Huge Success, YES! 3rd 911 Truth International Conference in Tokyo


Huge Success, YES! 3rd 911 Truth International Conference in Tokyo

This Monday, I had sold only 120 tickets of the 500 available and prepared myself for a huge loss from this event. I was very anxious as the days moved towards Dec 5th, but 3rd 911 Truth International Conference in Tokyo turned out to be our best event ever.

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There was so much dedication and love from so many people it is beyond my words. At the end of the reception, Richard said, "This room is full of love and I do 911 truth for love. I have been to so many events and I have never experienced this much dedication and love in my life. Thank you!!"

I say the same words back to Richard Gage. Thank you!


I know 911 truth is a tough topic to tackle, but people I have met on this journey are just amazing, they fill my heart all the time.

We had about 300 people, 30 volunteers, 10 guests and speakers. The opening address was by Mr. Yukihisa Fujita, a member of the Democratic Party in the Upper House.

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The Keynote Speaker was our hero, Richard Gage, AIA. He is the President of Architect and Engineers for 911 Truth. We then had a panel discussion with prominent journalist Mr. Muneo Narusawa of Weekly Friday. Other guests included Mr. Seiji Kikukawa, Benjamin Fulford, Josef Princiotta, and our biggest supporter Mr. Ganji Okada.

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I am off to Nagoya now for Richard's next talk. The doors open at 2pm today at Fukiage Hall in Nagoya. If you don't yet have a ticket you can pay at the door.

Do not miss Richard Gage. He is the man who can change our basic ideas about 911.

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Wow! Hats off for a job well done.

Your work and Richard's, it honors the victims of 9/11 and as we know they are many, and that they are surely an intrinsic part of that love and truth shared.

Good for you (for us) for having the courage to stick with this, and remain firmly planted on the right side of history, by taking a stand for the sake of the truth and for what's right and just.

That great love is present, is, I believe, a clear demonstration and proof of the power inherent in sharing this information and this truth, so that future history might be able to learn from 9/11, about what not to do and how not, to be - a learning process which does justice to the victims, and to all people, from generation to generation.

But as the Big Lie, it serves nothing, but untold misery, death and destruction within the crucible of a boundless hypocrisy.

The 9/11 Truth Movement just might go down in history as the first real patriots and history making activists, of the 21st century..

And ours is a power which contends directly with the PTB in back of 9/11, and who are still making use of it to this day to help drive their unholy agenda on the wrong side of history, and it is a power founded on love. May this love conquor all and change the world and history for the better, by many orders of magnitude than that offered by the PTB who have been complicit in one way or another, either in perpetrating the 9/11 event, or covering it up in hindsight. Amen.

Good work! Well done!
On the 11th day, of every month.

Long Struggle

This will be a long struggle but like a snowball it is gathering and growing as it rolls along and at a quickening pace. But there is a long way to go to overcome the hurdles placed in the way.

We have a population that believes its government, or wants to in every case, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

We have a media which has been in the hands of those who have benefited from the globalist agenda and see no reason to rain on their parade. There is even signs that the MSM has been used as a propaganda channel for the globalist agenda.

We have to find a way for the people to accept the very painful and inconvenient truth of government involvement in commission and or the cover up of the crime of murdering thousands of people.

We have to pry the evidence from the government which is protecting someone(s) and hopefully it hasn't been destroyed.

But lies have short legs and they don't get very far in the end.

People from other nations

don't have to overcome the "our government wouldn't be involved in such a thing" barrier.
They accept the evidence much easier.

One worry?

It may be of concern that Mr Benjamin Fulford is featuring in this tour?

I have written to one activist in Japan about some strange things that Fulford has said....

I would be interested in the views of people here? Is he a danger to the credibility of 9/11 Truth or just a truthfull journalist?

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!


this guy seems off the deep end.

Benjamin Fulford

According to the brochure I picked up at the AE911Truth event on the 6th, Benjamin Fulford was at the "3rd 911 Truth International Conference" in Tokyo (Dec. 5th), but he's not part of the "Richard Gage Japan Tour" (Dec. 4th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 12th, 13th).

