IAEA rejects own reports, purpose, Non-Proliferation Treaty: Orwellian vote condemns compliant Iran

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Obvious lies for an illegal War of Aggression against Iran are moving forward just as they did for war against Iraq. Lie is the proper word because this article will demonstrate the KNOWN FALSEHOODS foisted upon us by Orwellian politicians and their prostitute media. Topics of this article:

IAEA report content from November 16, 2009 and history of reporting regarding Iran.
IAEA resolution against Iran.
Purpose of IAEA.
Explanation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
“Mainstream” media and political spin.
Analysis and what the US public should do

IAEA reporting: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recent report on Iran explains Iran’s new facility in Qom as designed for energy-grade nuclear material of 5% enrichment with no capability for weapons-grade refinement of 85%+ enrichment. The Director General of IAEA, Mohammad El-Baradei, reported the facility, “is nothing to be worried about.” This follows a history of IAEA verification that all inspections of Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities, including surprise inspections, have all been in compliance with NPT protocol. All 16 US intelligence agencies also report there is no evidence of Iran developing nuclear weapons.

Examples of IAEA confirmation:

In July, 2007 Iran and IAEA agreed to additional actions beyond NPT to assure the international community of absolute compliance. In August 2007 IAEA announced, “The Agency has been able to verify the non-diversion of the declared nuclear materials at the enrichment facilities in Iran and has therefore concluded that it remains in peaceful use.”

Dr. El-Baradei said on September 7, 2007, “For the last few years we have been told by the Security Council, by the board, we have to clarify the outstanding issues in Iran because these outstanding issues are the ones that have led to the lack of confidence, the crisis…We have not come to see any undeclared activities or weaponisation of their programme.”

In June 2005, Bruno Pellaud, former IAEA Deputy Director General for Safeguards, reported to Swissinfo if Iran was intent on building a nuclear bomb: "My impression is not. My view is based on the fact that Iran took a major gamble in December 2003 by allowing a much more intrusive capability to the IAEA. If Iran had had a military programme they would not have allowed the IAEA to come under this Additional Protocol. They did not have to."

An area of confusion that “mainstream media” do not clarify is that Iran volunteered in 2003 for “Additional Protocol.” When the US continued refusal to cooperate for Iran’s nuclear energy program, Iran withdrew in 2006. IAEA recognized Iran’s optional acceptance, but refuses to recognize their option to withdraw nor call for enforcement of US cooperation. Hence, this is the sole area of IAEA claim that Iran is “not in compliance.” This leads to our next point.

IAEA resolution condemning Iran: Legally, there is one point of contention between IAEA governance and Iran: whether Iran has the right to withdraw from their voluntary acceptance of additional protocol. IAEA governance says they do not, Iran says they do. Under all other aspects of lawful treaty response of NPT, Iran is in full compliance. However, on November 27, 2009, IAEA governors passed a resolution condemning Iran. This included a lot of rhetoric we will explore after visiting the purpose of IAEA and NPT.

IAEA purpose: Organized in 1957 largely from US President Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace program, the purpose of IAEA is support for peaceful nuclear energy programs and action against weaponization of nuclear energy. The specific protocol for support of nuclear energy is spelled-out in NPT.

NPT: I write on NPT in detail here, and the summary of NPT is this: non-nuclear nations receive the right for nuclear energy in exchange for their agreement to be inspected and their promise not to obtain nuclear weapons. Nuclear nations promise to help non-nuclear nations develop nuclear energy and also promise to reduce their nuclear arsenals and stop further nuclear weapon development.

Iran received US assistance under the US-imposed dictator, the Shah Pahlavi (a "king"). When Iran deposed their king, the US withdrew their assistance and refused to refund billions of dollars Iran had paid. France also reneged on contracts without refunding Iran’s payments. The issues over Iran allowing other nations to develop their nuclear fuel is colored by this history of US and France still owing Iran billions of dollars, and refusing Iran’s offer to only allow a fuel exchange if their unprocessed uranium is simultaneously swapped with enriched fuel.

Iran asserts their NPT rights and is compliant for complete inspections, with the explained disagreement over their Additional Protocol. For the Qom plant, Iran is in compliance with NPT to inform IAEA within 180 days of operation. Additional Protocol requires disclosure upon planning.

Therefore, Iran is in compliance with the spirit and letter of NPT.

The US is out of compliance in the spirit and letter of NPT by refusing to honor previous contracts of energy assistance, refusing to offer new assistance, not reducing their nuclear weapon arsenal and offering verification to IAEA, proliferating nuclear weapons by arming Israel and openly developing new weapon technology. Israel refuses NPT participation and disclosure of their nuclear weapons.

