Tories reject call for Afghan torture inquiry

There's a story unfolding in Canada that could undermine the official propaganda around the war in Afghanistan.
Here are a few quotes from the report on the CBC website.

During his testimony, Colvin said Canada did not monitor detainee conditions; took days, weeks or months to notify the Red Cross; kept poor records; and to prevent scrutiny, the Canadian Forces leadership concealed this behind "walls of secrecy."
"According to our information, the likelihood is that all the Afghans we handed over were tortured," Colvin said. "For interrogators in Kandahar, it was a standard operating procedure."
Colvin worked in Kandahar for the Department of Foreign Affairs in 2006 before moving to Kabul, where he was second-in-command at the Canadian Embassy. He said his reports were ignored and he was eventually told to stop putting the reports in writing.

Here is a link to the original. Note the overwhelmingly positive comments. Anything like this that causes people to question the government regarding the war in Afghanistan is good for the cause of truth.