abomination obama nation

abomination obama nation declares war
using false pretense too horrific to ignore
while tens of thousands (no longer people),
but troops, ordered to preserve poppy
plants, dark economies, energy resources,
while law takes order a foot, or two..

soldiers crawl under site - killing being killed,
and told that to justify such a decision
to invade and occupy 9/11 is implicated
into mind altering imagery,
denial is its deadly sound,
as people are told to trust untruth,
or we will and can kill you..
or better yet, don't think of it..
live day to day..

i remember buildings falling
like no other time..
i remember resistance to investigations
and overt cover-up..
i remember non-existence of science
in its manipulation,
government reports miss
smoking gun evidence..
i remember anthrax sent to media
and Democrats..
i remember seeing explosions,
plumes over Baghdad,
heated depleted uranium pressing
on populations infiltrating generations
destroying innocence.forever?

the fool's errand is to rescue the queen,
while we know nine eleven scorches truth
within usa sponsored terrorism,
home grown, Able Danger,
or patsies as the mission goes
dark and deep

from world war 2 to endless war,
CIA, smokescreening kennedy killers
with those bought to serve..
the devil doers.. sheeple sleep,
and every so often
wolves raid the cavern dark and deep
to control secrets..
but genocide on the way to abyss
is not logical thinking..
while Shakespeare said it so simply,

"One touch of nature
makes the whole world kin."

where have we gone;
and what have we forgotten?

By Jonathan Mark
02 December 2009

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The following is from Cynthia McKinney regarding the December 1 Afghan War speech by Obama, which also inspired my above poem.. Here Cynthia is calling a spade a spade and acting in humankind's best interests.

"Many in the special interest press are cynically reporting the President's speech tonight as an "Afghanistan exit plan." We have now reached the point where those who make and interpret current events think they can make us believe that war is for peace, ignorance is strength, slavery is freedom, and lies are the truth. Well, we know the truth, and we will not rest until every drone is stopped and no more bombs are dropped. We will not rest until peace is won. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said there comes a time when we do what we must because our ultimate measure is not where we stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where we stand at times of challenge and controversy. At this time of challenge, we are clear: we will not give up and we will not stop."

- Cynthia McKinney

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"Our safety, our liberty,
depends upon preserving
the Constitution of the United States
as our Fathers made it inviolate.
The people of the United States
are the rightful masters of both
Congress and the Courts,
not to overthrow the Constitution,
but to overthrow the men
who pervert the Constitution."

-- Abraham Lincoln
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Important Notice to Friends of
the Monadnock 9/11 Truth Alliance

An important new NH initiative will be discussed on Thursday 12/3 in Keene to place the issue for a real investigation of 9/11 on New Hampshire March 2010 town ballots. In most towns only 25 signatures are needed to accomplish this. Even if you have never intended one of our meetings, consider coming to this one! Especially if you live in a town where such action might be a possibility. Details below in the note that went out to members.


We have a very important meeting scheduled for Thursday Dec. 3 at 6:45 pm. We plan to end it no later than 9 pm. One of the main topics will be a campaign to get a real investigation of 9/11 on NH March 2010 town ballots. Ted Walter of NYCCAN is planning to attend. http://nyccan.org NYCCAN is offering to sponsor and help this campaign. We will meet at the Keene Recreation Center, 312 Washington St., in a large meeting room upstairs. The RecCenter is about 1/2 mile north of Central Square. It's a large red-brick building, on the west side of Washington St. The parking lot should have plenty of space.

New Beginning, New End

Time forged in mystery
Flowing to drips of anxiousness
Sweating out toxins and breathing in space
Where none existed before,
Except in our minds; now
Trembling into a disappearing act –
Frozen in fear as glaciers melt away
And consumption is on its last binge..
Where tomorrow holds uncertainty
And logic is confined in its space
Between denial and insanity,
Or perhaps science is on its last breath
and voyage - from the perspective
of humankind-nature, And yet,
a new day begins.

Jonathan Mark
28 October 2009

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News fit to transmit
in the post Cassini flyby era