David Icke: stunning analysis of what's behind US political/economic manipulative control

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Among hundreds of writers, I’ve documented the US government lies in current wars, transfers trillions of our dollars to the financial elite, and maintains a monetary system by and for those elites that guarantees Americans and their posterity will live under increasing and unpayable national debt. Once the cognitive dissonance has been breached to verify these facts, the natural response is to ask why they would lie on such a massive scale. What are they trying to do?

David Icke has spent the last twenty years of his life researching and presenting his answer to that question. Below is a 5-part interview where he walks the audience through his analysis. I find his presentation absolutely consistent with the available evidence, and invite you to attempt to falsify his analysis. Following that is the first part to his broader presentation, a full-day seminar.

David Icke?

"At the heart of his theories lies the idea that the world is ruled by a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood, and that many prominent figures are reptilian, including George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie.[7]"

Some have claimed that Icke's reptilians from other dimensions is symbolic language referring to Jews due to his citation of the hoax document, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", however, Icke insists "that when he says reptilians rule the world, he means precisely that"

See for yourself on his own website:

Carl Herman: "I find his presentation absolutely consistent with the available evidence, and invite you to attempt to falsify his analysis."

Carl, your writing on money, economics, torture, 9/11, etc. has been good so far. I'm not going to bother viewing these videos; I've flipped thru his website. I invite you to present a few facts that justify his analysis and your support of it.


Agree completely with Loose Nuke

David Icke is not credible by any stretch of the imagination.

I agree...

With Erik and Kevin Fenton, David Icke doesn't do anything for our credibility other than destroy it.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

Not everyone will find the largest contexts helpful; that's ok.

My contribution, in part, is a large perspective. Given what we can document for lies on 9/11, wars, our economy, assassinations, and many other areas, a natural question is: who is really in charge, what do they want? Given 9/11 as an area of expertise, we observe any other government could say the US Emperor has no clothes and the story would break open. The absence of this disclosure and demand for international criminal law enforcement suggests high-level collusion. David Icke has an analysis of what is controlling our "leaders." Project Camelot has other interviews with possible hypotheses.

I understand that many people will not find David's perspective helpful; indeed, they might reject it. I personally question the largest contexts and find this crucially important. For example, if "vaccinations" are the NWO's end-game for mass extermination, that's a big deal that places 9/11 as a small piece of a larger puzzle. 9/11 can and should be an entry point, and perhaps our strongest, to blast open the NWO's lies and agenda. I also recommend Truth and Reconciliation to offer those criminals who want a "Scrooge conversion" to peel-away and join us as invaluable assets to expose what's really happening.

I recommend holding Jim Marrs, Alex Jones, David Icke as all having possible explanations of the big picture that may or may not be true. Fine and good. This is distinct from what we can prove through physical, measurable, and independently verifiable evidence for 9/11, wars, assassinations, vaccines, and economics. That said, I offer only the articles to this post I find relevant to 9/11 Truth. I completely trust the management of this site to not post those articles that are not helpful.

Is this helpful and a constructive way to move forward?

As to my demonstrating David's relevance to 9/11, it's most expeditious to simply watch an interview.

Please let me know of any other concerns, requests, etc. in how I can be most helpful to our mutual commitment for 9/11 Truth, and truth in whatever is calling the shots wherein 9/11 is a particular component.

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

"David Icke has an analysis of what is controlling our "leaders.

As I said, i didn't watch the 50" of videos- I prefer to read, plus online articles often make use of links, and if not i can easily open a new window and verify a quote or claim, then return to the article. From what I've seen of Icke's writing, his dubious and unverifiable claims tarnish the value of what he does say that is corroborated by other, more credible, sources.

Please comment specifically on Icke's "analysis of what is controlling our "leaders.""; is he saying it's reptilians, Jews and/or something else?

What do you agree with about it?


David's analysis is not falsifiable, it may or may not be right

First, David says his path began with ours, the evidence that is right in front of our eyes. He does say our leaders are parasitized by loveless ETs, reptilians. Only those with bloodlines that has the DNA they can easily control are allowed to rise to the top. That's why the media pick our winners, some of whom seem not-to-bad to begin, and then they get owned through possession. There are many other angles to this hypothesis, Project Camelot has extensive interviews of what I see as the macro context, but the bottom line of Icke's offering is to see the obvious, like 9/11 Truth, embrace our universal brotherhood (inalienable rights) that he puts into a cosmic perspective, and reject the "leadership," propaganda, and death of the NWO. His simple response is to tell the truth about facts and refuse to cooperate with evil. As I've said, Jim Marrs has a similar perspective.

I know we have limited time to investigate all parts of what's really going on. Some of us are specialists in one area or another and won't be attracted to Icke's larger context. I exercise while listening to various people, like Icke, and listen while driving and washing the dishes. I want to know what's driving the "masters" who did 9/11, where they're going, what's next. My best strategy to do so is to consider various points of view, including what Jim Marrs says is the ET angle that's the only perspective he's found that gives a complete picture.

Does this help?

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

as to agreement...

Probably like you, I only "agree" with what can be proved with science. I hold what he says as a possible hypothesis.

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

'reality' is fiction, but truth hurts and frees...

While 'science' may someday prove the 'reptilian ET overlord' hypothesis, I'm extremely skeptical.

I find the incredible evil done by some people in power positions to be evidence of their humanity- including the fact that they work to keep their crimes hidden from the public, while publicly pretending they're doing good. It's also worth noting that this is a sign they perceive themselves as being in a weak position.

As Vic observed below, whether Icke is sincere or not, it's clear that one way the 9/11 Truth Movement has been marginalized, and the cover up perpetuated, is by associating 'self-evident' 'nutty' ideas with 9/11 questions and skepticism.


our political "leaders" are actors, yes, and psychopaths.

They're pathetic, really. Can you imagine such a loveless life of lies and mass murder? But to the point: I'll submit what I feel is helpful and trust this site's management to not post information they feel does more harm than good. The whole ET area of information, btw, is subject to the same disinformation as 9/11. When an area is attacked with government and media disinformation so thoroughly, there is probably something important that we should know about.

We hold these truths to be self-evident...


>>the ET angle

The other larger context is how we're all easily discredited with promotions of Icke in MSM. No need to give them more ammunition. Lots of places to talk about Icke besides from within the 9/11 effort, which is non-stop attacked as nutty as it is.

I'm open either way

We're attacked either way. I'm open to the article being deleted if it's a distraction. I'm also open to merely telling the truth that 9/11 is part of an agenda that might go very far down the rabbit hole. The simple defense is to distinguish what is claimed as independently verifiable facts versus hypotheses of how 9/11 and related parts fit into the broadest understanding.

We hold these truths to be self-evident...