Richard Gage’s Wellington Presentation Draws Biggest Blueprint For Truth Audience Ever

The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under hit a high note on Saturday afternoon at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, when over 650 turned up to hear Richard Gage, the spokesperson for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, (AE911Truth), talk about what really happened to World Trade Centre (WTC) 1, 2, and 7 on 9/11. It was the largest crowd the architect and founder of AE911Truth has ever spoken to since he began spreading the truth – what he calls the Architecture of Destruction, about the evidence of 9/11, and revealing the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition, not by jet fuel and fires.

Gage spoke during the entire two-and-a-half hour long event. Says Jeremy Morrison, who videoed the highlights, which will be posted on YouTube: “It was a great presentation, even for someone like me who knows a lot of this stuff already. I still got a lot out of it, mainly about the science behind the controlled demolition. It’s come a long way and he covered a lot of ground.” Morrison, who kept a watchful eye on the proceedings on the stage, as well as in the audience, said he was aware of only one person who loudly voiced his disapproval, and the heckler, which Morrison caught on camera, looked emotionally shaken by what he had learnt about 9/11. “Apart from him, the audience loved Richard. There was a really good atmosphere,” offers Morrison.

Says Helen Waddington, who was one the team who worked behind the scenes to contribute to the event’s success: “It was surreal. It was great when so many turned up. I had a smile on my face when the hundreds of people came!”

As fewer than 300 had been expected to attend, the Wellingtonian 9/11 truth activists involved, had booked the 300-seat Soundings Theatre at Te Papa. It wasn’t until the day of the presentation, did they realise a far larger venue was needed.

By 1pm, an hour before the presentation’s scheduled start, 328 had registered and a multitude more expected to attend, largely owing to the fact that Gage had received good media coverage. As well as a fair and balanced article in the Wellington paper, The Capital Times, he was interviewed by veteran radio interviewer Kim Hill, on the day of the presentation. Although Hill made repeated attempts during their 36 minutes-long exchange, to throw a wet blanket over the flames of truth he was throwing, her efforts were ultimately thwarted by his steely resolve to convey the facts. As one listener put it, it was very obvious as to who was invested in getting to the truth of the matter and who was invested in obfuscation.

Owing to the interest generated by the Gage-Hill interview, many phoned the Te Papa Museum to make enquiries, alerting the staff to the fact that the 300-seater theatre would not accommodate the numbers expected to swamp the venue. Offers Waddington: “Thankfully, Te Papa were excellent at managing the overflow of people. They were able to set up live audio and visual feeds in the large Oceania conference room, which held approximately 320.” Waddington, who did head counts, said there were about 648 people there for the entire presentation and that two of the event’s organisers estimated that around 100 people had to be turned away. “I estimated we may actually have had 700 who were definitely interested and close to 1000 people there at the end of the day, as visitors to Te Papa Museum were milling in and out of the Oceania room and listening to Richard speak all afternoon,” she said.

At the start of the talk, Gage asked for a show of hands of those in the Soundings Theatre who believed the building collapses on 9/11 were due to controlled demolition. About two-thirds raised their hands. Then, near the conclusion of his talk, he asked, who still believed the official story – and only two raised their hands. The audience, evidently grateful for having someone so adept at ripping the mask of Osama bin laden off 9/11, thanked Gage for his efforts, with a sustained round of applause.


Richard Gage will be speaking in Auckland on the 30th of November, at the Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, from 6pm. To book for the event, please e-mail: Will Ryan at A gold coin donation would be appreciated, to give to Richard.

Richard Gage Interview On The Kim Hill Show.

He asks that people write to Kim Hill. She had to opportunity to go to his talk – he asked her, but she refused. Her e-mail address at Radio NZ is:

Fair & Balanced Article in Wellington Paper About Richard Gage & What Happened On 9/11

John Pilger Tells Kim Hill The Interview Is "A Disgrace".

From travellerev

At this moment a massive discussion on going on at Please give your arguments politely and documented.

This is in the aftermath of the biggest ever presentation Richard Gage ever gave. 600 people in attendance and we still had to turn a 150 people away.

I am gobsmacked

Thanks for the heads-up Orangutan

I added my $.02 worth at the news website.

I have a few questions for KSM at his trial in NYC. "How did you get NORAD to standdown on 9/11? How did you know about the wargames? How did you get the nanothermite explosives into the towers and WTC 7?"

Cincinnati 9/11 Truth

Will AE911Truth Press NY Authorities For New Investigation?

The recent Bentham nano-thermite paper is actionable evidence of criminality.

The presence of explosive incendiary materials in downtown Manhattan is obviously a major violation of NYC property and safety codes.

