasons, just as one can criticize any form of nationalism. Whether Zionism has any responsibility for 9/11 has to be determined by a study of the evidence.

2 responses

1) We can hold their feet to the fire. I'm going to contact my friends in Canada and ask them to write the CBC. We need to remind them that their honor and credibility are on the line. This is a matter of life and death. 9/11 Truth has a firm foothold and will prevail. All those who have been suppressing the truth will be held accountable.

2) See "Reality" post above.

"Whether Zionism has any responsibility for 9/11 has to be deter

"Whether Zionism has any responsibility for 9/11 has to be determined by a study of the evidence."

1/ 2 on topic. I'm going to address this 'Zionist' issue briefly as this thread already got hijacked, and this is such a hot button issue. I'm removing the comments that replied to this as they're off-topic. However, this issue needs to be discussed, in a thread devoted to the topic (it has been before).

911SATYA, 'Zionism' and any ideology, idea, movement, government, religion or personal behavior/choice is subject to criticism- however, arguments need to be backed up with evidence. Making vague generalizations and insinuations, w/o evidence, and going off the thread's topic is not appropriate. Criticizing 'Zionism' or the actions of 'Zionists' is not necessarily racist- but people with anti-Jewish prejudices use the term 'Zionist' as a cover.

Zionist beliefs may well have been a motivating factor for some who were involved in 9/11. However, it doesn't seem that this would negate personal responsibility for actions, unless it can be proven that Zionism makes people crazy. And publicly available evidence shows that people of US Caucasian Christian-heritage, as well as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, contributed to 9/11, and that Peak Oil, desire to consolidate power, establish hegemony in geo-strategic regions rich in energy resources were also motivating factors.

So what's the truth? Have the 9/11 crimes been solved yet? A study of the publicly available evidence may be able to conclusively solve the 9/11 crimes, but so far it seems there are still too many unanswered questions, and too much suppressed evidence. And the people involved in obstructing investigations and promoting the official myth have motivations other than Zionism


You what?

I'm removing the comments that replied to this as they're off-topic.

Did you? (Remove comments that you feel are off-topic)

Goodbye and good luck.

"Leader follows leader from bad to worse, as though by a malign law of nature. One ruler, evil or stupid or violent, breeds another more evil or stupid or violent."Liz McAlister

The key word...

The key words here are..."off topic". Which to be honest is what a moderator is supposed to do.

Creating a blog entry on what topic you want discussed is the answer. As a moderator informed me, and which makes sense.

Not the right move by Loose Nuke.

He can not have it both ways.

It's one thing to delete the initial post (and responses) by Hordon as "off topic." That would have been fine and people would understand that the mods were just doing their job of enforcing the rules, one of which is to stay on topic. It would have also been fine to warn others that off topic posts will be deleted.


He could have chosen to remind people to stay on topic, but then while he's at it, give his personal take on the whole Zionism thing, while not deleting anything written by others.


He did both. First, he deleted the initial posts, the main violation being that the posts had nothing to do with the blog entry. Then, after deleting the said posts, he seized upon the moment to stand on the soap box and give his own take on the subject. The end result is that his opinion on the Z topic is visible whereas those opinions he's criticizing are not.

This is a very bad tactical move because it serves to re-affirm to many people in the truth community the idea that this site is compromised and that censorship occurs.

For the record, focusing on "Zionism" is totally appropriate (though perhaps it wasn't in this particular blog entry, but oh well, here we are) in the movement because Zionism is a political ideology, rooted in military expansionism in the name of a homeland for the "chosen people", very eerily similar to Nazism and its military expansionism in the name of acquiring lebensraum ("living space") for the Master Race, the Germans.

A political ideology is completely different than an Abrahamic religion. Blaming the ills of Zionism (among other factors) for the Palestinian Holocaust and everything associated with it, which includes 9/11, is VERY different than blaming Christians, Jews, Muslims, Arabs, and Arab Muslims. EDIT: I don't mean just Zionism either. The ills of "American Exceptionalism" and its associated with it also play a large role. 9/11 was a nexus of several political ideologies and agendas coming together as a nexus. But as long as we focus on PNAC and its ideology, we should also not ignore the very heavy Zionist interest in wanting something like 9/11 to occur.

