Justice American Style - by Kristen Breitweiser - 9/11 widow and activist

Posted: November 16, 2009 05:28 PM

Yet, quite alarmingly, Republicans seem to be exhibiting just this sort of crisis of confidence in our Constitution's ability to prosecute these horrible men. Republicans argue that men like KSM are war criminals who can only be convicted in military commissions where they won't receive the protections of our laws. Republicans seem to lack a certain faith in our Constitution's ability and adaptability in meting out the demands of modern day justice.

So the once-brazen, chest-thumping Republicans who preemptively started a war in Iraq, claimed mission accomplished, and ordained that they wanted Osama Bin Laden's head on a platter, are now off crying in a corner lost in their own feigned anger and fear. Complaining that it will be too dangerous. Worried that it will make New York City a target.

First, I've got news for anyone who didn't already know this: New York has been, is, and will always be a terrorist target. That's why many of us wanted millions spent on hardening domestic soft targets like NYC (and mass transportation systems, chemical plants, nuclear plants, borders, etc). But after 9/11, the Bush Administration chose instead to spend billions on starting a war in Iraq...

To be clear, the only danger posed by prosecuting men like KSM in an open court in New York is the red alert it poses to the Republican Party's faltering reputation in fighting their "war on terror."

However, remain cognizant that were such an acquittal even remotely possible, it would not be due to any shortcomings of our nation's 200-year-old, well-established legal process. Nor would it be a result of some wily terrorist making a "mockery of our rule of law." Rather, responsibility for such a ghastly acquittal would fall squarely on the shoulders of Republicans like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Alberto Gonzales--those who in a panic after 9/11, breathlessly ordered the illegal use of torture because they didn't know what else to do. And that, folks, is the big dark dirty secret that Republicans don't want any of us to find out.

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I'm sorry to say...

That I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that once KSM is put to death, "justice will have finally prevailed." Justice will prevail when we have a real criminal investigation into the attacks, and people in our Government that acted in an obvious criminal manner are held to account for their actions. Anything less is unacceptable.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.


........I agree.


Yes. The sad thing is what happens after the person is put to death, and those survivors who thought life would improve have an ugly awakening when they find that nothing has changed, but a murder is on their hands.

Seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to murder and tear apart these men, even Jon Stewart, for jokes. That's the really sad reality about this country.

It's Showtime!

Of course, the sociopaths still aren't worried that torture and sexual molestation would cause more terrorist attacks. No, only impartial trials could cause terrorist attacks. Looks like the Republicans are afraid that the five suspects will plead not guilty and use the trial for some truth telling.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief DNotice.org
Washington, DC


The defense should ask these folks how it was they linked up so effectively with NORAD.

Such Confidence!


yeah, and why they flew Flight 77 out to the Kentucky/West Virginia border and back, instead of attacking the Pentagon as they flew by it after taking off from Dulles. In other words, where did the terrorists get this sense of safety from that they know they could fly willy-nilly around northeastern America and not be intercepted by NORAD? What made them decide on a plan that had zero probability of success?

Also, the success of the operation depended on airports keeping to their assigned takeoff times, not exactly something that can be counted on.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief DNotice.org
Washington, DC

Airport Security

...and please explain how they were so confident that 19 people could take metal through metal detectors successfully. I worked for an airline in 2001 and this wasn't possible. A very tiny pen knife tossed into the coin tray MIGHT have slipped through for a few of them.... or conversely if they had accomplices at the gates who worked for Logan and Dulles, who were they? (I've never seen this investigated. Did the torture not produce this information?) And if that is the case, why would an accomplice supply their 'al qaeda friends' with BOX CUTTERS to hijack planes? Was KSM the mastermind of using box cutters?

I just hope these defendents have decent representation.

Events Viewed Through Partisan Goggles

I'm afraid this piece only contributes to the media manufactured partisan merry-go-round pitting followers of one controlled political party against followers of another.

