9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey finally confesses "9-11 Commission could not do its job"

9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey finally confesses "9-11 Commission could not do it's job"



WeAreChangeLA's Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, Katy Kurtzman, Bruno Bruhwiler, Dan Noel, and Paul Wittenberger ask 9-11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey questions in regards to the 9-11 False Flag attack.

Please watch this revealing video. Real pressure causes real reactions. I was struck by the depth of the original question, the reaction of the audience, and Kerrey’s revealing comments about the ‘30 year conspiracy’ (right at the end). What does Kerrey know that the public doesn’t? Do you get the feeling that Kerrey is trying to say ‘hey I know you know the truth and I respect that, however I can’t help you, this goes too deep to be fixed’?

Jeremy asks Kerrey about the fact that Al Qaeda couldn't have brought down the buildings on Ground Zero with high tech explosives. So who is the real threat? Kerrey's response? "I was there that morning, I saw two planes fly into them."

Katy Kurtzman hands Bob Kerrey the peer-reviewed paper that proves high-tech explosives were used in the destruction of the three WTC towers on 9-11-01 in NYC. What about building 7? "That building was full of fuel... that question has been examined by the 9-11 Commission." "If in New York City, that thing had been blown up, believe me, the people of New York would know and would be angry about it."

Bob Kerrey finally confesses 9-11 Commission could not do it's job.

Bruno reminds Kerrey that all the current torture, loss of freedoms, and deaths around the world lead back to Ground Zero on 9-11. The pressure mounts, so Kerrey begins to back track and make excuses for the 9-11 Commission.

Dan Noel who is also an engineer member of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth hands Bob Kerrey a card of information directing him to the proof of controlled demolition of the three WTC towers http://www.ae911truth.org

Paul Wittenberger asks Kerrey about Building 7.

Jeremy confronts Kerrey about the aspects of treason involved with covering up the truth about 9-11, and Kerrey responds "It's (9-11) a 30 year conspiracy".

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Paul Wittenberger


It's truly amazing - every time Bob lies, he gets a hit of seratonin. Very respectful questioning and disrespectful answers. How about this question next time. You say you didn't have resources or time to do a thorough investigation, BUT, you did question William Rodriquez behind closed doors and you heard him say he pulled people from the sub-basement with burns and they heard and saw evidence of explosives. Why did you hear him behind closed doors and why didn't you question the burn victims as well? Who authorized hearing him behind closed doors? It was within the limited scope of the commission. Game over.

Great video,

the multi camera montage is a joy to watch also.

Great work as usual

Great work as usual LA.


"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true." --Henry Kissinger

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