Finally, just because SOME anti-Jewish racists hide behind the Z word, doesn't mean all or even a majority do. To not "go there" with Israel/Zionism criticism out of fear of perception is a cop-out.

2nd Edit: I see my comment is already getting down voted. So remember what I always say on my Pentagon posts, boys and girls:

I make a point of reading all the down voted comments because I find many of them to be the best comments. - Atomicbomb

Is the real goal here

to create so much rancor and discord that ALL the comments are removed and certain individuals feel less exposed?
Seems like it has been tampered with and censored, with comments deleted and then the replies to the comments look silly because what they are replying to is gone.
Has this thread rocked a boat or two or what?
I can see the logic in the chain of comments: Main stream media outlet promises to do "objective" show on 911. People are upset because these promises were always broken and the shows turned into hit pieces.
Then we start to wonder.....what is it about the media that makes it so monolithic. Who is controlling the media and what forces are at work that make it so we NEVER GET ANY REAL COVERAGE?????

Advertising dollars...

That they are dependent on in order to stay in business perhaps? Advertising dollars that they might not get if they report on certain issues? Could be. I bet it has more to do with that, than anything else. Certainly more to do with that than the religion of those who sit on high positions within their companies.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.


so you feel all the censorship- all the lies- all the deception- all the cowardly treasonous acts- the media has engaged in.....just comes down to money???

too sad for words.


I wouldn't say it's too sad for words. The people that invented the phrase, "money is the root of all evil" didn't come up with that phrase for nothing. However, I don't think Zionism is the reason. I think it has to do with journalists not wanting to piss too many people off for fear of losing their sources (which again falls back to money... they want to be able to keep their jobs). I think it has to do with the fact that certain media companies are owned by companies that greatly benefit from the wars (which again falls back to money). I think it has to do with fear of being labeled "anti-semitic" and having the JDL come down hard on you. I think being retaliated against by the Government is another concern. I think Zionism has the least to do with it. And again, just because someone is Jewish, does not mean they are a Zionist. If there are people in high positions in media that are Jewish, that doesn't mean they are a Zionist. As I've pointed out elsewhere, believing that the Zionists or Jews are responsible for all of the world's problems is a Nazi ideology I don't think this movement should subscribe to.

CBC better not make a hit piece. ;)

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

the media as an arm of fascism

Well, certainly looks like in the case of media complicity in the events of 911 we are talking not just about withholding information or censorship. There was deliberate well planned deception which must have involved elaborate plans and rehearsals as well as many instances of fake video footage.
We're not talking about offending advertisers with bad words or some unpopular idea. We are talking about selling a war to the goddamn public. And besides the weapons and defense industry who did benefit from the wars? There are only a few countries pushing for those wars....
It certainly wasn't the average American citizen or for that matter the average Israeli....
The media has made us into a country of stooges, a vast population who share a terrible guilt for a crime for which we really had no choice in.
The media continues with its vile course, ever deceiving the gullible and twisting and perverting facts to suit an agenda. Whose agenda?
Figure that out and bingo.....we know who controls the media.....

Fair criticism

Adam's right, a more appropriate step would've been one of the first 2 options he listed. So, here we are. My main concern related to this:
"911blogger.com has been used as a tool to identify and amplify wedge issues that divide 9/11 skeptics and researchers, and this has occurred primarily in the comments area." - Reprehensor, July 3, 2007 http://www.911blogger.com/node/9750

Adam, I don't disagree with your comments about Zionism, etc.

Judeophobia, legitimate criticism of Zionism and the state crimes of Israel, Israel's role in 9/11 and disruption in the 9/11 Truth Movement all need to be discussed- not necessarily here. I'm not going to comment on it here anymore.
Jon, Adam and anyone else- please consider posting a(nother) blog entry on the topic.

darkbeforedawn, you've posted 2 comments in this thread posing the question, Who controls the media? A discussion of the media regarding 9/11 investigation certainly has to do with the thread's topic. You indicated in the Mukasey/KSM trial thread that it's Jews; so provide some links to document this- making insinuations w/o evidence degrades your credibility.


sorry you have misunderstood me.

Loose Nuke I will send you an e-mail with a link that contains this information. I do not want to discuss peoples' religious affiliations any more on this thread or any other thread.

