Activist attorney: Chances slim for fair trial of 9-11 defendants

Writing for Slate, Attorney David Feige explains how KSM's upcoming trial will ultimately erode the efficacy of the American judicial system.

An excerpt:

"In an idealized view, our judicial system is insulated from the ribald passions of politics. In reality, those passions suffuse the criminal justice system, and no matter how compelling the case for suppressing evidence that would actually effect the trial might be, given the politics at play, there is no judge in the country who will seriously endanger the prosecution. Instead, with the defense motions duly denied, the case will proceed to trial, and then (as no jury in the country is going to acquit KSM) to conviction and a series of appeals. And that's where the ultimate effect of a vigorous defense of KSM gets really grim."


Here's the link to the story cited above, entitled "The Real Price of Trying KSM: Defense lawyers will inevitably create bad law."
By David Feige
Posted Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009, at 12:51 PM ET