WeAreChangeLA follows up with USC Dean of Engineering Yannis C. Yortsos regarding Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth

This is the third and final video presentation and documentation stemming from an event at the University of Southern California on October 14, 2009 titled “The Nuclear Express and the Prevention of Nuclear Terror.” In it, WeAreChangeLA follows up with USC Dean of Engineering Yannis C. Yortsos regarding Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth and his previous encounter with Richard Gage, AIA.


-filmed and edited by Paul Wittenberger-

The other videos from this event are here, if you have not yet seen them:

WeAreChangeLA confronts Thomas C. Reed, frmr. Air Force Sec./NRO Dir./Nuke designer, on 9/11 drills and Nuclear Treason- http://www.911blogger.com/node/21693


WeAreChangeLA facilitates scientific discourse on 9/11 nano-tech thermitic material w/ Gregg Roberts and Priya Vashishta

Too Bad WACLA Is Not Local To NYC

Would appreciate a similar Q&A session with the District Attorney for Manhattan who has also received a copy of the Bentham nan-thermite paper via certified mail.

It would interesting to know if the evidence for WTC explosives has been considered by them or what their reason would be for not pursuing this evidence.


Two kinds of folks

who say they believe the official story of 911.

1-those who haven't done even minimal research into the events.
2-those that are part of the cover-up.

I would speculate that our good professor is situated in category 2.

Rock on WACLA!

Probably a third category

3. Those who have done some research, but see no advantage to speaking out.

You can't suspect everyone who believes in the official story of being in on the cover-up. That just doesn't make sense.


..........You hit the nail on the head there! The majority of people I've talked to fall into this category.
This blows my mind ! WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA !
It only goes to show the power of a controlled, and owned major media.

its about that time ...

... that videos like this revealing who the active supporters for the OCT are, are categorized in some kind of list like patriotsquestion911. It may aid in the possible event of prosecutions, etc

Perhaps such a list exists?

are we doomed

while flipping through channels I ran across the congressional hearing with Acorn. I heard the committee member state that the Attorney General will not prosecute without the Presidents approval first. no matter how big the crime. He also asked what good is having a dept of justice if they aren't going to investigate crimes.

A jetliner crashing

equals the power of a nuclear bomb? Is he serious?


.....Yeah that one made me laugh too. I liked "It's not so simple" I beg to differ. He should have added going up against the establishment. At least he would have been honest there.
It's a shame he has no integrity, patriotism, or balls.
Thanks We are change !