Russ Baker on the PBS station WGBH, with host Emily Rooney - 11/11/09

This blog post is more of a shameless plug for Baker's book, Family Of Secrets, just out in paperback, and of which I am about halfway through. I'm sure many here have already read it, but I wish everyone would. It is amazing. I picked this video up at

Russ Baker appears on the PBS station WGBH, with host Emily Rooney, to discuss an in depth look into the Bush Dynasty detailed in “Family of Secrets.”

Interview topics range from the secret life of George Bush senior during his time with the CIA, the Bush family’s connections to the John F. Kennedy assassination and Saudi Arabia oil companies. Watch Now!

Click Here to watch the interview on WGBH’s site.

I will see Russ Baker at book signing this Friday

I have prepared a 24 DVD bundle for him.

Between_the_ Lies
Core of Corruption,
In Their Own Words,
Dust and Deceit
Unter Falscher Flagge
Who Killed John O'Neil?
Aaron Russo Interviews
William Rodriguez National Hero
The Great Conspiracy (Zwicker)
Improbable Collapse
Press for Truth
Loose Change Final
Fabled Enemies
Loss of Liberty
The New American Century
The Myth and the Reality (Griffin)
The Power of Nightmares

According to the video, Russ verifies claims about GHW BUSH's Whereabouts on Nov 22, 63" as seen in "JFK 2" Film.