Two groups of 'hijackers' arrested on September 13th 2001

Almost 1.5 years ago I posted some news footage clips concerning multiple arrests at JFK and LaGuardia 9/13. Here's a 'new' one I found that spells it out more clearly than all the others combined. Partial transcript below the fold.

Henry Champ: "The authorities are telling the media here, and it's being widely reported particularly by the Washington Post, that these two groups had in their possesion flight training certificates from the same Florida school that provided those certificates and training to people who are now known to have been on the hijacked planes Tuesday. They say that many of the men were carrying those same kind of small knives that is now known were used by the hijackers in the first plane. There are other connecting evidence that links both these groups and authorities are saying that they believe these two groups were either bent on hijacking planes last evening and commiting the same kind of destruction or at the very least, Suhanna, they were fleeing the city. But they do believe they've caught people who are very much associated with Tuesday's events."

Below is a playlist with all the clips concerning the two incidents I have gathered sofar.

The Mytholigized States of Hysteria

The theater is such a part of the MSM now. Seldom do I know whether what you are getting is real or trumped up

Sad to say, but recalling some horrors at about the time the wars began, was the tragic incident of the elementary school in a remote country with a communist past. I don't recall the country, but I bet someone does out there. Remember the "terrorists" that went in to the school and killed children. I shudder to realize it, and I wouldn't ever dare say our country did that, at t least those rogue elements within it, of which they are too plentiful, those in that position might well be behind t horror as well. There are numerous people that have spoken out, in UK, and that leans more on the side of deadly theater. I do no believe this story holds water, personally. Why don't they show more? Words, words words. Empty Propaganda.

FORMER CIA DIRECTOR, WILLIAM COLBY: "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."

JOHN STOCKWELL, FORMER CIA OFFICIAL AND AUTHOR: "It is the function of the CIA, to keep the world, unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms."

JOHN STOCKWELL FORMER CIA OFFICIAL: AND AUTHOR: "The major function of secrecy in Washington. is to keep the U.S. people from knowing what the nation's leaders are doing."

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

I think you are talking

I think you are talking about Beslan in North Ossetia which is another story that just does not add up.I have been researching the other 9/11 bombing,this one was the Amman Hotel bombings blamed on Al Zarqawi.This happened on the 9th November or 9/11 in Jordan.If you don,t know much about it I suggest you look into it because it will chill you to the bone.Beslan and Amman did the exact same thing,make Muslims look crazy batshit insane,the media went overboard in two events that happened elsewhere because it made Muslims look bad.Zarqawi was just another useful idiot who was no more than a myth,a whole city called Fallujah was destroyed because of yet another boogie man created in the west. Zarqawi also beheaded Nick Berg although that story dips into total absurdity.Again it did the job of demonizing Muslims.The Anthrax attacks used hand written letters indicating the perps were Muslims. Note the 9/11/01 timeline indicating the perps were in fact Americans.

It appears that most people swallow anything our lie boxes and media whores tell us.The media is the biggest threat to the truth,not just in England ,America and Russia but everywhere.You cannot get anywhere in the media without first selling your soul to the devil.I know this is a 9/11 site but there are lots of other much clearer cases of false flag terrorism around the world that are small pieces in a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.All of the most recent events have the exact same outcome,make Muslims look bad and make us think we have to be protected from an evil entity called Al Qaeda.There is and never has been an organization called Al Qaeda,Osama Bin Laden was never a leader of Al Qaeda,he was never the leader of anything.He was a brand,a face no different from Obama.So America spend more on defence than every Nato country+China+ Russia combined to protect you from something that does not even exist,that is friggin genius.Then again the biggest war monger in the world got a peace prize last night so it appears the war on truth has been lost.

An excellent list

An excellent list; here's one more item I think belongs with those you've mentioned. Remember that incident in Basra in southern Iraq (I believe it was in September '05) when people who turned out to be British agents were pulled over by local authorities, and it turned out they had Arab disguises and explosives in the car with them? If I recall correctly, British forces were then deployed to get these agents released from jail. But the reporting of this event in U.S. media likewise was completely skewed.

(Note: Clarification of any of the above would be most welcome, should my recollections be faulty.)