In the above post I spoke of fascism and its agenda. I did not talk about Jews or zionism. I asked which countries were/are pushing for the 911 wars?
Which governments?
Surely that is not an antisemitic statement or question.

new thread where all things related

to Jews/Zionism/Israel are 100% on topic:

Of course, comments related to the media are still a subtopic; the primary topic being CBC and AE911Truth

dbd- you keep posting variations of the same question; so what's your answer? Please provide links to back it up.



are not that easy....I keep asking the question because i don't yet have an answer.
I want to know just who was sitting on the boards that ok'ed all those planners who put on the media show on 911. How did they become so omnipotent that the cover-up seems to go on and on forever and include virtually everyone-- extending right on down to comedians.....Even comedians are threatened with reprisal as we saw with Jean Brigard....Even Ron Pual (gasp) cannot speak freely on this issue.
Seems like you are just focusing in on me trying to make me say THE JUUUUUUSSSS DID IT,
Is that the point of all this personal attention? Get a life.
Someone controls what publications like National Geography say about 911....who are those people....surely it can't just be about "advertising money".
I don't care what religion they call themselves. These are truly dangerous psychopaths with seemingly very long range plans.
And no, I really don't know who they are.

Correct, CD is not a small part

I take back saying that CD is a small part of 9/11 Truth. It is an important part. My volunteer work is helping the evidence reach Millions of people through software and social networking, and personally that's where I put all my efforts.

Jon Gold should be respected for HIS approach. And I believe strongly that on top of 9/11 Truth are the Families. They are the ones we should be fighting for. If he doesn't want to put all his eggs in the CD basket, then why not let him? Why all the stupid attacks on Jon. Its really starting to irritate.

50% of my time on 9/11 blogger these days has been consumed by reading this stupid personal attacks. I'm not going to read this stuff any more.

There are alot of different angles that will wake different people up. CD won't wake everyone up. What on earth is wrong with diversity? Why all the silly attacks on Jon?

Now the question should be what can we do to help the CBC air a fair show? How can we eliminate this debate about Jon Gold's positions and focus on helping the movement? This CBC show could be huge.

We need to rally, not be divided, and march forward united under the common roof of helping the families get closure. I know one way I can help, and that is to share the link to the CBC show, if its fair, on Facebook to all my friends.

Helping CBC air a fair show

Write to newspaper TV reviewers with an outline of the Oleh Rumak agreement and the details you expect to be addressed by the program. Explain why a full and honest job by the program makers is important.

This will create advance interest, possibly with columnists mentioning these expectations to the program's team and asking for more info. If the show turns out to be a hatchet job, the columnists will be more likely to point this out to the public.

Is this feasible, or am I too hopeful?

9/11 Truth booklet PDFs: www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=ac1039fd00817eecd2db6fb9a8902bda

human life

I agree that those who lost family and lost their health from ground zero deserve attention, compassion and above all media coverage.
They do not get it. This is tragic and wrong. But some things disturb me even more.

What about the one million dead civilian "collateral damage" that the 911 wars have inflicted on Iraq and the untold millions more lost , sick , homeless fatherless, diseased victims of our insane "war on terror"....Why are aren't they included in these shows that examine what did and did not happen?
I don't know........ I wish the broadcasting company doing this show would give them some time, too!
Americans owe them something. So do Canadians.

human life

darkbeforedawn, I'm with you there. I almost forgot about the million+ dead, about the millions of lifes disrupted and the suffering caused, I wish the media would cover cause and effect. Shouldn't we see the pictures of true suffering? and shouldn't we also see the false and unscientific justification of this suffering...

the NIST report is blatantly unscientific, false, and the WTC7 is awful....

Bogus NIST Bush science on one side, leading to millions of dead and suffering on the other side...

and in the middle millions of americans, canadians, and many other countries, totally screwed.

I pay about 1000$ to the IRS every month money that goes directly to this.

One of these days CBC or some other broad casting network is going to break through for us and show those sides... the False and Untrue cause and the horrific effect.

Another side I would like to see the media cover is regarding the extremely dangerous terrorists that have yet to be identified and are on the loose. If the media really cared about terrorism they would look at the obvious controlled demolition and cover it, because we're in great danger. We have to stand united and fight terror.

extremely dangerous terrorists....

still on the loose...
You mean like Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates.. .....Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy
or are we still talking Osama here?