Benjamin is somewhat of a celebrity in Japan and has made numerous TV appearances to argue his views. He's more likely to *attract* people to these kind of events than deter them. Below is an example of what I mean (all Japanese I'm afraid). This is a full-length episode of "Takajin no Sokomade itte iinkai" from June this year. It's a popular talk show on national TV. The theme in this episode was conspiracy theories (sigh), but it gave Yukihisa Fujita an opportunity to present 9/11 Truth (from 4:00~) and Benjamin Fulford discussed the Illuminati from around 45:00~. Neither of them was able to convince more than one of the celebrity panel of their views (this is the MSM remember), and Fujita came under a barrage of abuse from token foreigner, Dave Spector (American), who the Japanese laughed at and called a CIA agent, but the point is, this was huge, prime time TV and they both got time to make their case to an audience of millions. From what I've read about the show on Japanese blogs, most people felt uncomfortable at Spector calling Fujita a "brainless child" and thought the panel were overly negative, without really listening to the cases made before them.

As for the event on the 6th in Nagoya, it was an overwhelming victory for the truth. :)

Thanks Nick for the update!

I had heard about this show, and that Yuki was treated poorly but came off looking like he was sincere and patient. Great you got a recording of it, well done!

Fulford is famous and of interest of that there is no doubt, but unfortunately he is off the planet so to speak, but who knows all he says may be true:) I saw an extremely strange interview with him a while back where he was talking with an Italian I think about the Illuminati and how they were dealing with the post 9/11 world and the perpetrators etc... it was insane? Here it is bizarre...?

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Very good entry. Please can someone put english subtitles ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
thanks very much for putting up the video. I watched it in order to have an idea how the subject was presented. The table with the hijackers still alive is clear in all languages. Perhaps someone will have the courage to put un english subtitles. This is part of world history people should make copies.




Discrediting by association is the primary tool available to keep the average public who do not want to be associated with nonsense from ever considering the unanswered questions.

Icke attracts attention. But if we don't put him on stage with Richard Gage because we are trying to attract professionals and people with some ability to move the investigation forward. Most professionals care about their credibility and have certain standards of evidence. We've worked hard to meet those standards, and we have met them.

So putting people who make outrageous claims on stage with our strongest most credible voices only turns away professionals who might consider our information as soon as they see a person they consider "nuts" appearing with them.

We can attract a lot of people who attend UFO conferences, conspiracy con, and are fans of Icke, but more than likely, those are not going to generate a new investigation because average Americans will consider those people to believe in anything and basically to be nuts. Some people believe in UFOs, lizards, etc., but those who are sitting in postions of power -- congressmembers, city officials, judges, news media -- are only going to automatically reject efforts associated with what most people publicly consider nutty, regardless of whether you consider that it actually is or not.

Richard continues to do amazing work traveling all over the globe for 9/11 . . . we need to support him by keeping those surrounding him as credible as possible.

You don't need to have a person who is a credibility sink hole to get bodies to show up at an event. You just need to do the work to reach those who are highly credible but do not yet know about the unanswered questions.

most censored and conference link at FN

thanks for this posting.. and for follow-up..

just posted a link from from Flyby News
with following text:

Japan Questions 9/11
and the Global War on Terror
in Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009


06 December 2009
Richard Gage, AIA, 9/11 Truth
International Conference in Tokyo

to this page.. from

thank you yumi and everyone involved..

i know what you mean when love is felt in the wholeness of truth, integrity, and science. it is all one with caring for our planet and one another..


Yukihisa Fujita political party, just had a huge

gain in power in Japan.

I would think he could really do some pioneering things with 9.11 truth & AE911/Ricard Gage.


Councilor Yukihisa Fujita of Japan’s ruling Democratic Party (DPJ) continues to be one of the most important world figures pushing for bringing the Truth to light. Mr. Fujita spoke at the 12/5 Tokyo event (below), and has arranged meetings with two prominent Japanese structural engineers from major universities and a meeting at the Japanese House of Councilors which was attended by eight of his colleagues from the Japanese legislature. We will make a separate report on these meetings in coming days. Words cannot express our appreciation for Mr. Fujita’s continuing courage and willingness to use his stature and credibility to support this cause which has huge implications for the entire world.


thanks joe-

ur the man!

integrity yeah, that's IT

and powerful, because it encircles all of reality, an integrity of reality, which the perps ARE going to have to contend with in time and history, either one way or another, it's not as simple as Bush thinks when he says it won't matter because they'll all be dead. Personally I think their fundamental presupposition about the nature of reality having no intrinsic objective truth or reality in it's own right, is fatally flawed.
Only the Godless could perpetrate such a monstrosity and think they got away with it.. and that was probably their first mistake.

