911Blueprint for Truth 911真相究明国際会議

Published: Dec 1, 2009
Source: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 is featured in Tokyo's 3rd 9/11 Truth International Conference

Commercial for 3rd 9/11 Truth International Conference in Tokyo

The Commercial

That is one awesome commercial!


Dan Wallace is with you Japan!

From us Down Under Japan is taking this tour to the political realm with Yuki Fujita!

Remember the words of Dan Wallace someone who represented the soul of this campaign "They took it from the top to the bottom and we are going to take it from the bottom to the top!".

Well Japan your taking it to the top, good luck and may the truth out in the land of honour and dedication!

Kindest regards John Bursill

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

PS - Richard will love Japan!