I have just been reading the numerous accounts of witnesses who had foreknowledge of the collapse of WTC7. These were firemen, policemen, Emt professionals, news persons and citizens.

Were any of these witnesses questioned as to who, precisely gave them the information, the warning, that collapse was imminent.

It seems that Chiefs Frank Cruthers, and Frank Fellini, after a meeting with "staff chiefs" made the decision to cordon off a "Collapse zone." Why? Based on what? They do not say.

From that point on it seemed all police and firemen were preparing for a collapse.

Has anyone interviewed any of these men and asked "why?"

Good question!

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!


I couldn't find a reference to my question there. Could you be more specific?


No other track than

an unknown construction civil engineer told the OEM...I'd search for the answer to that question for about three years now.

And let us begin by finding the persons to be interviewed

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bonsoir ,
lets start of with the computer sceen shots of these persons and what exactly they said so that this blog entry can be enriched with further information permitting their identification and leading to an eventual interview with them

Yours John

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