No, a super elite terrorist group

Ever see one of those die hard movies? Those are the kinds of Terrorists behind 9/11... the guys who planted the explosives, detonated them... I doubt those guys were working directly for Donald Rumsfeld... very indirectly...

And no way those guys could be Al Qeuada terrorists, you don't learn how to wire a building up with nano-thermite, and whatever else, and detonate it with thousands of people in it...

And the jerkface who ordered the stand down... he was part of it so yeah he is a terrorist. that's the one I know for sure because of the Mineta testimony.

Every time I think, just for a second, that people in our government are guilty of terrorism, that pisses me off, we should pour into the street and demand this gets attention. We have to have more rallies... we have to pour into the streets...

Yeah, terrorists who are NOT run by Osama Bin Laden, but run by our OWN government were behind 9/11. Everytime I see those buildings come down, with thousands of people, getting blown up, and then I look at Bush, Cheney, man that pisses me off.

or maybe the sort of terrorists

that knew all about this in advance and had footage and little "news bits" prepared for the " main event" including interviews with people like Jerome Hauer and an entire list of "hijackers" etc etc...
Or perhaps you mean maybe the loathsome perverts that control the "media"? Vile plotters that somehow just knew building 7 was coming down one hour ahead of time....is that the sort of "terrorist" you mean? Rich guys in suits....who all meet up at the Offbutt Base in Omaha to watch all their employees explode on tv while they eat brunch?

Sorry Truthrock.....No one is going to "pour into the streets" these days....unless you offer them a free DVD player at Walmart or something. Then they will trample each other to death to get the last one...

Here's to being hopeful

I am hopeful that this will not be another hit piece, but even if it is, can any of you say that will make you stop trying to expose the truth? It will only drive us harder.

One quick little note, just a thought - if we put the wasted energy of digging up dirt on each other and infighting back into investigating the truth about 9-11, I think it will be much more beneficial. People have differences, that's what makes the world an interesting and amazing place. Beliefs are like...uh, well, rear ends. Every one has one, but not every one else wants to hear it.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry


The Fifth Estate ordinarily produces excellent programming, but this is no ordinary subject.

I expect the episode to be marginally better than the trash put out by the BBC and History Channel, but be prepared for the same pseudo-debunker drivel and lies of omission that plague other documentaries of this nature.

If we're lucky, the producers will pull a fast one by pretending to showcase the preeminence of the NIST models, while simultaneously showing them up for the junk science they are. This would entail giving Gage and Co. a truly fair hearing, which has not yet occurred in other mainstream investigations into the collapse of the towers.

The general pattern with shows of this sort seems to be the "over and done with" rule: when dealing with highly controversial subject matter, better to wait until most of the perpetrators are dead or the issue is no longer highly relevant. Thus we have the History Channel doing a fairly balanced piece on Pearl Harbor, and the BBC producing an excellent doc on Operation Gladio.

To tackle an issue when it is front and center while advancing a controversial position is dangerous to a journalist's career. Nine times out of ten they will take the route of the coward.

Guys in business suits, and elevator maintenance suits

The guys in the business suits are creepy to think about. And then the grunts who did the dirty work. There had to be dozens of them.

its disgusting to think that those grunts are walking around our streets or the streets of another country getting ready for their next job. Freely. And that people aren't pouring into the streets yet.

I'm still giving us time. free dvd players... gives me an idea

you have confused the page

by posting your response to my comment in a separate section.
And by referring to laborers as "grunts" you degrade and diminish millions of honest people who need to feed themselves.
I happen to know many "grunts" as well as college professors, artists, lawyers, engineers, cooks, dishwashers, babysitters....and you know what?
"grunts" are human beings, just like you. Some of them are exceptionally intelligent and gifted. They probably were people out of work hired by the real terrorists who wear suits and drive nice cars.
They probably had no idea what was in the paint they were applying to the various surfaces in the building or the real purposes of the wires they were attaching to various girders or even what was in the many pallets they must have moved into the buildings.
Really,for the sake of just getting along I would like to let this remark slide...but somehow I just can't. Sorry. Please try to consider not denigrating or degrading people because of their jobs.