Karl Rove Gets An Unwelcome Message From Milwaukee's Finest Patriotic Dissenters

A number of groups against the war showed up at "war criminal" Karl Rove's speaking engagement at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on December 3rd, 2009.
We were given access to the hallway right in front of the Wisconsin Room where Karl Rove was speaking. Near the end of the video a protestor is being ejected and detained by university police for disrupting Karl Rove's speech. This is what our founding fathers would expect of true patriotic American citizens when our country is being led by war criminals starting wars of aggression. Thanks to all the patriotic protestors that showed up for this protest. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.


Below is a short clip from Channel 58 (CBS) Milwaukee where Karl Rove calls the "Hecklers" intellectual liberals and he gets a big cheer from the audience, many of them student republicans. He then goes into his smoozing bit telling his audience he loves being in Milwaukee and his connections with his family to this area.
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From Channel 58 (CBS) Milwaukee

Hecklers interrupt Karl Rove at UWM
Several student had to be removed from audience
MILWAUKEE - Several people had to be forcibly removed from the audience during an appearance by former presidential advisor Karl Rove at UWM Thursday night. Rove was invited to speak on current events by the College Republicans, but he was interrupted several times by protesters who blame him for everything from the war in Iraq to September 11th.

Rove was allowed to continue with his speech after cutting a deal with the audience that if they stopped interrupting, he'd answer every single question once he was done. Milwaukee police there were no arrests.

Karl Rove Wants To Be Respected LOL

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Here's another clip from Channel 12 (ABC) Milwaukee:


In this clip he states:

"I'll make a deal with you. I'll keep my remarks short and then you can get a microphone and you can ask me any damn question you want. Until then, do something that may come hard to a liberal intellectual, and that is show respect for the rights of others, like everybody else who came here tonight," Rove said.

It's easy enough for him to say you can ask him any damn question you want but will someone like the evil war criminal/domestic enemy Karl Rove answer these questions truthfully?

I want to thank all the patriotic dissenters that used civil disobedience to disrupt Karl Rove's $25,000.00 plus speech.

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get's push-back in person.

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