The NY state attorney general and NY city district attorney are obliged to investigate how such dangerous material found its way into Manhattan in such large quantities.

An organization with AE911Truth's growing profile could eventually generate a response from these groups via a public relations effort to compel local authorities to investigate this criminal conduct.

Unfortunately, public awareness efforts will not generate a new investigation unless they are aimed at local NY authorities with investigative jurisdiction.

This represents a large missed opportunity.

Where is NYC CAN?

I agree, Aidan. Both AE911Truth and NYC CAN should both focus on the NY state attorney general and the NYC district attorney regarding this matter. As well as the Inspector General of the Commerce Dept. regarding NIST.

How about some more transparency from NYC CAN? I donated several times and don't know how much they raised in total or how much they have left. How about some accountability now for NYC CAN? Just keeping it vague and pocketing money is not cool. (IF that is the case. If it's not then show me.) What I like about AE911Truth is that they show the money raised and expenditures for all of their actions.

80K NYCCAN Signatories Could Become 80K Investigation Supporters

There seems to be enormous potential for local fundraising for local NYC AE911Truth ads in newspapers and broadcast radio calling for an investigation by local authorities, in the event this idea becomes reality.

These smaller local authorities are more responsive to public pressure than the federal government and have already received copies of the recent Bentham nano-thermite paper.

Local NY state and NY city authorities have the jurisdiction to properly investigate how extraordinarily unique explosive material apparently found its way into the World Trade Center prior to 9/11.

AE911Truth seem to have the public relations savvy and reputation to be able to successfully lead such a campaign.

» Will AE911Truth Press NY Authorities For New Investigation?

We are exploring options. We are thinking amicus brief. We need help.

Thanks to all concerned!

As the Hard Evidence Tour has demonstrated, we should not give up!

It appears that a second 9/11 Truth wave after the big successes during 06/07 may be just around the corner?

The funniest and most powerful email I've seen that was sent to Kim Hill follows...

To Kim Hill
Radio New Zealand National

Dear Kim,
I would like to cite in my lectures, articles, and books your interview with Richard Gage as an example of the common behaviour of psychological denial blocking rational/reasonable consideration of empirical evidence. Yours truly,
*****************, Ph.D.
Ashley Montagu Fellow
Faculty of Education & Social Work
University of Sydney


This was from a new found friend who joins many academics that are fighting for our cause now they see serious and careful people representing us!

I have another major tour in the pipeline right now and many others should be planning events for Richard and others who stick to the Hard Evidence!

Together we will win the peace, lets keep moving and shaking!

Kind regards John Bursill - Hard Evidence Tour Principle Organiser

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

And a most profound thank you

to you and all who put this tour together.

May the force continue to be with us in Japan.

I sent this:

Subject: I love you Kim!

But you should take a serious look at the material Mr Richard Gage offered to you.
You can learn the truth, I know you can. Yes, the truth is unpleasant but ignorance is even more unpleasant.
Go for it and help us to combat utter corruption in stead of denying it.


What address did you use to contact Kim.

I think more of us might find it funny to post prodding letters to Mrs. Kim as well. I personally thought she sounded drunk when she was interviewing Mr. Gage, but I will leave that out of my letter for the more effective tone that John has shown above. That is an hilarious approach to take to the problem and will probably be more effective in the long run than a mean spirited one.

it's from the article
hope it is correct

E-mail Address For Hill is

That is the correct e-mail address for Kim Hill. I sent her the following e-mail to that address, on the day of her interview with Richard Gage, which she read out on air, in conjunction with a wide range of other e-mails on the topic. She sounded as if she was grinding her teeth as she read it, whereas in contrast, I noticed her intonation lifted, when she read the e-mails from the people who believed the official story of 9/11 or at least claimed to believe it:

Radio NZ, Saturday
"Thank-you for having such a top class speaker on your show with the disbeliever, Kim Hill. It demonstrated that even a professional can have a great problem facing self-evident facts, confirming the effectiveness of what Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, called the big lie."

Scientists Confirm the Effectiveness of The Big Lie - People Will Go To Extraordinary Lengths to Create False Justifications for Government Misdeeds

Kim Hill's 'interview' with Richard Gage

As someone who attended Richard Gage’s presentation at Te Papa and who thus heard the evidence he presented, I wish to comment on Kim Hill’s Saturday morning interview with Richard Gage, founding member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
In a professionally-conducted interview, the guest is asked questions to elicit his views. This does not mean that he is given a free ride. Indeed, a capable interviewer will cross-examine him with a view to exposing inconsistencies and weaknesses in his argument.
However, to expose inconsistencies, the guest must first be allowed to set out his case. In this instance, Hill was determined to prevent Gage from doing so, shouting him down and changing the subject by introducing such monumental irrelevancies as evolution and Dan Brown, just when he was about to present a piece of key evidence.
One wonders why. If 9/11 ‘truthers’ are so loony, why not let them condemn themselves out of their own mouths? By preventing Gage from speaking and resorting to mockery at every opportunity, Hill has only succeeded in raising the question: “What is this evidence that is considered too dangerous to be discussed freely?”
This interview told us a lot more about Kim Hill and National Radio than it did about Richard Gage and 9/11.

