Digital Tools to Sift Through WikiLeaks’ 9/11 Messages

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Programmers are introducing tools to analyze the hundreds of thousands of pager messages, supposedly dating from Sept. 11, released last week by WikiLeaks, an organization that releases sensitive documents and materials.

More than half a million messages were released by WikiLeaks, which has not disclosed who turned over the messages. Jeff Clark, a data visualization research who is not involved in WikiLeaks, interpreted the data in the aggregate, creating a video that shows the most commonly used terms that day, like “complex has evacuated” or “possible terrorist act.” The words grow brightest when they hit their peak and are sized by how frequently there were used.

“I recognize the pager data was very much like Twitter data, because it’s basically a time stamp with a bit of text,” said Mr. Clark, who had done work with Twitter.

He also created small time lines showing when certain key phrases hit their peaks, and then ordered the phrases by the peak time to create a moving narrative of the day.

Over the weekend, another programmer, Colin Keigher, created a searchable database of the messages, which makes them much easier to parse than the original 40-megabyte file. “I made it in a format that was easier for everyone else,” he said.

There is no way to verify the authenticity of the messages, and the programmers say their data comes entirely from WikiLeaks.

Daniel Schmitt, a spokesman for WikiLeaks, said that the organization would not reveal the source of the intercepted messages, but that the messages represented the traffic on the top four pager services at the time. The pages were identified by message number, but it was not clear from most of the messages who was the sender and who was the recipient. The messages come from a program that was monitoring such messages before Sept. 11 attacks even took place, and Mr. Schmitt said the organization believed it had been given the information to raise awareness around issues of privacy and data retention.

The search tools allow people to find the individual messages, which are chilling — especially ones from the front lines of the emergency personnel and airline employees who were watching everything unfold in real time. Of the voluminous mass of messages, a few stood out. (The messages cited below are quoted verbatim, including errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.)

After the first plane, American Airlines Flight 11, crashed at 8:46 a.m. into the World Trade Center’s north tower, the initial impression at 8:50 a.m. was that the explosion may have been a bomb:


The first, spartan message sent out by New York police officials was no more alarming than numerous emergencies that the police had dealt with before:


But it soon became clear that it was a plane crash, and news organizations from NBC to CNN began reporting the story — initially described by many as an accident involving a small plane. But a message sent at 8:58 a.m. — four minutes before the second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the World Trade Center’s south tower — apparently revealed that someone understood that American Airlines 11 had been hijacked.

Initialreports indictate that AAL11, B767, after initial hijacking on flight from BOS-LAX, has crashed into the side of the World Trade Center in ATCSCC/bl

Another message at 9:02 a.m. showed that the news was traveling.


Minutes later, at 9:04, one of the first reports of the second plane crash was sent, though many were watching on television at the time.

anotherexplosion wtc!!!.

At that point, terrorism started being raised as a possibility.

But one of the most chilling messages was one apparently sent at 9:12 a.m. as internal United Airlines communication:

AAL757 has crashed into the world trade center… were missing UAL 175.(767) and a 2nd aircraft has crasshed into the other twr of the World Trade Center. Barber

By 9:16 a.m., both airplanes had been identified:

EWRarpt clsd by PONYA: 2nd a/c has impacted WTC; ZNY ATC 0 due events; unable to confirm but believe aircraft were AAL11 BOS-LAX; and UAL175 NY ATCSCC/bl

Within a minute of the 9:37 a.m. plane crash into the Pentagon, pager messages trickled out, many from Defense Department employees or visitors: “Explosionat Pentagon too,” “anexplosion at the Pentagon Bldg. This bizzare!” “PENTAGONMAY HAVE HAD TROUBLE,” “Blast@ Pentagon|Just a few ago.”

At 10:01 a.m., reports of the south tower collapse appeared: “Southerntower collapse,” “Oneof the towers has now collapsed,” “heENTIRE Tower has collapsed. All 110 floors GONE!!!”

And by 10:02 a.m., the possibility of a fourth hijacked plane was raised: United Airlines 93, which crashed 80 miles southwest of Pittsburgh just seconds before the message below was sent.


Within hours of the initial attacks, some messages raised the possibility that Osama bin Laden might be behind the attacks: “Ben Laden most likely responsible,” “Justchecking in. They don’t know who is responsible yet (they think Laden),” “Osama bin Laden top of suspect list for Robyn” and “OsamaBin Louden gave a report to an Arabic newspaper that the US was going to suffer attacks.”

The messages were also full of early misinformation. One message repeated a false report that the military had brought down United Airlines 93 in Somerset County, Pa., while others echoed reports of a fire on the Washington Mall.


