Suppressed energy breakthroughs: see for yourself and evaluate

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From time-to-time, mainstream news reports on energy-creation breakthroughs. The video links below will remind you and evoke the follow-up thought, “Why haven’t we heard more about these?”

For example, last year leading electromagnet expert and MIT professor Markus Zahn verified that the magnetic motor of Thane Hines did indeed create acceleration without any input of energy (and here). That is, once started, the magnetic motor speeds up on its own. In fact, the motor needs to be slowed or its acceleration will continue until the speed is so great that it breaks the motor.

Why haven’t we all heard of this?

Let's consider possible answers. We know it isn’t being reported by the same so-called “mainstream media” that lies through commission and omission in many other areas: lies to start wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, lying rhetoric for war with Iran, torture, the public’s transfer of our trillions of dollars to financial elites, a monetary system that causes Americans to be debt-peons forever, to name a few.

Leading organizations following this critically important issue, Want to and The Orion Project, claim that our governments are controlled by very few people who stand well behind the politicians. These elites have dominant factions who want control over humanity more than energy freedom. This interview with David Icke goes into further detail as a possible hypothesis. While this explanation cannot easily be factually verified, neither can it be refuted. The real question is, like the MIT tested and authenticated magnetic motor, how powerful are these new energy sources? How can we maximize their potential?

The brilliant documentary, Who killed the electric car? created attention to a legitimate breakthrough that was destroyed through combined efforts of the car company itself (despite demand of buyers on a year-long waiting list), the California government, the Federal government, and mainstream media (see this and this for other breakthroughs with automobile engines).

Read the Orion Project’s Presidential brief to Mr. Obama and see the power of this documentation. Watch the videos below; just a fraction of the breakthrough devices not reported on the “mainstream media.”

I am among many who see our best path of action a Truth and Reconciliation type process whereby all who know of any activity that should be disclosed to the public may do so without fear of prosecution. This process includes the bad (wars, torture, etc.) and the good (suppressed breakthroughs in energy, health, technology, etc.).