Diet Soap Podcast #32: The New Normal - Jon Gold


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This week's conversation is with 911 Truth Activist Jon Gold. We discuss what Jon considers the best evidence suggesting that elements within the US Government should be investigated as possible suspects in the crime of 911, the reasons behind some of the disinterest in examining this evidence, problems inside the Truth movment, and the possibility that the 911 Truth movement has been infiltrated by agents of disinformation and disruption. Gold's essay The Facts Speak for Themselves is frequently referenced and worth checking out. There are also two listener voicemail messages included this week, collaged material, a reading from Guy Debord's "Comments on the Society of the Spectacle," and a Titanic factoid.

Nice Interview Jon.

I listened to it. And I didn't know the role you played in Press For Truth. That is awesome. Still one of the greatest movies in the movement. I am sad to see Kristen Breitweiser back off of some of the more focused criticisms lately, but that movie is powerful. Especially for women.


I will always have a tremendous amount of respect for Kristen. Regardless of her beliefs. Besides, Lorie is holding her own.

But Lorie Van Auken, whose husband was killed in the attack on the World Trade Center's north tower, says she sees a powerful reason to bring the alleged terrorists to justice in New York City.

"The taint at Guantanamo is terrible," says Auken, one of the New Jersey widows who successfully pressed for the formation of the 9/11 Commission.

"The thing for me is that this is not about them; it's about us," she said. "If the evidence shows that these people are guilty and held accountable in civilian court, people will accept that verdict as legitimate."

"It's better than the alternative we've had: putting them in a black hole and torturing them," she said.

But she says she understands where Beamer and other family members who oppose federal trials are coming from.

"I understand wanting revenge, but at the end of the day, just getting revenge won't be sweet," she says. "If you show the people, if you show the rest of the world, 'Here's the evidence, here's the punishment' — that's justice."

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

Cheney's secret Energy Task Force


I am glad you brought up Dick Cheney's secret Energy Task Force meetings and how convenient 911 was for the plans of these people. Did they ever have motive!

I would venture to say that it was most probably this same group of suspects who actually hand picked those who would investigate the events of 911.

It is simply incredible that Dick Cheney would use the executive branch of government for secret meetings to determine national energy policy. The arrogance and complete disregard for constitutional government is off the charts with these people.

The whole thing is just incredible if one has any idea as to the intrigue going on with these people. They have us living in bizarro world so they can advance their interests, and that has been true since at least Nov. 1963, when this same group committed what seems to have been the first in a series of large national policy changing crimes and gave us a bizarro story afterward.

Of course, there had been crimes committed by this group earlier to allow them to maintain control, with the Iranian coup in 1953, Guatemala in 1954 etc.. But Nov. 1963 showed they were really willing to go far to get what they want so it is not a surprise that they would be willing to commit a crime on the scale of that which occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.

I would also be willing to bet the long term cover-ups of these crimes cost them many times more than the actual operational aspects of the crime. It isn't easy to keep making a bizarro story stick since for anyone living in the real world as you say "the facts speak for themselves".

Energy & Corruption

Secret energy task force creating a secret energy policy. Enron files destroyed by a secret demolition. And invasions that benefit Carlyle, Unocal, Halliburton. A secret policy aided and abetted by demolitions, invasions and no-bid contracts.

*Nice endorsement to DRG's book, btw., Tony.

The link "The Facts Speak

The link "The Facts Speak for Themselves" does not work. is down.

Here is's version.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.