“Mainstream” media and political spin: Neither report on the facts above to make the context and content clear. Both brazenly disinform of the history of US vicious control over Iran’s government. The US overthrew Iran’s democratically-elected government in 1953 and installed a dictator who ruled until 1979, killing tens of thousands of freedom-fighters. When the dictator fled to the US, the US refused to extradite him to Iran for mass murder in exchange for US hostages. While these negotiations were taking place, the US approved of Iraq’s invasion of Iran in 1980, supplying Saddam with intelligence and WMD: chemical and biological weapons in violation of international law. The US destroyed Iranian oil platforms and shot-down a commercial airliner in Iranian airspace. The war lasted until 1988, killing over 200,000 Iranians.

Rationally and objectively, all current US action and rhetoric should be viewed in light of the history of US hegemony, violent overthrow of Iran's democracy, dictatorship, invasion, and mass murder of Iranians. US corporate media and “leadership” of both political parties refuse to speak this glaring and insidious history of US destruction in Iran.

Also rationally and objectively, all US claims that Iranian President Ahmadinejad threatened to “wipe Israel off the map” are confirmable lies. Reading the speech content and context confirms this to anyone taking 5 minutes to do so. US corporate media and “leadership” of both political parties refuse this obvious fact.

Given the history, including current lies, US corporate media and political response to Iran is predictable: paint their NPT compliance into a threat requiring “defensive” US military response. One possibility is a false flag attack to achieve another takedown of Iran’s government.

President Obama declares Iran’s compliant Qom facility in the press conference below as being aligned for weapons, against any rational technical analysis of IAEA’s report and independent evaluation. This charge is echoed even in Progressive media by “un-named sources” with additional lies from Arianna Huffington and scary weapons footage in the MSNBC clip below. El-Baradei framed the disagreement over Additional Protocol at a “dead end,” which the Wall Street Journal and political leadership spin as Iran “not living up to its obligations.” These are lies of commission and omission.

"This is a signal that patience is running out. We can't continue talks for talks' sake. We can't have round after round of fruitless negotiations, circular negotiations that don't get us where we want to get." - Glyn Davies, US envoy to IAEA.

"Our patience and that of the international community is limited, and time is running out. If Iran refuses to meet its obligations, then it will be responsible for its own growing isolation and the consequences." - Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman.

The below video clips:
President Obama, President Sarkozy, and Prime Minister Brown spinning Iran’s NPT-compliant Qom nuclear facility ominously despite zero evidence from IAEA and all 16 US intelligenc agencies of Iran developing nuclear weapons rather than nuclear energy. Again, all the safeguards of NPT are honored, just not the voluntary additional protocol that Iran withdrew when the US refused to honor their part of NPT to help Iran’s nuclear energy development.

MSNBC showing “both sides” rather than crushing “wipe Israel off the map” as false, zero evidence of nuclear weapons, and verifying NPT compliance and additional protocol disagreement.

Scott Ritter, former Chief Weapons Inspector for the UN in Iraq who witnessed the lies tht preceded war with Iraq trying to explain the facts in this article.

PuppetGov’s depiction of the Orwellian nature of Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama and the Bush administration arguing for justification of war with Iran while still in two Wars of Aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Analysis and call to Americans: While it's easy to document and verify the history of US aggression in Iran, NPT compliance, and the same fraudulent spin that lead to unlawful Wars of Aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s impossible to know what’s really going on behind the scenes of political power. We observe presidents of both parties speaking and acting to legitimize US Presidents acting beyond the law in the name of "national security." This is in direct oposition to the Founding Fathers' admonitions of limited government under the US Constitution to prevent future tyranny. For those interested in exploring the hypothesis of both parties working toward an accepted form of Executive dictatorship (what the leader says rather than the law), I recommend watching Fall of the Republic.

What’s clearly missing if we want government under law is law enforcement. Congress will not stop and prosecute torture, nor stop and prosecute lies that preceded illegal Wars of Aggression. The same political and media actors are now repeating aggressive rhetoric for an equally unlawful War of Aggression on Iran. A viable option is for all American men and women in the military, law enforcement, and government to honor their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to refuse and stop all unlawful orders and acts per their legal authority. This can include acts of sheriffs, marshals, state governments prosecuting for murder of their residents from war-causing lies of members within federal government, and anything else within lawful authority.

Ultimately, I see our greatest policy response as Truth and Reconciliation to peel-away those involved in harmful and/or illegal acts to embrace a “Scrooge conversion” with their contribution of invaluable information to fully disclose and end these damaging programs.