US Government sues banksters: Fraud on student loans. Vampire banks feed on near-children

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Banksters took a hit through disclosure of court documents of US lawsuit for $280 million for fraud to college students through student loan disinformation. JP Morgan, Citigroup and Nelnet are the defendants in the lawsuit.

Banksters have sucked trillions through direct transfer of American taxpayer money to their pockets. This suit is heartening and I hope shows true law enforcement for the public good. However, the larger context is that our political “leaders” of both parties facilitate ongoing fraud as the banksters’ pimps while heartlessly ignoring Americans’ unemployment and poverty and reneging on their promise of funding the end of poverty with only 0.7% of GNI.

Congress and Mr. Obama stand aside and allow a million children to die every month from preventable poverty. As you should know, ending poverty in every historical case reduces population growth rates, decreases environmental pressure from desperate people, and reduces terrorism.

If you haven’t educated yourself on this transfer of Americans’ money to an elite group of self-appointed “masters of the universe” while heartlessly creating conditions killing our children, please educate yourself through the above links.

My policy suggestion is Truth and Reconciliation to peel-off those involved in harmful and/or criminal acts to embrace a “Scrooge conversion” to testify without prosecution and reveal what’s really running our nation. Now, I encourage all men and women in our military, government, and law enforcement to honor your pledge to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic: refuse and stop all unlawful orders and acts by executing your legal authority to enforce US, Constitutional, and international law.
America’s economy is being crushed under a controlled demolition from the top of government and finance. Our troops and their families are being killed and damaged in unlawful wars. Since Congress will not stop these obvious acts, those of us with legal authority must team-up and lawfully enforce all action within our jurisdictions. Oath Keepers is a powerful organization working for this purpose.

The video from PuppetGov beautifully expresses our situation.