Activist attorney who supported a new 9-11 investigation reports to prison

Lynne Stewart, an activist attorney whose vigorous defense of Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman earned her a prison term, reported to authorities after her appeal was denied. Stewart was a supporter of a new 9-11 investigation. Here is what AP had to say:

NY ex-lawyer surrenders to serve prison term
By LARRY NEUMEISTER (AP) – 16 hours ago

NEW YORK — Promising "you haven't seen the last of me," a 70-year-old disbarred lawyer convicted in a terrorism case surrendered to U.S. marshals Thursday to begin serving her prison term after a New York appeals court upheld her conviction.

A smiling Lynne Stewart walked with several dozen supporters to a collection of cameras on her way into U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Thursday, shaking a fist in the air to chants of "Free Lynne Stewart."

"It's very hard to feel downhearted today," she said. "I can take whatever they dish out. I am not going to back off ever."

Stewart said she would become a jailhouse lawyer to the extent her disbarment will allow, helping other inmates with their legal fights.

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The entire system is corrupted

We need to draw a new hand. Only a complete purge of ALL the offenders will put things right.

The only people who should stay are the people who signed the Kuscinich Articles of Impeachment, Ron Paul and perhaps a few others that are doing what they can.

Cynthia McKinney, Max Cleland and a few other patriots should be voted back into high office.


Alan Grayson has earned his right to stay as well. Too bad they got to Paul Wellstone too. Max should be reinstated after those dirty bastards and dirty tricks they pulled on him. He wasn't aware of what he was going up against in my opinion. He just revealed how depressed he got after Rove pulled those dirty tricks on him. Cynthia is great. People would rise to the challenge and fill the vacuum if we can blow this thing open. They are out there.