Amen, brother.

I agree 100%.


Kim Hill is a pathetic intellect like his clones in the US-O'Reilly, Hannity, Coulter, Rush, Beck. Oh what a cast of loons.

NZHerald Used Similar Tactics As Hill

Well put. Likewise, the article in the NZHerald on Sunday, regarding the Green Party MPs' meeting with Richard Gage, revealed more about the NZHerald, than it did about the Green Party's Fitzsimons or Gage.
The article implied that the 9/11 truth movement is fringe and has anti-semitic agendas, and that Fitzsimons was naive for meeting with Gage.


Successful tour. / Official media not reporting.

The scan of main official media reveals that only the biggest NZ newspaper, NZHerald, has but an uneducated hit on the issue - "Green MP Jeanette Fitzsimons has been labelled "naive" for meeting with a group who claims that the collapse of the World Trade Centre in 2001 was an inside job."

Second largest NZ official newspaper, The Dominion Post at, has nothing.

A good article mentioned above,,, in community newspaper Capital Times, , cannot be found online on that site. :]

Radio New Zealand interview at,
download mp3 at - - tour at
--------------------------------------------------------------------- - - -

Details That Were Not Included

I acquired information for that post primarily from Jeremy Morrison, of OpenUReyes, and Helen, who was in direct contact with Richard Gage. Helen stated, quote: "Richard said that this was the largest crowd he has ever spoken to since he started delivering BFT in the whole world!"

Helen provided further information in an e-mail, which was not included, which is posted here for those who want more detail:

Quote: "By about 1.00 pm we already had 328 registered and people queuing out the door by 1.45 pm! Te Papa were excellent at managing the over flow of people. Apparently they had been receiving telephone enquiries after the Kim Hill show and realised from the feedback we would fill the Soundings. Te Papa were able to set up a live audio visual feed in a large conference room on the 3rd floor. When the presentation started we had 328 in the Soundings Theatre and approx 300 upstairs in the Oceania Room. Two of our team estimated they turned away approximately 100 people who couldn't get in to the Oceania. They were all given a free Blueprint for Truth 2008 DVD.

I estimate we may actually have had 700 definite interested. There maybe could have been close to 1000 people as visitors to Te Papa museum were milling in and out of the Oceania Room all afternoon as Richard ending up speaking for two and a half hours! So people were more fluid upstairs watching for a little bit and coming in and out. I would go and check upstairs throughout the afternoon to gauge numbers and talk to people. A lot of the people coming in and out were visitors to Te Papa who saw the sign in the foyer and were interested. A lot of the extra people who arrived to pre-register came through on the back of the Capital Times piece and the Kim Hill radio show. We slipped up with the Capital Times article as we forgot to ask the journalist to add pre-register at the bottom for the event so some people were disappointed when they arrived and found out they had to register!

On Friday night we had 230 pre-registered so I knew we would definitely fill the Soundings but had not idea what effect the Kim Hill interview would have. What a success! I think Kim Hill may have done us a favour - even with her "off topic" interview. Richard said that this was the largest crowd he has ever spoken to since he started delivering BFT in the whole world!
Thanks so much for getting the information out there Clare."

Kim Hill....Secret Agent?

Maybe ms. Hill is really working for the "Truth Movement"....she brought in hundreds of participants to the conference, filling two halls!
Seriously, she may be on our side and we don't even know it!

Tour round up now up at!

Thanks to Janice Matthews a beautiful person and a tireless worker for 9/11 Truth! My wife, my children and myself all cried when when she left to board the plane home:(

Kind regards John Bursill

PS - Our number one Australian News Paper(broad sheet) the Sydney Morning Herald is to do a piece or pieces on Gage and Utzon in tomorrows paper. It appears from talking to Richard it will be a hit piece(s).

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Tour round up now up at!

Thanks to Janice Matthews a beautiful person and a tireless worker for 9/11 Truth! My wife, my children and myself all cried when when she left to board the plane home:(

Kind regards John Bursill

PS - Our number one Australian News Paper(broad sheet) the Sydney Morning Herald is to do a piece or pieces on Gage and Utzon in tomorrows paper. It appears from talking to Richard it will be a hit piece(s).

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!