Unfortunately for some, connecting the dots seems to halt at their perceived political boundaries.

Moreover, this piece affirms the media manufactured allegation that several low-grade figures were solely responsible for 9/11.


"Rather, responsibility for such a ghastly acquittal would fall squarely on the shoulders of Republicans like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Alberto Gonzales--those who in a panic after 9/11, breathlessly ordered the illegal use of torture because they didn't know what else to do. And that, folks, is the big dark dirty secret that Republicans don't want any of us to find out."

Sorry, Kristen, that is not what this is about. The world already knows about the torture.

The treason of allowing the attacks to happen could come out in discovery. The Saudi, Pakistani, Turkish, and other intelligence services could all get noticed. This would expose the cover up, the fraudulent investigations, and could send shock waves across the nation.

The Rethugs fear that such revelations, during the term of a Democratic president, could prompt him to actually do something about it, just to avoid the charge of complicity.

Excerpts from David Kaczynski's "The Death Penalty Up Close"


In the end, Linda and I went to the authorities. We shared our suspicions with the FBI agents and helped them investigate and ultimately arrest my brother. Ironically, a 17-year manhunt (the most expensive criminal investigation in US history) was powerless to catch the Unabomber - or not until an anguished family came forward, willing to turn over a loved one because it recognized its responsibility to protect others.

The Kaczynski family's partnership with the Justice Department ended on the day of Ted's arrest. Until then, we had worked closely with law enforcement to save lives. After my brother's arrest, however, I watched in dismay and horror as the Justice Department quickly refocused its resources on the goal of taking a human life: my brother's.

The death penalty thrives on a polarized vision of human society. It's good against bad, us vs. them. But what happens if one of them is actually one of us? Usually, defendants targeted for death belong to some marginalized group - people of color, people of lower economic status, gays and people "accused" of being gay - all conveniently described as one of them. But in reality they're members of the human family, members of our community, usually members of a family group. Just as the death penalty misdirects hatred for the crime at the offender's humanity, it also inflicts injury on the offender's family and damages core values of responsibility and compassion - values indispensable to the community's health. By seeking my brother's execution, thereby turning us into its adversary, the Justice Department sent a terribly mixed message. By giving way to anger and vengeance, it validated the emotions that often lead to violence while dismissing the humane values which are so desperately needed to prevent it.

In the end, my brother's life was spared, not because the Justice Department recognized its error, but because he had great lawyers (the kind of lawyers that few capital defendants ever see). He's now serving a life sentence in a federal prison. It's an outcome we, his family, can live with. For those affected on both sides, my brother's violence has changed all our lives forever. In different ways, we struggle to survive with the better part of our humanity intact.

Would I do it again, knowing what I know now? The answer is yes. I believe that we probably saved lives. I trust the values and ethics that moved us to do what we did. I know that it would be a mistake to use others' failures as an excuse to avoid personal responsibility. The truth is a very powerful thing. I believe there's no possibility of overcoming evil with evil, falsehood with silence, violence with indifference. If we want to change the world for the better, we must put ourselves on the line.

Are we really this stupid?

This entire issue is very disheartening. After studying 9/11 and the obvious fraud that the manufactured event was, it is alarming that the media is still effective at framing this issue in such simplistic terms. What is it going to take to bring the REAL questions into the public forum? How long are we going to accept this substandard, insulting 'debate' about superficial and essentially unimportant details, as if these were the only questions which remained? This is very frustrating.

How long will it take?

It will take forever...unless the public takes back the right to a free and open media and demands a platform in order to ask the questions that need to be asked and can frame those essential questions so that real problems are solved and addressed.
"Our" media never gave us a chance to ask and examine who did commit the 911 crimes. It was decided in advance, just like the outcome of this disgusting "trial" already has been.
This media must be laughed at, starved of audiences and harrarassed by those who do happen to tune in....

It will take forever...unless each one of those who know and understand what happened on 911 take it upon themselves to become the media we don't have and keep educating others....