Please continue trying NYCCAN !

This question will be on next year's Denver ballot: whether a 7 member commission should be created to investigate the existence of UFOs. No joke.

I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I mean, does this illustrate how all viewpoints of We the People can be addressed through legislation, or does it show that the questioning of UFOs actually has more legitimacy/importance than 911 Truth?

Please NYCCAN, try again. Don't give up! Make the proposal clean and submit it early. And/or create one for Shanksville, PA. Set up one in DC. Try to get it on the NY State ballot. People are currently opening themselves up to the once unthinkable (gay marriage, marajuana, ...aliens) and blind allegiance was always one of our major stumbling blocks. 911Truth has recently gotten a major push in momentum due to not only growing media coverage, but also widespread questioning of the US gov as a whole.

The house of cards is showing signs of crumbling, and people are seeking legitimate ways to question authority. But in this waiting game, we need to seize this opportunity now before the pillars of willful ignorance and futility can be re-established.