Hi..... has anyone found any 'juicy bits' amongst all those messages....?? Let us all know...

you know something along the lines...... "Agent Keith here.. it's a balls-up, WT7 still standing"

But there was a shoot down

" In response to: One message repeated a false report that the military had brought down United Airlines 93 in Somerset County, Pa., while others echoed reports of a fire on the Washington Mall."

But I thought the video evidence showed that a shoot down did in fact take place--the video footage near that white garage which shows impact holes from the jet engines and various other parts.

Check this out

Skytel [003262470] B ALPHA Hard to believe, after all the "dry" runs , it actually happened. Call you when the smoke clears. RAS.2001-09-11 14:00:05 Skytel [002375330] A ALPHA proot at||F:
On the 11th day, of every month.

And therefore, whoever sent that, appears to have been

directly complicit in an act of mass murder of American innocents, on behalf of hte likes of Dick Cheney and others.
On the 11th day, of every month.

Great find!

I was having a hard time finding this because of the time stamp on the beginning of the next message you have posted, but this is incredible. It looks like it was sent at 21:58:31, which I think would equate to 9:58:31 pm. I only wish we could determine sender and receiver from this data.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

That message is ambiguous

The "dry runs" could refer to WTC 1993 bombing, and the presumption that terrorists did it.

After "ALL" the "dry" runs?

everyone knows damn well what those dry runs means, and it's not the first WTC bombing, singular.
On the 11th day, of every month.


All of those messages, and there are more, from that ID number are by IT people at Fidelity. Though there is insufficient evidence to say with absolute certainty, "dry runs" almost certainly refers to numerous terror drills that Fidelity, like all the big banks, made their employees go through after the '93 bombing and Okla City.

If you had bothered to do just a tiny bit of research, like searching the ID number and reading other pages from that number, you could have figured this all out by yourself. But instead, you took the slightest suggestion of what you wanted to hear, and declared that it should be "an article on 911blogger's home page".

And people wonder why the 911truth movement has faltered. I see this crap constantly. "Wirt Walker is related to the Bush Walkers". Why? Because they share the same last name? Apparently, despite the fact that Walker is one of the most common surnames. It took some effort, but I was able to ascertain with absolute certainty that Wirt Walker is NOT related to the Bush Walkers in about 2 hours.

And yet this bullshit is repeated on the internet constantly.

Please show your research

for that claim, and I'll be happy to admit I was wrong.

Thank you.
On the 11th day, of every month.


It doesn't even take that. Just open the pager intecrpts text file and hit Ctr F (Cmd F Mac) and search the message ID number you posted above (003262470). There are dozens of messages from the same number and you can simply read them by hitting "Next" in the search window.

Here's one though:

2001-09-11 10:57:31 Skytel [003262470] B ALPHA Upd-CSC/7777: NY update. All non-essential Fidelity employees are being sent home for the day. Updates to follow. (KRC 10:52)

I was wrong

I made a false assumption, and if something is "debunkable" then it most certainly should not "lead", but I'm sure you can understand how I and others jumped to the wrong conclusion as to the source of that message and its meaning.

BUT, you may have also drawn a false conclusion from a false assumption by indicating that it was surely just a statement in relation to terror drills, conducted by banks and financial institutions, because of the first WTC bombing or in the wake of the Oklahoma City boming. You may be right, or, it COULD be an 'insider' who was referring to the many dry runs in the lead up to 9/11 which involved the use of hijacked airliners being used as misssiles, to target the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, among other scenarios, and those particular "dry runs" did occur, were many, and appear to have increased and intensified during the six months before the 9/11 event.

So we cannot be certain as to the intent of the message writer, but you could be right.


On the 11th day, of every month.

Thanks Robert

... that's a good one..... cheers.

Awesome find!!!

You're the man, Robert!

And you're right, this wasn't a ref to 1993. The "dry runs" (plural) are clearly the war game exercises simulating the exact same scenario.

Bumped to the top for the tracker...

I didn't find it

it was a forum member of letsroll911forums who found it

It's an amazing and very telling find. Someone should go ahead and do more research on it and then create a post for the front page news of 911blogger, and maybe get it posted as a story over at Prison Planet and Rense as well - fire it out like a little truth bomb. Have at it! It's important that people hear about it I think.

This is JUST the kind of thing the PTB are scared shitless over, and it's always nice to put pressure on the perps.

Could the author of this text message possibly be indentified for example, and what sector of government was on the Skytel network..? Lots of questions.

I too thought that it was an amazing and incredible find when I first saw it. So I'm just passing along the info, but it sure wasn't my discovery.

On the 11th day, of every month.