After all "what does it profit a man (or a group of men) to gain the whole world but lose their own soul."

I'm a monthly sustaining contributor to A&E4T for a reason, and it's a powerful one at that. No wonder I am so very happy these days.

We are the overcomers. History is on our side, and you just can't beat that. So be of good cheer 9/11 truthers, and don't be troubled. You took a stand for the sake of truth and righteousness, and that's something enveloped by a lasting integrity, which has no end. Therefore time is on OUR side..! And somehow, in light of the truths shared by Richard Gage and others, history WILL eventually get this story this 9/11 story straight. And nothing else serves the memory of all those slain, and the 100's of 1000's killed in the wake of 9/11, and KILLED in the name of vengeance, "justice", and "security".. (what an OUTRAGE!)

Thus taking a stand for 9/11 Truth (click my sig) means refusing to participate in the wickedness of man, in favour of something infinitely better, which is love.

So Cheers!

And keep on keeping on..!!!

9/11 Truth Movement, you ROCK. BIG TIME. HUGE!

What an amazing success, both in Japan as well as in Australia and New Zealand. We could not ask for more, except that these events continue to take place around the world and at home.

So if you are not one already, please, become a sustaining monthly contributing member to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth today. You can do so for as little as 10 bucks a month, which is all I can afford to give them right now. Talk about bang for your buck!!! lol
On the 11th day, of every month.

provocations needs to be rejected

in 2007 Fulford gave an interview on

"They told me they had a membership worldwide of six million, including 1.8 million gangsters - all the Asian gangsters in the world - and 100,000 professional assassins. I later flew to Taiwan and met the heads. We were surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of men in black suits who looked like gangsters. I was getting some martial arts displays."

"There is a force of three thousand ninja assassins. Now these ninjas are a two thousand year old cult - a school of martial arts. One of their specialties is sneaking into fortified compounds and murdering important people. The thing about these ninjas is they are white people - they are not Asians - and they are working for the US Special Forces."

"So I hope you're listening out there, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rockefeller. We have someone close to each of you. You can be turned into dead meat in a matter of hours. I am not bluffing."

then last month Fulford wrote:
"We are also hearing the Democratic Party of Japan power-broker Ichiro Ozawa had some kind of deadly microchip implanted in his
heart when he had an operation in London.
If this is true then Ozawa should publicly announce the fact and anything else he is being blackmailed with."

deadly microchips

Thanks for posting.


"A deadly microchip was implanted in his heart during an operation in London!"


"The WTC was actually demolished with explosives!"

That's what the public sees.

Good point

This reminds me of when Jim Fetzer was on Mark Dice's radio show and he kept playing "pew pew" laser beam noises in the background as he spoke. Nobody will take any of it seriously if we have people in public venues that voice such far-fetched beliefs. Even if what Fulford beieves is actually the truth, it does us as a movement no good to have him out there with a credible man like Mr. Gage. Pew pew pew - somethin' hit our shields!

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

They are either one of two things

a controlled opposition or mentally ill, or both.

and some they just get stung I think by the magnitude of the evil at the very heart of it, and become unwitting controlled opposition enlisted by the devil himself! Their minds just get twisted by it, and they become the controlled opposition laughing stock people. Individuals like Fetzer, Haupt, Holmgren, Judy Woods, and others come to mind for the latter catagory. But they are not to be blamed I don't think, they are just unwitting dupes who end up serving a diabolical agenda to hide, distort and discredit the TRUTH, in much the same manner that organized religion might shroud the truth in back of the message and person of Jesus of Nazareth.

It's a fine edge, the 9/11 truth and reality, and it cuts right to the very heart of things. Most people simply cannot even BEGIN to fathom it, due to the psychological nature of the magnitude of the Big Lie and the atrocity, it just doesn't compute with them, and that's because they are decent folk, down to earth people without the capacity or the mind capable of understanding the problem of evil, and others may dwell upon it too much and be corrupted by it.

It's a strange phenomenon, and it's been a strange ride. But there are astute and sound minds like David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage, and I'm so glad they represent our movement, and they do a damn fine job of it, and we are grateful to them for their efforts, to offer a sane and rational evaluation of the most horrific act of mass murder ever perpetrated on American soil.
On the 11th day, of every month.