Controversial 9/11 truth activist to speak in Montreal tonight

Controversial 9/11 truth activist to speak in Montreal tonight -
Splitting the Sky jailed in 2009 for trying to arrest 'war criminal' George W. Bush


MONTREAL – A public presentation hosted by a local advocacy group Saturday evening will focus on former U.S. president George W. Bush and former U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney in connection with the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

The main speaker will be John Boncore, a longtime political and native-rights activist.

Boncore, a Mohawk who prefers the native name Dacajeweiah – Splitting the Sky – is on a fund-raising tour to finance his trial, scheduled to begin in Calgary next March 8.

Boncore was arrested by Calgary police last March 17 and charged with obstruction of justice. He said he had been trying to carry out a citizen’s arrest of Bush on war-crimes charges, while the former president was visiting Calgary on a $400-a-plate speaking engagement.

Boncore has lined up Ramsey Clark, a U.S. attorney general under former U.S. president Lyndon B. Johnson, to help represent him. Cynthia McKinney, a former Georgia state representative, is expected to testify for the defence at Boncore’s trial.

David Ray Griffin, a theologian who is a leading 9/11 author, has provided Boncore with an 18-page affidavit that Boncore will attempt to have read before the Alberta court. Griffin has written extensively disputing what he terms “the official conspiracy theory” around the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, as well as World Trade Center 7, in New York City and related events that day.

In late September, Griffin was named No. 41 among “the 50 people who matter today” by New Statesman, a British magazine.

Boncore was born in New York State and now a resident of Chase, B.C. He is 57 years old and will speak in English.

Boncore had been an active participant in the American Indian Movement. He came to Canadian prominence in 1995, during a 31-day standoff between the RCMP and natives occupying a ranch they said was sacred land at Gustafsen Lake, B.C.

The local presentation is hosted by the Montreal 911 Truth group.

I understand DR Griffin, Cynthia McKinney and W. Pepper...

will be assisting in some capacity in his trial. This should be getting more attention.

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